Angel-Confirmation Number 78

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant *Media Consulting + Egyptian Healing*: The Number 78 is a message that you are feeling that all is well in your life right now. Take note that, things are beginning to change. You are stepping into your own light on a different level. You’re beginning to see your own greatness. And standing powerfully and humbly in who you truly are.

Repeating number 78 is a message that, things are changing so that you can excel in your endeavors. You have it within you to achieve big and great things. You will welcome some new found enlightenment into your life. You will welcome some harmonious energy into your life in an abundant way.

Continue to be grateful for your blessings as there is more to come. Recognize angels around you and messages from your guides. As they are prevalent at this time. And these are for your highest good. Fortunate events are forthcoming. Or, they are already unfolding in your life at present.

Feel empowered by the changes that are happening in your life at this time. Forthcoming changes will be both exciting and inspiring. You will begin to achieve some of your biggest dreams or ordeals. Fears are falling away at this time and you are beginning to recognize your true power and authority in the spirit realm and world.

Do know that you learn from what you fear, or your obstacles. And that even though things are getting better, what comes after these blessings are further changes so that you can continue to graduate forward. Know that it is the intention of higher powers and God himself to get you going in a powerful new direction.

Let everything run it’s course. Remember to go with the flow. It is natural and normal to forget our place in the spirit world or the universe. But, kindly remind yourself of your spiritual origins. Begin to moderate all that you do. It is time to look ahead now. You are beginning to understand what it truly means to be YOU.

Continue to make decisions that resonate with you. Continue to manifest in your own unique way, through affirmation and begin to open your eyes to the truth about situations. Your home life becomes more balanced at this time. As opposed to what it was prior.

Speak and bare love and light. Remember that the world without you right now or before it’s time, is like heaven without it’s light. Beautiful things will begin to happen to you and in your life. If you are at a difficult time right now and you see this number, recognize the messages herein as prophecy for the change and the best that is yet to come. When messages come from God, they are always for your highest good. It is us as humans whom look to the reality or logic way of things or situations.

Know that your good is possible. If you feel good things about forthcoming events or changes, know that this is very spot on and it is time for this new beginning. If you feel a sense of fear or trepidation, determine whether you are dwelling on what ifs as opposed to God’s reality about the situation. All Good and Love comes from Heaven. When we begin to think matters as to how we see them, in one perspective, it is rather difficult to feel empowered and uplifted, because we are looking at what is rather than what is to come. Often our current situations aren’t what it’s going to be. Often our situations are good and we question this good as though, good or bad exists. It is safe to concern but do not dwell on your concerns or matters about life.

All things change in their own timing. You can always Ask God to move things for your highest good. But never earlier than his will which is to unfold in your life. Do not fear closing or opening doors. As these changes are for your good, no matter how they look upon time of arrival. Change can often cause us to fear. Cause us to feel amazed or often cause us to question what is coming into our lives. But do not worry. 78 Is a reminder that changes to come are for your happiness and well being.

Remember God makes no mistakes.

Connect to God in all that you are.

7+8=15 & 1+5=6 The number 6 in this setting symbolizes, family and home life and it is a message that things are about to get a whole lot better, however it was before, that’s how good it’s set to become. So if there are any circumstances in your life right now, that have not been at peace in your life, this is all about to change.

Congrats on new things happening in your life, continue to move forward. Always remember to give credit to yourself first of all and the rest will follow, no matter what.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consultant *Media + Egyptian Healing*

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 



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