Turkey Vulture Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Medium, Intuitive, Certified Life Coach, Certified Reiki-Crystal Reiki-Animal Reiki Master Teacher I, II & III, Egyptian Healer, Shaman, Hoodoo Priestess, Voodoo & Obeah Practitioner, Channeler and So Much more| To see Turkey Vultures in your waking life, dreams, visions, synchronicities or otherwise, you will need to pay very close attention to your surroundings. If you feel you have ‘trust “issues” these are valid and justified for many reasons. You have friends or individuals around you that don’t deserve your trust and you should not be naive or gullible to be so easily manipulated or satisfied with your inner circle. Friends or closeness with others isn’t for everyone.


The only person to which you can truly count on is yourself. And this is due to your empathic ability. You can feel the vibrations of others and determine whether or not if they are keeping it real or being authentic with you. GO WITH those feelings and if your body, mind and soul is telling you to say no or not to go somewhere with someone, then listen, listen, listen. As you will be avoiding any dangers that may lie in wait for you.

Pay attention to the surrounding signs and images, as these will also confirm the symbolism of the turkey vultures. Vultures by nature, are predators of any and all things that they feel they can get their hands on. If in any synchronicity you find that the turkey vultures, move out of your way to allow you to pass, know that any enemy/foe, whether known or secretive, can bring to you NO harm!

You must be aware of your spiritual and physical diet, and be sure to fix your own food or to keep a watchful eye whenever you are dining out. Develop a naturalness to your instincts and only dine in places you know or feel you can trust. Be sure that if you can see something negative forthcoming to listen. In order to avoid the traps of false friends and even family. Not everyone you know is for you. And that is that naked truth. The minute you begin to think you can trust, you realize you cannot. This doesn’t mean you can’t trust anyone at all. I am only telling you to beware of how easily you can trust. Trust isn’t free, it must be earned. And you need to begin testing friendships to be sure they can stand the ‘test’ of time.

The Turkey Vulture arrives a warning sign, that you need to look after your health, spiritually, emotionally and otherwise. As things are not always what they seem. It’s not easy for you to be around specific individuals vs, it’s easy for you to determine if you feel comfortable around others, because your feelings are usually almost always right. That is your instinct and you must listen and beware of those who are arriving in your life unsolicited. Without you even desiring.

As a spiritual seeker or trailblazer, you cannot be in the presence of a negative person. It just doesn’t mix or mend well. Be sure to clear energies. And know that all things have a specific purpose and everyone in life has an agenda, even you, whether it is positive or negative. Be sure you can handle that of others, and when you cannot, leave them alone. You are not responsible for the character in others. When you notice Turkey Vultures Flying high, it is a sign of illness, if they are sitting medium/mid-length an illness has passed or you have avoided some trouble. If the vultures are sitting low, it is a sign that something or someone in your life will or already has come to an end and this is without reconciliation.

Everything will come full circle in your life, and be grateful for the death of anything that isn’t in alignment with purpose or positivity. The Turkey Vulture is also a sign that you should use gifts that God has bestowed upon you and not allow those goals or dreams to die with you. So then it is a reminder that you need to get going and shine your light. The Turkey vulture has a positive aspect if only you’re willing to see it. It is about letting go. So, if there is any fear blocking or stopping you or any other negative thought forms, habits or otherwise, it is time to surrender them. As an old phase is passing away to make space, time and opportunity for the new. So, let go of recoursing past actions, failures, and mistakes, and most of all, forgive yourself. You are allowed to make mistakes and to fail also as much as you succeed. Not that you will fail, but you’re only human, and you don’t always learn from one way or the other.

Blessings & Ase,


Quornesha S. Lemon 

Priestess of High Order 

Intuitive Life Coach 8

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Bald Eagle Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Medium, Channeler, Intuitive, Shaman, Reiki, Animal Reiki & Crystal Reiki Master, Hoodoo Priestess, Life Purpose Coach, Certified Hypnotherapy practitioner, & So Much More| The Bald Eagle, whether seen In visions, dreams or waking life or otherwise is a sign and synchronicity that, you will fly high above adversities and you will pull through a pressing, and current situation that seems to have you bothered. The eagle appears to you as a sign of victory. You will experience a breakthrough shortly and this will propel you ahead.

