Angel Number 22/ Confirmation Number 22

The Number Twenty-Two represents and is confirmation for power and inner divinity. The power of the spoken-written word. It is so important that what we speak are not words of victim mentality or that of someone’s power over us. The Twos replicating twice is a request for immediate attention to your inward balance, harmony or spirit.

As you discover the radiance within yourself and where it comes from. You will be able to form a collective and wield your abilities in a way that is concentrated. (In it’s full strength). Whatever you speak about others, is something you’re manifesting for yourself. If you choose to be stubborn in your ability. You find that those who are stubborn increase around you. When you are loving in your abilities you find that the love will increase within and reflect on the outside.

22 Is that of a master, a creator or Diviner. It is so important that as you find YOUR light and shine it on your way you find that Whatever you create begins to unfold before your eyes in material form.

It’s important that if you are a painter to use yourself as the point of focus when you need your  form of healing. If you are a seer, what can you manifest in your visions to bring about the change you seek. You must use what you were given to bring about illumination of your ability. Even as a singer, allow your songs to be of benefit to you as they are to others.

What miracle can you write about, are you willing to put yourself in the healing seat?

You’ve got to be creative. What stories are you telling yourself about yourself? That’s a form of prophecy. Your spoken word is prophecy. Prophecy itself Is spoken word. As long as you hold onto what you tell yourself, that’s what you will receive. What will you say differently today? Release superstitions and folklore that don’t intend to serve you.

22 Is the Prophets Number, The Book Of Prophecy, Those with Ability to speak/talk.


Quornesha S.

All rights reserved

Thanks for sharing so kindly and with all due respect to the author.

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22 thoughts on “Angel Number 22/ Confirmation Number 22

  1. I never saw that Interpretation for angel number 22. I like that. I see angel number all day long for the past 9 months. Apparently I am an earth angel 🙂

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      1. So strange to end up here. Something weird started happening to me a few months back where I started seeing the same numbers all the time. This is one of them. So in a way, are you stating to be careful of what you think or say, as you are creating. Is that the meaning of 22?


  2. Hello Quornesha! Such a beautiful unique name. As it appears you are also. You mentioned The Book of Prophecy and 22 as it’s number. Were you referencing the Bible or another book? If another book who is the author? Thanks for your insight and wisdom. Namaste


      1. Hi Quornesha. Thank you for replying. I am a bit late checking emails sometimes. I agree that the Bible is not for the natural mind as it is a spiritual book and needs the Spirit of God to guide and direct. May I ask are you a Christian? I am a Christian and trust in the teachings of Jesus. I realize that the lessons shared in church leaves much to be desired at times. Unfortunately the preaching comes short of the Spiritual as it is tainted by carnal dogma and agenda. It is refreshing to search and find insight and enlightenment elsewhere. Namesta and Blessing.


  3. Namaste,
    Thank you for the wonderful interpretation, have not read anything similar before!
    Was searching for this as 22 keeps popping up more often these days..
    Apart from the regular.. People around me are age…22… Isn’t that fascinating!!!!
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights….
    Have a beautiful day,
    Love and light,


  4. so, two days ago, I stated to realize that I have feelings for someone..someone that I will never thought I liked. Now, I am seeing 22,222,55, and 44 EVERYWHERE I have been seeing angel numbers for a looooong time but do you think these angel numbers have to do with this guy? Do you think he might become someone very vital..? I don’t want to think about it too much or I will think about it so much to the point it won’t happen anymore cause I am waiting for something to happen, you know? Your advice on this and what I should do?


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