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Angel-Confirmation Number 188

This number (188) is a powerful number symbolizing great power. And Financial affluence. You are empowered in what you are doing to make a living, keep up the great work and know that your light working has a purpose and you are not limited.

Quornesha S.

Angel-Confirmation Number 597

Number 597 in Numerological Terms, as Channeled By Quornesha S.: 5+9+7= 21 & 2+1=3 The angels are with you as go through these changes and you are to feel assured that all things are indeed for a reason. Keep going and continue loving on and praising yourself for the very steps you are taking. Pay attention to your blessings in disguise. All things must end and start in due season!

Namaste & Blessed Be,
Quornesha S.

Angel-Confirmation Number 1177

Know that we are each intimidated by something, not by people. It is up to each of us to get to know the truth about it. Look forward to blessings in your life. Know that at this time, all that you need is flowing to you and you are receiving them for a higher purpose. Know that you will remain honest and humble along the way, and you are to gracefully accept every/each earthly reward(s) to come about for you right now!
~Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant