Hawk Symbolism

You are not a hostage of anything or anyone, you are free, any moment you decide to soar. – Quornesha Anauel Virgo

We often carry unnecessary weight on the paths to the fulfillment of our journey. Hawk represents strength and inner courage and divinity. The hawk will show up when you are on the verge of making a decision but you’re indecisive due to perfection or fear of it not being the right choice.

You are love, and love is a risk. If you can’t risk it for yourself, you can’t risk it for others. .

Make a list of all the lessons you believe in, scan the list, as you scan the list, check off anything you do just for the sake of tradition. Or conformation.

Hawk confirms that you must follow your  own inner guidance, your divine instinct regardless if it feels right to anyone else. It’s question is…What is ideal for you? You would never be happy enough living your life or serving your spirit anything it doesn’t thirst for.

Shake off the beliefs of others, rise from your closet, your shadows and fully step into the Divine light, the light your soul is calling forth, the authenticity you’re capable of showing.

Hawk is about being authentic enough for yourself to love. Are you good enough for you? You are only as fabulous as YOU choose to believe. You’re only as angelic as you choose to see. Hawk is about reflection. Self love and compatibility with the self! Fully shine your light! Fully radiate and illuminate the world as you see it!

xoxo Quornesha S.

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