Whenever the Bald eagle appears to you, it is a sign that changes are forthcoming. And a reminder that you will fly high above, while doing so. You are someone unique and specially gifted and the eagle asks you to keep moving forward in every way. Knowing that all things have worked out for your highest and greatest good already. Even though, they are yet, to all unfold.

The Bald eagle is symbolic of: Conqueror, Empowerment, excellence, thriving, potential, success, fruition, an answered prayer, a yes answer! Absolution! & Completion. Something is drawing to a close and you are more than prepared for the changes to come. YOU can rest assured that all is happening in Divine right timing. In the most perfect of ways. Rest assured you will excel in forthcoming blessings and opportunities. A door of financial opportunity and achievement has opened for you.

It is perfectly okay to walk into your blessings. DO NOT Be brainwashed to believe that what is for you doesn’t belong to you. If Divine will it to be so unto you, so shall it be. & NO ONE! Who is not more powerful than him can undo it. The Eagle serves as your protection, as someone may be TRYING to hinder your destiny through entities or evil spirits. So, the eagle has come to assist you in seeing your way through to your destination, which is of high accord.

Have no fear. You have assistance from high places! It doesn’t matter whose on the side of your enemies. As they too, will kneel before Divine whom is serving a higher calling into your life. Any who’d dare get in the way of what is forthcoming for you, shall experience the yang or low energy of Divine, which is, wrathful and vengeful. For it belongs to Divine.

Help has come to you. You can rest assured that all is well in your soul, mind, body and spirit. Know that a chapter of your past is healing, and you are ending one on the present plane, which shall assist you in the coming days. You will receive epiphanies and old beliefs will gradually fall away. Something in your life is being lifted, and it seems it is on the financial side. Keep the faith, as with every mountain, you are offered the ability to overcome. It is up to you as to how you see these new horizons.

Appreciate them. As these are your blessings. You cannot fill the cup of others unless YOUR own is running over joyfully. Store up your resources and use them as future reference. Keep in mind a good sense of humor and be peaceful about all that comes your way. Know that from this moment on, the truth will be revealed, as you will begin to see with clarity. Stay grounded as people and their truths come to the forefront. ALso cleanse and transmute while purifying your own vibrations which are changing also.

You will be able to sense others and their true feelings and thoughts. Appreciate this heightened Sensitivity! As it comes with a sense of truth, handle with a sense of humor. And let things go that no longer serve you. If you cannot be upfront about something to someone, you do not need this person in your life. Only dwell amongst the stars, the visionaries, people with legacies in mind and plans to fulfill them. Even if we do not follow through on plans, as when we plan, Allah plans. One door never shuts without Divine abundantly opening another for you.

You will overcome Dishonest and dark forces and you will understand, your chosen-ness!

Namaste & Ashe,

Quornesha S. Lemon

Powerful Mystic 8

Priestess of High Order

Thanks for being respectful by including all links and resources and author in your sharing of this article, while citing your resource for said information, Thank you for not using such information for your own personal financial benefit, as this information is excluded from sharing through commercial use -quornesha.com

The Above interpretation is a reflection of what it means to me, to join me and receive interpretations unique to you, book here!  You can learn about your abilities in an hour session, and consecutively follow up with as many sessions as possible to fully awaken your own abilities in order to tap into the meanings and interpretations of your own dreams, and the signs all around you!  There’s no course material, as each individual and their purpose is unique. Also, this ensures, you are learning what is vital and necessary for you, not what is in ‘general’. You can heal and gain knowledge in a single session, or at least begin your journey to awakening. ©

Angel-Confirmation Number 111

Channeled by Quornesha S. Medium & Egyptian Healer: Seichim, Sekhmet, Shaktipat: Angel number 111 is a message of commendation from your spirit guides and messengers. And is a reminder that your thoughts are high and enlightened for a reason in specific. Know that as you advance and accumulate further wisdom, blessings will enter your life as a result.

