Angel-Confirmation Number 722

Channeled by: Quornesha J S.: Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Life Purpose Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, Obeah practitioner, Egyptian Healer, Master Medium & Intuitive, Various Psychic Powers & Gifts: Something you are doing pushes someone past their comfort zone. Do not let up as these changes are not about anyone other than yourself. You are not here to fix or hold yourself responsible for the insecurities of another person. If we aren’t able to see as vividly as another, the “right” move is not to test the next person’s clarity, but to cut through the confusion in our own minds.

We are each responsible for taking time out for self-care no one knows everything, even when they are always talking or saying things. Just because you call someone a know it all doesn’t mean that this is how they see themselves or think of themselves. Whatever you are seeing or speaking over another person is what you see about yourself. You cannot prophesy anything to anyone without it being so for your future also.

Whatever is going in with you right now are results of your own challenges. These are your own fears to assume that someone is pulling the strings to make you feel the way that you feel. If someone is ‘pulling the strings’ you have consciously or unconsciously wronged another and it is time to pay up. Nothing can take place in your life unless you have granted it permission to enter your life. Everything happens and exists for a reason.

So no, you cannot have peace NOW if your past is filled with misdeeds. While forgiveness may be powerful we may only reap what we have sown. Refuting and testing others doesn’t make us more powerful. No one here on earth is here to honor you in every way. We cannot be dishonest with ourselves to serve you or another person. So, you will find some things you do not agree with. And some that you do agree with. No one person has to change anything they believe in just to make you feel comfortable. Get over yourself.

You cannot refute another person for what they are doing only to turn and do it yourself. If so you are energetically ‘stealing’ & Manipulating. A time will come and you will have to pay what is due to you. Just because another won’t do things our way, we cannot ball up our emotions and get anxious or upset hoping that others will conform to our way of thinking or being.

We cannot throw karma at every disappointment, Karma doesn’t move at the beat of your drum. And it owes no apologies, you get what you deserve. With the number 722 appearing this is also a time where you feel very vulnerable. Pay attention to what others are saying and doing, as you could be right about them. If you feel they are targeting you, they are. If you feel they are not, they are not. Everything happens for a reason. However, we are not here to order the lives or actions of others, ‘like so’. Just because we’ve had success in what we are doing, doesn’t mean that another will have success doing it also. Your ‘success’ is only your story, not a blueprint for others to make possible also.

We are not better than others. No matter how we have come up or where we stand right now. Check your words before they come out of your mouth and mind. What you do today will be repaid to you in kind.  Reap whatever you sow.

7+2+2=11: You will begin to shift, your life will begin to move in a mighty way. You will divorce many friendships and old ideas. Life however unstable it feels right now will come to an end. Speak the way you choose to speak. Others do not have to understand it as of right now. You are going through the difficult parts. You cannot skip it just because others don’t like how you are saying it. You need to realize others need to shield themselves and hold themselves accountable for however they perceive information at this time. Your heart is big and there will not be a mountain before you ever, which you cannot climb. Every word you speak is prophecy. The receiver or  reader is only responsible for decoding if they choose. You are the messenger. You, your life and your actions. Know that you have the power to reject the ‘enemy’ by whatever form it/he/she may arrive in.

Don’t let others tell you how to ‘do you’ or when to go about doing it. You are freedom, not in times of slavery. It’s not about saying or doing the right thing. You will learn from all that you do. Don’t be a fake. It is transparent. Listen to your own heart, listen to your own way, listen to your own desires. Do not let others ‘order’ your life, you are not a menu for them to choose how you live your life or how abundant you will be or what you are to believe in or how.

This has been an incredible message from the angels. Thanks for tuning into my channeling of their insight.

Blessed be!

See also the number 11


Quornesha S. 


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