The Color White Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: The Color white is symbolic for purity, spirituality, spirit realm, cleanliness, being whole, oneness, the unknown, nothingness, higher consciousness, being, manifesting, creating, a new beginning, spirit, the blank canvas. Seeing the color white in your waking life, in someone’s aura around them, white shadows, in paintings, in photos, in flashes, is sign of forthcoming events that are set to reshape one’s life.

Manifesting power is most potent when using white. IE candles, white paper, etc. White is the color of manifesting because you can create anything from nothing, as opposed to having something to start with. When white appears it is a message that you have the power to rewrite something.

This could signify that you will be offered the opportunity to negotiate something, if you do not like the answer you have received, know that you will have the opportunity to have a more vast perception to your favor so that you may continue forward.

White is also symbolic for creating more opportunities for the doors that have closed in your life or career. Do not fear as you are set to create and manifest more that will be to your benefit. \

Too much white is to be imbalanced, impatient, and to lack one’s humanity or human self or experience. Come back down to earth, learn to create more, play more, and do not fear the unknown. When we are afraid, we tend to overdue as that is an action of fear, to control or be controlled.

Prophecy: There is no need to try and influence anything, allow things to happen in it’s own Divine order and way. Act with love and not manipulation. You’ll have what you desire when your heart is open to it. Remember, the ego chases dreams too. You must decide whose the one in charge here, you or the ego.

Intuitive Conclusion/Prediction: White is a prediction of a time of rest, relaxation and recovery. Know that the processes toward healing have began. Once you are willing, you are fulfilling your souls’ mission. Do not look back, only forward, it’s up to you to start again.

To interpret white objects, use your intuition. for example;

White Wall: You may feel as though your close mindedness helps

White Ceiling; there is a need for cleansing of your home and space or energy imbalanced, efforts used for what is on the surface only.

White Street: A loved one crossing over Into spirit world.

White Table: Mediumship + Psychic Abilities


Be careful what you wish for!

White is used to defend and deter adversity, which is why when we write on paper, we feel like we have accomplished or established something. IE: Legal boundaries, contracts and even boundaries.

xoxo Quornesha

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect.

Further Healing + Clarity

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