The Number 111 denotes thought patterns that are ‘one’ and universal or diplomatic to all involved. Know that whatever you ask or think of you can manifest it into your reality. Do keep in mind that only that which is aligned purposefully with your Divine will, should unfold.

We are each powerful for our own purpose. Know that there are blessings entering your life, which you yourself have Divined and created or manifested. You are powerful in your own way. Continue to think ‘forward’ as wisdom gained today you will use for the enlightenment of yourself and others.

The Number 111 appearing in your dreams, waking life or synchronicity is also a message that, your ability is a part of your thought processes. Use your ‘mental’ ability wisely, for your good and that of humanity.

You are able to create with the assistance of Angels and ascended masters, and 111 reminds you that your prayers are heard, as always. You are now integrating into your life, blessings that will be of benefit to you in numerable ways.

Continue listening to that voice within you. Remember that whenever you feel out of place it is a message for you to do some cleaning of your own inward space and divinity. Just like our material possessions, our spirits can also become cluttered with things that we have made great use and intention of.

You are highly thought about, in variant ways. Continue to be uniquely you, as even when you do not acknowledge it, you are being listened to. Know that it was always you, whose the Diviner of your innate wisdom, remember that the prophecies you foresee or sense are for you first, unless asked or requested in some form or manner to delegate these concerns.

If you are pouring energy of prosperity, you are blessing your seed with a token of boomerang power or energy. Do not give any external force NOR internal force the power to operate in you, through you or around you in a toxic way. You are deserving of Good. And that is what you will receive. Our karma, comes into play with the blessings we receive, as well as the lessons we must learn. Do not fear the detail, get as intricate as you possibly can.

Remember that we are God. We are each responsible for seeing our own innate abilities. We are each responsible for seeing our own blessings. If we decide to walk over them or overlook them through feeling as though we do not deserve them, it is our own responsibility if it leaves and the window of opportunity returns at a time more suitable. Just be open to your own blessings. Honor those God uses to channel through. Yes, God is the reason for your blessings. But do not fear to be grateful to the messenger.

Remember that no two messengers are alike. How you perceive energy will not always be how the messenger perceives it. You have the right to take what is of use to you, as you receive your blessings and what is not.

Remember, that when we disagree with what others are doing, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for shining our own light to illuminate the way for ourselves and others. Your indifference exists for a reason. But your indifference must be of a positive and empowering nature, unless it is no better than the messenger who have presented it to you.

The angels ask you to remember, that no weapon formed against you is going to prosper. They remind you that everything happens for a reason. And also a denotion that every event that occurs in our world that disrupts our sense of peace or disturbs us, even though it may not directly affect us at the present moment, is a message that we are to get to work.

Any repetitive thoughts you may have is a message that, you are healing and moving on from whatever you may sense in your mind. Never is a powerful word, when used in a manner of declaration.

1+1+1=3 The angels assure that any ‘next steps’ or transitions will be smooth in nature. Do not feel deterred when looking at your past. You are  not going that way. Stick with what you know within you *gut feelings* don’t ignore it nor feel persuaded by the tests that come from others. Remember that we cannot help those who refuse to help themselves. As to keep in line with the law of  request, Law of love and of God…everything we desire, must exist already.

If you have placed it out into the universe as though it already is, this is your seed from which your source of abundance will flow. Love is automatic, and never needs approval to awaken. The angels ask that you surrender all fear based voices, vices, messages, dreams or visions of any sort/kind. As we need to transmute all things that are cluttering our lives  *mind, body and spirit* in any way.  Also see the number 3


Quornesha S. 

