Engine Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Natural Born Psychic Medium: In Dreams, waking Life, Visions, channels, synchronicity: Engine Symbolic Meaning. Is the engine running? Is it vibrant and fast? A quick or sudden change to come about.

Efforts being put toward what you want.  You are beginning the transition process to ease your way through and out of a troubling/difficult situation. What’s the color of the car? What type of car is it?

Power Questions: Does the engine have a vehicle? When it doesn’t you need to find one that will suit you and your ideas. When it has a vehicle you are setting the plan in motion for Movement.

The type of car: Is it a two door car,  sports car or minivan? The type of vehicle you see attached or detached from the engine depicts the kind of journey that lies ahead.

Two door cars and sport cars are usually a sign that this is a journey you will have to take for yourself or alone with no one else.

Message of encouragement: While this may seem lonely. You are not. And situations to follow will prove that indeed you are yet finding your way. Some hard work is needed. But you will make it. When the engine is attached to a black Vehicle this is associated with worries that Will soon pass. See associated colors. Also take note of the type of vehicle you see your engine in when you make this move. When it is a bigger vehicle and lighter color it is associated with happiness and having it all work out for your highest good.

So go through it and be encouraged.  Know that this is necessary.  What awaits you is bigger than the grief you feel in letting go and moving forward.

Psychic Note: Vehicles are symbolic for journeys and traveling. No matter how it seems right now. See your end goal or vision complete. Send energy to where you want to go to prepare the way for you. Surrender when you have done all that you can.

Serenity Statements: I don’t know How I am going to take this step, it seems so steep, haven’t I done this all before. Yet this one is different. Seems Harder. But truly I know I am going to take it and make it.

Affirmation: I end up, exactly where I choose and desire to be.

Intuitive Conclusions:  Taking action prior to affirmations lightens the load and empowers you to keep the faith and stay encouraged.

Take note of the Numbers associated with vehicles. What are their messages to you.

Briefly: Black is symbolic for releasing grief, anger, pain and closing a door. It is also associated with death and healing. Black can also symbolize a balanced state of being. Offsetting negative energies. Look further into the colors and their meanings.

Black, White, Yellow, Green etc.


Quornesha S.

Natural Born Psychic Medium 

`All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 


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