Angel-Confirmation Number 51

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant + Egyptian Healer: Angel number 51 is a message that the angels are hearing your thoughts very clearly at this time and are responding to your request and prayers. You are going through a transition at this time that will conclude in it’s own way.

If you are feeling any excitement or angst at this time about projects, this is foretelling of the next steps to take along your journey. You are to surrender any concerns, or questions to heaven for them to be answered in miraculous ways. If there are any beliefs that do not serve you, right now will  be the time to let these go.

You are not allowing yourself to  feel or be dictated in any manner. The Number 51 is a symbolic message and reminder that your home and family life is improving and you are finally reaching your life goals in relation to your family and home life. You are being commended in unique ways. Accept and receive your rewards and blessings.

The Number 51 is a reminder that your thoughts are creating your reality, keep your mind free of clutter and continue to combat any negative thoughts in all ways or aspects.

If you’ve been procrastinating in any way, now will be the time to make a move and set a new intention out into the world. How we put out the answers is how we are able to receive them in return. If you are tough on yourself, your teaching will reflect the same, and vice versa. It is important to focus your insight from within first and lead yourself, as the answers lie within you right now.

While we each need each other, you are aligned and created to be compatible with certain people and some incompatible. Your perspective matters, as this is how you learn and grow. If you are beginning any movements at this time, these are empowered at this time. Everything has a purpose as to the reason it exists, good or bad, whatever we should call it.

We are to receive what we want and release what we don’t, so that it could be of use in another way or form. Everything is reborn, you rid your life of old clothing, material possessions etc, so that they can be of further use to others. In the same likeness, there are beliefs that you have that you may have learned from and are able to shed some light on for others.

It is important that you remember that one door is opening as another has closed. Everything balances itself out in your life at this time. If there are any concerns, they are to be transmuted once you release them. Number 51, is a message that you are not alone. Even through your intensities.

If there are any difficulties in regards to any circumstances and situations, this number is a reminder, this too, has come to pass. Know that there are changes to come about for you. It is up to you to follow your own mind, do not allow outside opinions to deter you in anyway, especially when they are not requested or asked for. Follow your own mind. Only you truly understand, because only you can closely identify with what is going on.

You will receive the empowerment necessary in abundant ways and it will resonate with you. If you do not agree with something you are free to walk away and move on to further clarity. Do not feel daunted by the forthcoming changes. Your path is important, the material possessions and the prayer requests that you make are your desires, as these are blessings that suit you. Do not try to live the life others want for you. Only you can choose your happiness.

Do not live your life according to anyone. Or trend. Celebrate your own uniqueness so that you are able to recognize the gift God has blessed the world to receive through you. You are who you are. But you are reminded to be diplomatic in your approach of being who you are. When you tell others what to do it is less likely listened to, when you make welcomed suggestions, it is more than likely more received, as opposed to imposing our beliefs onto others. We are to keep in mind that no two paths are alike. When we are trying to change someone else’ life, our lives become filled with upheavals, as it is a Divine message from the universe, that we too have flaws.

51 Is a reminder to use compassion, to release and let go of Judgments. And to move forward by shining your light with love.

5+1=6 There are changes associated with your life in regards to relationship, home life, spirituality, and beliefs. Now is the most auspicious time to seek out new spiritual beginnings. If there are business decisions to be made, it is important to receive guidance, as per what you have sought or requested, alone. You are guided to not make any sudden decisions. We are teachers of Love and Light, others must facilitate their own lives accordingly.

See also the Number 6


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved

Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant *Media + Egyptian healing*





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