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The Color Pearl Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. : Medium & Egyptian Healer| Seichim, Sekhmet, & Shaktipat Healing Energy| The color pearl when seen in your waking life, dreams, visions or synchronicty is a message that you have many perspectives to view a present situation. To which is up to you.

We may not always attract what we think about. The color pearl asks us to honor ourselves as well as honor our higher calling or purpose while surrendering constraints of wants or demands. You are encouraged to keep in the law of God. Which is to be open and receptive to fulfilling your earthly mission.

You are free to live a life as an example of your standards. Know that even though you’ve gone through recent changes, that these will be of pertinent benefit to you in your future. You have your specific beliefs for a reason. Remain open and of harmony with all around you. Even when you express your disagreements. As You do not have to feud when you express your perception(s). You are a mature being when the Color pearl appears to you. Take note that this color also denotes that you take a playful/humorous approach to changes you’d like to be made in your life.

Know that WITH ALL THINGS, *tangible or intangible* there’s an exchange of energy of some kind or sort. In it’s own unique way. Know that your surrender to the things you cannot change or accept at this time, is for your highest good. This color presents into your life as a prophecy, that, you are fairly expressing your own beliefs. No two perceptions are ever alike. Even if the belief is the same. We all have our different conclusions of the events which occur in our lives.

The Pearl color would like to remind you, that YOU ARE making the most out of every situation in your life. You are being applauded and/or commended for the path(s) that you are taking. You are free to detach from anything in your life that isn’t going as you see ‘fit’.

You are not attached to anything is the message and vibration of the pearl color. You are powerful as you are. The pearl also asks you to continue recognizing your inner truths, as you stand in the light of your own truths.

You will experience blessings uniquely designed for you. In other words, whatever is for you is yours alone. Whatever door closes, there’s another door that will take it’s course. If you have let go, know that if it’s meant for you, it will return to you. You are to keep pushing forward. Experience the great details of your blessings. Take pleasure in speaking positively over your life’s challenges and blessings, equally.

Affirm: If it is not meant to be for me to have what I want, I surrender it so that I can have what is better or greater.

Use gratitude. Your positive nature is  and always will be your support and efforts that are commended from spirit within you. Take your negatives and use them to better your life or advance your own enlightenment. Take time to learn from all things taking place in your life, as these are meant as lessons. Everything works together, no matter what.

The pearl therefore comes into your life, irregardless as to how it presents, as prophecy that you are going to be ‘alright’ no matter what happens. Surrender every habit you may have. Whether this habit consists of psychological, spiritual, or otherwise.

The color pearl is a message of confirmation, that all things are now beginning to work for your good. NO matter what. Right now. The Color pearl is actually a variation of many colors softly, as that of the depiction in a rainbow. Things look better from here. More importantly, you have the authority to transmute every negative vibration, as no vibration has power or influence over you.  The color pearl is symbolic of Love, grace, enlightenment, insight, healing and phenomenon. Pay close attention to the details of your situation(s). As the blessings are innate.


Quornesha S. 

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Blue Dragonfly Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S.:  Medium & Egyptian healer: Seichim, Sekhmet, Shaktipat: When seeing the Blue Dragonfly in your waking life, dreams, visions, or synchronicity, it is a message that things are moving forward on your behalf. You can assure that old constraints are uplifting now. Also take note that, many of the obstacles that stood in your way before are now shedding and moving on, so that you will have your abundance or blessings more efficiently.

At this time you will be expressing yourself through the wisdom and inner knowledge that you have received along the way to your present outcome or position. You are reminded through the presence of the Blue dragonfly to ease any frantic energy you may feel by your own personal means or considerations. In other words, you’ve got what it takes to step into your new self.

The Blue Dragonfly reminds that things have come about for a reason. It is now time to let go of or move on from challenges as you will see that new is now falling into place for you. Your heart chakra is awakening and you can feel new entering your life.

You may now be entering a very prosperous and abundant career phase in your life. If you are feeling more content and that things will occur with ease, you are right. Take rest in spirit, and know that you still have work to do, it’s just going to more efficient from here.

