Plumeria Obtusa Symbolical Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Medium 

Also known as Dwarf Deciduous

As interpreted surrounding dreams, waking life, visions, senses, intuitive abilities, meditation, Giving/gifts, synchronicity etc.

It’s many names: The symbolic meaning of The Dwarf Deciduous/Plumeria Obtusa Flower.  The decisions you are making are manifesting good results for yourself in the not so distant future.

All has happened with a specific purpose and intent from a higher power on your behalf.

The Key Message: YOU are manifesting the life you want. No matter how it looks as of today or now.

Surely there is a lot of power at work on your behalf and from your own efforts. You are absolutely being supported with whatever you are manifesting.

Continue with your work. And you can feel relieved that all is occurring to align you with a life that is associated with your inner desires. What’s to come will resonate with what you want.

You’re ready: It has been time for these changes. But now You know that you are ready for them. Feel proud of your efforts and hard work. You know you have earned them.

Show gratitude for those who may be thinking of you during this very beautiful time. Appreciate your manifestings.

Manifesting: It was YOU who ordered these changes to come about. Continue as you see fit
Remember to stay grounded and physically balanced or hydrated.

Wonderful things are sprouting for you and all in good timing now.

Name Symbolic Expressions: ‘Small Moves (or at least they appear to be) with Big Results’ It’s alternative name is symbolic for making decisions that will later on be of benefit in a very big way. You will be making a transition indefinitely and there will be nothing for you to fear in regards to these changes. However these changes may occur differently than you’re expecting. It does not mean you’re wrong about your prediction or what you may foresee. Yet, that this is the way you were truly intended to make this next move to present in the coming days.

You may find that people are quite helpful as you transition into ‘strange’ territory. Trust your instincts and what it tells you about receiving help and being open to it during these transitions. Always listen when you are being guided away from a hand being extended to you. Hinting that you must remain alert and humble to interpret the signs.

The End goal: Once these transitions are complete you will find that all has safely taken place to lead you to greater things in your life and surroundings.

Know that you’re gonna make this trip and you’ll have assistance in some way in doing so. Letting you know that even though you must do most of the heavy lifting, you are still being looked after and watched over for all to take place as it should.

Prophecy: Do not fear small beginnings and that is not an interpretation for you to assume that it will always be small. But all things take time and hard work. While knowing this, understand that when you’ve got new shoes and a new journey to take, it will cause a little pain, but that is only because you’re meant to do this so that you can find your comfort zone once more.

Prophetic Message: Shatter all limitations once you do find your comfort zone. That is, of course, the purpose of why you will find it again, so that you can feel comforted and encouraged to step out of it and go back to it when necessary.

Own your new life. You’ll feel welcomed once you get going. Continue your self-prophecies, affirmations, etc even after the move as inspiration and encouragement.

Bless Yourself, 
Quornesha S.

Natural Born Psychic Medium

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect.  


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