Fox Symbolic Meaning

Fox symbolic meaning. Channeled by Quornesha S. Natural Born Psychic Medium + Seichim Master Level Healer: When Seeing the Fox in your waking life, Dreams, Visions, Synchronicity. 

The Fox is symbolic for Cleverness. Wit. Charm and using wisdom.

There is a time for everything.  Including breaking free of one role and playing many different parts. Your strengths appear or seem to be in everything.

Prophecy: While we may have weaknesses it may not be as clever to reveal them all in one setting. In this scenario or inquiry.

It is time to breakout of the box and sail/soar or even fly.

Time to use wisdom and cleverness. This may also be a prediction that you’ll need to think very quickly on your feet.

As An Animal Guide: With the fox symbol as your animal guide you may find yourself alluring and even a threat.
This may also be a prediction that enemies or envy will easily be overcome.

We all have weaknesses and while some of us who often criticize one person often forgets to put a lock on his own dramas.

When to take caution: Be careful going after others for the sake of control or to cause fear. The boomerang or karmic mirror will repeat to you whatever you are willing to do.

It may also be time to release situations that have been unready for your welcoming. You don’t stand a year at a door knocking. Someone often has the courtesy to say yes or even no.

Prophetic Message: All in good timing. Do not worry about your enemies no matter who they are, where they are or the direction they have come from. Quite often these are not people hidden’. Yet those who use kind words as intention but the only thing flowing out is criticism.

Intuitive Conclusions: In other words. You can see the wolf in sheep’s clothing. There is no need to step into the role of the victim.  It’s time to set aside helping others whom make no time or attention for you. But that is your choice. You are not a spiritual butler uttering at everyone’s demands or commands.  But only you can choose to see this

Don’t correct those who have wronged You. As they know better they just have not chosen to do it.

Intuitive Conclusions: Pay attention to surrounding symbolism.  Often. These surrounding symbolic meanings will be a message that a victory is accumulating in spite of all negative people.

Joy comes imminently.

Choose your words and actions carefully be very wise when associating with others. At the right time all will come to the light.
Keep moving forward and shine.
Remember.  In a game if chess often an opponent goes after the queen. It cannot be obtained if no responsibility is shown for it.

Namaste + In All Love, 

Quornesha S.

Psychic Consultant

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 


2 thoughts on “Fox Symbolic Meaning

  1. I feel a real connection with you, mmmmmm, I would like a reading from you, reason being your malinated, also I’m really not sure how all this works, so can you let me know message me when how, is it a video call or phone call I really need some enlightenment thank you.


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