The blue in this synchronicity represents creative power, energy and a creative period. You may be offered opportunities where you are able to shine and illuminate the way for others. Continue to use gratitude in all that you are blessed with. Your aura appears beautiful at this time. Enjoy any ‘rest’ periods you are being offered and know that, you are being commended through these blessings and through those that are yet to come.

No good deed ever goes unrewarded. Moving forward, take into account that you do not have to ‘prove’ yourself. And giving without strings attached also means that you are not coming from a place of feeling the need to prove what you can do, rather you are freely giving. Without one expecting of you to do things in any specific way or you, expecting some specific outcome.

Take note at the blessings that enter your life at this time, as they are reflections of blessings that will or are to be used for your long-term benefit.

Even if your instincts seem silly, honor it. As these are messages that will all make sense in times to come. And will be of most benefit to you in immeasurable ways.

Acknowledge that you deserve each and every blessing that are due to come about for your life for a long time now. Get ‘rid of fears’ that you miss anything…as if missed out…it was not for you to begin with.  Face this fear with the truth, that anything missed never belonged to you in the first place.

We do not belong to this world, do not cling to anything. No matter it’s capacity.


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

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Angel-Confirmation Number 989

Channeled by Quornesha S.| Medium & Egyptian Healer| Seichim, Sekhmet, Shaktipat: 989 Appears to us in our waking life, dreams, visions or in synchronicity as a message that We are to shine our light in a positive and effective way/manner. And is a reminder, that while we may teach about the law of attraction, this law is ever growing and evolving. As all spiritual laws of the universe. It is consistently morphing and becoming it’s potential.

The angel-confimation number 989 is a reminder that it is not about remaining positive all of the time, ignoring how you feel or what is going on in the world. We are allowed to disconnect from constraints or events if they appear to overwhelm us, but to never not involve ourselves or our light in any way. As it is to stilt the process of human evolution, when ALL voices and souls matter.

To say to your friends when they are going through something, that they are being negative or being downers to your environment is to deny yourself compassion when you are flowing in the direction they may be flowing at present. Be caring of others and compassionate always. WE ALL experience, some form of hurt, neglect and even pain or adversity.

Do not outcast others when YOU will need the support along the way also or someone to uplift you.  Ignoring the truth doesn’t make us any more positive. Which is why we must unify in times of global crisis or upheaval or stress & support one another. We can always switch back to our norms, or personal priorities.

The Number 989 and it’s message is not a persuasion or truth about allowing anyone to consume you of your time, resources, or energy and even light…but that you not ignore what may be felt on a global scale and that which affects us all and that of our future or future descendants, as we ascend.

The number 989 requests and/or requires that our perception be lifted up and changed.  That we not only think of our well being but that of the world as a whole, as of right now. You are encouraged and empowered through the number 989 to take up some form of humane/humanitarian projects to the world and devote your time and passions towards it and you are assured that you will have all that you need, including platform, finances and supply to support you and help you maintain this position to make a difference in the lives of other and that of your own.

The number 989 which totals to 8 when added together in numerology is a message that you are to use your power and ability for all beings. In your own unique way. You are to clear the way and be a difference or change maker for those you are set to guide, lead or shine a light upon.

You already have the power, the skill and knowledge or wisdom to do what you are being called to do. You are to use your abilities to attract the necessities into your life. As these are requirements for you to fulfill your soul mission. Let us not ignore what we are seeing around the world. Remember that we are powerful beacons of light energy.

Deny the world of your light and you will not have lived.

9+8+9=26 & 2+6=8| You are to bare light always. Keep up the good work that you are doing in the world and know or acknowledge that there are many blessings as a result of your faith into the ‘unknown’. The angels commend you for all of the steps you may have taken so far.  You are not to wait until things take a personal turn to speak up, and take action. When you are motivated to be or make a difference follow it. Also see the number 8 Also see Divine Channels 


Quornesha S. 

