Angel-Confirmation Number 978

Channeled By Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: You are beginning to recognize old beliefs and constraints and you are releasing and surrendering them, as they are/aren’t needed. While these beliefs may need to be released from others, you are allowing yourself to keep quiet and speak up when necessary. You are allowing others to learn their own lessons.

You know for sure that no one has to show up complete to receive their blessings, you are acknowledging your own identity. And you are not allowing anyone to label the design God has given to you. Your old self is ascending toward heaven and to God to be transmuted as you step into your best self yet. You are allowing your own perspective to use it’s voice.

As your unique spiritual divinity steps forward, allow things or situations to be uplifted and leave your life as it all shifts for your highest good. Whatever your beliefs are at present you are not allowing anyone to deter you from them. You are commended for feeling or being diplomatic. Acknowledge that we each have our own beliefs. As you may have already. No one is greater than anyone else.

As you step into this new chapter of your purpose, continue to see truth. Do not hold these truths against yourself or others. Simply acknowledge. You are asked to take a diplomatic approach. As this may be foretelling that many opinions are being expressed at this time. Or venting of some kind. Step aside, and allow others to self heal. If our view points are wrong allow them to learn at their own pace. But what is truly right or wrong?

We are each a version of God, therefore how we see things are different. Tap into your inner confidence to remain true to your own uniqueness or opinion and delve into new territory with an open mind. Remind yourself that the answers you produce, someday you will need to view and absorb accordingly in the same way or manner.

Never forget how you have received and how you are loved by higher powers. Changes are forthcoming, and it is expressed in the number 978 to be aligned with purpose, spirit, and wealth. You are to acknowledge that, each change that happens in your life is aligned with purpose in some way. It is when we become stagnant that we are not moving forward or ahead as we are intended.

Right now it is pertinent to remove and renounce any stale energy in your vibrations, whether picked up by/from others or yourself. In every moment, be sure that you can wholly identify with what you are feeling. If these emotions are not your own, be sure to clear and spiritually rinse your empathy encounters. Spend time with your own thoughts and give pause and rest to any situations that are not fulfilling you in any way.

Ascend any concerns to God to work things out for you. As one door begins to close another is open, it is natural law. However we must also be ready to move on from these closed/closing doors. You are being asked to step into your Divine higher calling and unafraid. As you have a lot of work to do.

9+7+8=24 & 2+4=6 Signifying that things are shifting and balancing out for you in regards to your purpose, belief  and overall well being. Your authenticity is fully stepping forward. You are to balance your authenticity with playfulness and joy in spirit and in heart. All the while being diplomatic to all who cross your path, including yourself. Know that with all judgement comes reflection, know that also if you are to judge, always do so in light, and not against the person, but against their actions. Also see the number 6


Quornesha S.

Psychic Consultant *Media, Personal + Egyptian Healing* 

All rights reserved©

Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 






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