Cape Gannet [Morrus Capensis] Symbolic Meaning

Inner Knowing-Wisdom: Cape Gannet Symbolic Meaning, To see a Cape Gannet in your waking life, photos, paintings, video, synchronicity is symbolic for vast consciousness and being without limitations.

Gannets are symbolic for, Breaking Through, Prayers Being Answered, The Supernatural, Divine, Being in contact with a Divine Being, Being connected to the spiritual realms, One blessed with the gifts of communication. One who surpasses absolution. One who goes beyond the surface of things. One who seeks truth. A God or Goddess. Unlocked power, unlocked potential, Potential tapped into, an eye into the future, The Prophet, Seeing through things, Clarity, Working together, Supernatural, Favor.

The Gannet shows up into your life when you’re activated for a winning streak. It is time to release things or situations that are no longer serving you to make room for universal abundance and help. If you’ve been doing things in any way and it no longer flows, right now is the best time to close that door as another door which abundance flows is preparing to be open to you.

No one truly denies us. The perfect door is being prepared for us to enter. In some fables or metaphors a supernatural being cannot pass through unless he/she asks for entry into such. In a way, the soul is the same and it will not go through any door without permission.

The heavens and earth are coming together on your behalf to make things more easier for you in your human experience. Just as much as we seek heavens’ blessings, seek earthly blessings. As that activates people who will be of help to you along your journey. IE; friendships, companionship, children, careers, helpful people. etc.

It is time to go within and get clear as the news forthcoming will require that you be receptive. Know that if you have already received your news, via a prophecy, letter or other, know that right now is the most perfect time for it to unfold. Do not worry for everything will work out as it is foreseen. Meaning what is foreseen at the end of the vision, will definitely come about. As there are various ways for it to manifest or unfold.

Your soul is at it’s highest level right now. Do not descend. Continue doing the things you do as this works for you. Often what we do in the present moment is paving the way to get to the final destination.

Prophecy: What is foreseen is intended to happen one way or the other. The gift of the unknown is that we are allowed the gift to believe. It is time to open up, the thing we have been patient so long for has arrived.

Listen to those repeated messages. Whether in your mind, dreams or waking life. Something is set to occur for you. Just as it has been foreseen.

Intuitive Conclusion: Gannets also represent an awakening and new-knowing, with clarity and knowledge that you are more powerful than you may believe. Continue forward with your manifesting abilities.

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xoxo Quornesha

The Supernatural Healer

Photo Courtesy of The Guardian + Used with permission: 

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