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Angel-Confirmation Number 886

Channeled by Quornesha S. Consulting *Medium & Egyptian Healer^ Media & Personal |The number 886 appearing in your dreams, waking life, or synchronicity is a reminder to put out the same vibration we wish to receive. As whatever you put out there for others to learn from will be your lessons in turn also, whatever answers you deliver will be the answers you will need also. You are to take responsibility for the way you shed light on all of humanity. Just because we are strong in particular areas doesn’t mean that others are. You are to be cautious of the words you speak and the answers you give.

You are to be free of bias and/or judgment from/with your advice to others. We are not here on earth to be told how to live out our lives. We are here for guidance. There’s no absolute ONE thing we are here to do. For the calling,  requires that there are many deeds to do. We are not parents to those of whom we lead. You are not to tell anyone how to be or how to go about doing or being or becoming.

There is only one true mother, that is earth/universe, there is only only one true father, which is creator. Your frustrations of who or how anyone understands their life and it’s path are a reflection of yourself alone.

Fun fact: the one reason they say, don’t point at graves/cemeteries, or other ‘Living’ beings for that matter. Because, two fingers are being pointed and there are three are pointed right back at you, and from your own hands! Whatever you sow you’re going to reap, whatever you send out you will receive also. Be as kind to people as you can always. If you speak negative words, those words and vibrations are in your mouth. Which is why it is outlined in the holy bible, that Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Wherever you point your fingers, for whatever reason, is what you think of yourself, three times more. 

You are not to take it into your own responsibility to teach others of rights or wrongs, as again. We are not parents to those we lead. You are to allow others to grow out of or learn from the way they have been brought up themselves. As this is a part of their human experience.

You are not to allow anyone the power to refute you, even if your perception of what you see may not be fully understood. This isn’t some competition to see whose wrong or right, or who comprehends the most along their journey. You are to allow others to be, accept them as they truly are. Doing so, acknowledges that God didn’t make a mistake. Your editing of persons shows your lack of faith in the  higher plan/purpose for a persons’ life.

No one is spiritual baggage to be ‘checked’ or put in place by what you/we know for sure, certain or otherwise. If you nose around in the understanding or lack thereof you may later find out that it was you who lacks understanding. Do not quickly speak. You are to pace yourself. And mind your own path. If something compels you so much, the person whose ordained to follow the orders you are tossing about is yourself.

If you are teaching others, then whatever you teach you need it also. You cannot try to build a house ‘off or outside’ of the foundation, it must be built upon the foundations, so as to not build a home on sand.

You are to surrender all worries or concerns to God for transmutation and healing. The body is a temple where God dwells. The mind is a part of the Body, and so, it is vital that worries that lay on the mind are surrendered so that they may be healed.

If you are learning,  make use of what you learn in your own words and way. Do not abhor others, respect others and you will attract spirits who will allow others to respect you. If you disrespect others, you have given spirits the permission to send that energy to you also, through others.

886 Is a reminder, that positive energy and vibrations like prosperity, wealth, well being, peace and kindness are a state of mind and a choice. Whatever we are, we will gain more of it. If you have karmic work to be done that is negative, higher powers will see to it to send the necessary spirits to help you work through this. If you have positive karmic work to be received then you will see that angels will assure that these come about for you.

Success is not a luxury only available to the few. We are chosen by our destinies, but not by the Love of God, for the love of God is open and available for many and their own and unique way!

