The Color Green Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: Seeing the color green in your waking life, paintings, in dreams, in synchronicity, Flashes, etc. Is symbolic for a time of stability + moving forward. It is symbolic of; knowledge, wisdom, the flow of energy. Positive news, cleansing energy and healing. A time of fruition. A time to start new again. Contentment, feeling whole. The world. Activation. Finance, Increase, Abundance, Satisfaction, being welcomed, fruitfulness, wealth, energetic change, cosmic shifts, Will or Willpower, health + well being.

Green is one of the Universal colors, which we each get the opportunity to see. In various ways. IE; When eating well, when you step outside in nature. It is all around us and is an ever evolving color.

The color green is symbolic that whatever your ideas are right now, is what you should put your entire energy or belief into as  whatever it is that you need will come about and manifest for you in an abundant way. If you’re asking for healing though any practices whether spiritually or through thought and meditation, know that the answer to your prayers will soon come about for you.

It is an auspicious time to work on things and put things in alignment with how you desire them to unfold. It is also an auspicious time to cleanse the soul, go out for walks, or get out and network. As these may prove to be most beneficial for your long term goals.

If your relationship has been of focus in the back of your mind, or you’ve been open and not settling for the partner you truly want. Know that your patience is finally due, it’s well deserved diligence. Know that any issues you may have in regard to your relationships will see improvement now. Including any other situations you’ve been seeking improvement in.

Prophecy: When the Color shows up repeatedly it is confirmation to continue forward along your present course.  It is a very big yes from all that is. The Spirit, The Divine, Heaven, The Angels, Ascended Masters, Loved ones. Whichever is more prevalent to you at this time, now.

Remember, you choose the acts of compassion, the acts of love, or anything for that matter. That is your choice.

Too much green or dull greens means over thinking things, obsession or envy.

Intuitive Conclusion: Be grateful for all that you receive as gratitude and being thankful is an automatic affirmation for you to continue seeing plenty in your life. Stand with conviction to your beliefs and point of view. There’s reason why you stand in faith the way that you do. Continue forward.

The paths we take are for our own well being. Even if our intentions are to service others.

xoxo Quornesha

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