8+8+6=22 & 2+2=4 Know that a sense of stability is about to take place in your life with the number 886 appearing in your life. Some situations may come to an end and you’ll see or recognize new situations that enter or come in. Be very grateful for where you are. And focus on your own journey, do not judge that of others.’ Remember, that while we may be more involved in our spiritual aspects, we do not necessarily ‘know God’ more. We are God, having a human experience. Allow others the permission to travel along their journey as they are supposed to, and remember, they are not against ‘your’ time. No matter how impatient you grow, which, should you be impatient, shows a lack of acceptance in your own position along your path. See also the number 4


Quornesha S. Consulting

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Angel-Confirmation Number 307

Channeled by Quornesha S. *Consultant* Medium & Egyptian Healer: The number 307 is a reminder of your positive attitude right now. Your attitude towards situations are being commended. Just because you’ve made your mistakes doesn’t mean you keep your silence. When crisis arise or things happen in the world it becomes your business and is therefore a reflection that effects all of us. Do not trust to ignore what goes on in the world. We all must play our part to shine a light on darkness.

307 Is a reminder that God is well pleased with the lessons you have learned. Do not question how he renders to your past. Keep moving forward. Release the attachment to how others are, and continue to move forward. There are spirits beyond this world that are proud of you and all that you do.

You are to take vow, that from this moment forward, you are to look at yourself just as God/Spirit or any Divine source will see or have you. Do not believe lies that God is outside of you. You are GOD in your own Unique way. Love doesn’t operate outside of us. As grass needs to be mowed to be kept neatly. Our furniture shifted, to meet our desires.

We are not people without love or understanding. When we decide to allow any emotion to show up instead of love, we are discriminating against the Divinity that is within. Loose and free yourself from outdated ties or beliefs. Take a good look at your present as this is where you move forward from. Not in any position in your past.

When feeling blocked, notice the people around you. Perhaps they aren’t negative people, but they may not be open to whatever you are trying to create. Take notice and re-position yourself so that creative energy can flow abundantly. You are loved far more than you know in the material/physical world, as well as in the beyond and other realms. It isn’t rude to step away. It isn’t rude to ask others if they need help in anyway.

You are more powerful than you can see with your physical eyes, which is why your prayers, your affirmations, your positive vibrations are necessary. Notice everything in your life, sort all things, and acknowledge which opportunities are passing through your life and which ones are meant to carry you through into the beyond?

Do not try to make what is temporary into what is permanent, no matter what it may be. Be accepting of the truth!

Notice card Number 43 In Quornesha S. Tarot™: 


Take note of the ‘little’ wisdom that you learn through small experiences. Know that the angels are always with you and working with you to meet your material goals and needs. You are on your Divine mission in your life daily. Spare gratitude to all you receive and all that you continue to do.

3+0+7=10 & 1+0=1 Empowered doubly! There is a new beginning and rest period, this feels right because you’ve recently undergone some spiritual ‘surgeries’ Ie: upheaval, anxieties or stress/overwhelm as a result of transformation. Know that you are being watched over and things will be looking up and moving forward from here. Notice the signs and commend and thank them for showing up as they did. Release intense feelings like fear or trepidation as this is your new beginning. Enjoy!


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Angel-Confirmation Number 2222

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: *Media, Personal & Egyptian Healing: The angel-confirmation number 2222 is a message of setting solid foundations for the future. Take note of the dreams you are having. Really pay attention to the intricate details. Decode them through your innate intuition. Adapt the occurance with recent life changes and happenings.

2222 Is a message to trust your intuition and move forward from there. Do not make emotional based decisions. Honor your ability in every way. As 2222 appears in your life it is a message to get going in the vibration of your purpose or soul mission. As this is a message from heaven that you are to use it to shine a light upon all sentient beings, from earth, to heaven, to all the energy around you.

More than likely this high spirited energy within you which you will soon or at present tap into, will bring you further or toward fruition of personal goals. Know that as you serve your life purpose, everything will come into place as it is required and needed along the way. Know that your presence anywhere is energy being poured out, as you are a light!

We are each responsible for seeing the innate love within ourselves and honoring that love. The Number 2222 is foretelling of perfect harmony, within ourselves, our environment or surroundings with others and with the world. You are assured that all is well, remember that you are a being of empathy, and you can easily read into the details of situations and others. You are to use the ability of empathy in it’s strengths and empower it in it’s weakness.

With the number 2222 appearing in synchronicity, dreams, visions or repeated messages it is a sign that you are one with all there that is. Connected. And you are feeling at your highest at this time. Honor this time and honor who you are, as you are working out of the vibration of you purpose and it is only to get better from here.

Wherever you are, you are there for a reason. God has a plan for you. Remember that no situation ever comes without it’s nuisances. Accept the flaws of your situation and ask to learn and gain wisdom from these particular conditions.

Remember that without a little pain you can gain nothing, without any trial you cannot obtain victory, without a test you cannot pass. Struggle is never a part of anyone’s journey, but it is a stop along the way. No, pain isn’t something that we will have to carry with us for all time. Just remember when you face and overcome one hurdle, then presents the next. Without obstacles you cannot overcome. So, don’t be appalled or fearful of your own challenges. As these are intended to help you grow and form your best self in every situation so that you can step forward.

Always remember that you are obtaining more and more of your best each day. That you are in the vibration of achieving your full potential. Do not affirm far flung out events or blessings. Bring what you want into the now. Even if you do not see it as of yet.

2+2+2+2=8 Indicating that this vibration is very powerful and you are to use this time wisely to attract whatever you need into your life. Use your wisdom in a way that you and others can understand. Release your fears, as right now is an abundant time and keep in mind that abundance isn’t just passing through your life, it is here to be with you along the way. Honor your good. Do not downplay who you really are, to make anything or anyone feel at peace about it or accepting of it. See also the number 8


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Angel-Confirmation Number 728

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Angel-Confirmation Number 728 is a message of financial stability in your life. Whether you have arrived or will arrive there soon, this is assured. While money may not be a driving force behind the reason you pursue what you do, it is a tool to accommodate you along the way.

Know that whatever you need will present itself to you. You can ease any concerns you may have. Know that any dramas you have recently experienced will now provide the clarity in order for you to move ahead to your greatness. while the best may be yet to come, you will have your successes as you travel along your present journey.

Know that your faith in greater is acknowledged by higher powers. Remember, that you are not required to have absolute or total faith in what is forthcoming but that you believe it just a bit, and then let it go. Do not dwell on doubts or fears. Give up each fear to God for transmutation. Right now, you are being supported, and you are to acknowledge, yourself, and the steps you have taken to arrive where you are going.

At this time things will get clarified and appear more clear to you. There’s a reason why everything exists and you may feel that you are blossoming on a spiritual level as these symbolic messages come to the forefront. You will always have money, you are to continue envisioning your ideal in regards to your level of stability. Do not fear stepping into your own. Don’t feel persuaded by any jealousies.

Angel number 728 is a promise of financial security in your life, remember to express gratitude for this. And remember to consistently give up the things that are stagnant and not moving along as you would like. Give everything you seek  a time frame, for how long you are willing to do it. Be reasonable, ask yourself what’s a reasonable time frame until you move onto something different or more challenging.

Begin to value all that you call into your life and release attachment to all that leaves your life or things that you release. 728 reminds you that you have nothing to worry about at this time in your life and moving forward with regard to your finances. 728 Is a prophecy that something has passed in your life and you are to release yourself from the mistakes that may have transpired in the past.

It is pertinent to release any emotional toxicities as you move ahead in your life at this time. You may have come to the conclusion of stale and outmoded ways of doing things and are now ready to leap into a new chapter or version of yourself. If something isn’t making sense, it may be a sign for you to begin creating things in your own way.

All things take place in our lives for a reason. Every detail, every situation, no matter how we feel about it as it occurs/happens.

7+2+8=17 & 1+7=8 You are assured success in what you are pursuing at this time, pay attention to the confirmation and/or signs coming about at this time. You have the power to say no, to your fears, by taking back control of the flow of your energy, and moving forward in a direction you feel called to go. No matter what happens. Travel along this new journey as though, it too has come to pass, no matter how ‘good’ or bad, always seek to do more good in alignment of your purpose. Even if you are afraid. Also see the number 8


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