The Color Pearl Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. : Medium & Egyptian Healer| Seichim, Sekhmet, & Shaktipat Healing Energy| The color pearl when seen in your waking life, dreams, visions or synchronicty is a message that you have many perspectives to view a present situation. To which is up to you.

We may not always attract what we think about. The color pearl asks us to honor ourselves as well as honor our higher calling or purpose while surrendering constraints of wants or demands. You are encouraged to keep in the law of God. Which is to be open and receptive to fulfilling your earthly mission.

You are free to live a life as an example of your standards. Know that even though you’ve gone through recent changes, that these will be of pertinent benefit to you in your future. You have your specific beliefs for a reason. Remain open and of harmony with all around you. Even when you express your disagreements. As You do not have to feud when you express your perception(s). You are a mature being when the Color pearl appears to you. Take note that this color also denotes that you take a playful/humorous approach to changes you’d like to be made in your life.

Know that WITH ALL THINGS, *tangible or intangible* there’s an exchange of energy of some kind or sort. In it’s own unique way. Know that your surrender to the things you cannot change or accept at this time, is for your highest good. This color presents into your life as a prophecy, that, you are fairly expressing your own beliefs. No two perceptions are ever alike. Even if the belief is the same. We all have our different conclusions of the events which occur in our lives.

The Pearl color would like to remind you, that YOU ARE making the most out of every situation in your life. You are being applauded and/or commended for the path(s) that you are taking. You are free to detach from anything in your life that isn’t going as you see ‘fit’.

You are not attached to anything is the message and vibration of the pearl color. You are powerful as you are. The pearl also asks you to continue recognizing your inner truths, as you stand in the light of your own truths.

You will experience blessings uniquely designed for you. In other words, whatever is for you is yours alone. Whatever door closes, there’s another door that will take it’s course. If you have let go, know that if it’s meant for you, it will return to you. You are to keep pushing forward. Experience the great details of your blessings. Take pleasure in speaking positively over your life’s challenges and blessings, equally.

Affirm: If it is not meant to be for me to have what I want, I surrender it so that I can have what is better or greater.

Use gratitude. Your positive nature is  and always will be your support and efforts that are commended from spirit within you. Take your negatives and use them to better your life or advance your own enlightenment. Take time to learn from all things taking place in your life, as these are meant as lessons. Everything works together, no matter what.

The pearl therefore comes into your life, irregardless as to how it presents, as prophecy that you are going to be ‘alright’ no matter what happens. Surrender every habit you may have. Whether this habit consists of psychological, spiritual, or otherwise.

The color pearl is a message of confirmation, that all things are now beginning to work for your good. NO matter what. Right now. The Color pearl is actually a variation of many colors softly, as that of the depiction in a rainbow. Things look better from here. More importantly, you have the authority to transmute every negative vibration, as no vibration has power or influence over you.  The color pearl is symbolic of Love, grace, enlightenment, insight, healing and phenomenon. Pay close attention to the details of your situation(s). As the blessings are innate.


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The Color Gold Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom/Knowing: Seeing the color gold in your waking life, dreams, visions, is a sign of complete illumination, shining your light brightly, fulfilling your purpose, calling, intention, leaving a legacy, winning, going beyond adversity, success, achievement, discovering your inner power.

The Color Gold in your life is a message that you have reached a level in your life when things will begin to be concrete and flow as they were intended to since the beginning. You have found your purpose and the opportunities will begin to align for you. There is not a negative message to do with the color Gold, except too much of it.

The Color Gold is a message of empowerment of all kinds, whether that is financially, mentally, emotionally or physically or all. You will have it. The Color Gold represents the Master Color. The Higher Powers, The Heavens, the best of the best.

When seeing this color in your dreams it is a message that your soul has fully awakened and it’s true essence is shining brightly now. When it seems to others that your overall success has come easily feel free to point out in your mind the effort it took to get you to where you are going, or where you are now.

Prophecy: Do not allow lower frequencies (from anyone) to dampen your spirits. Continue moving forward. The angels are with you as you take a new position in your life. Your Ascended masters are readily available to you for your call. All you have to do is ask for their help and they will be there.

Intuitive Conclusion: Continue to elevate your soul and see yourself in a higher light. There’s a door that has closed (dark) and one of light that has opened for you. You are emerging. Continue creating your sacred space wherever you are. Your sacred space has a lot to do with the people you choose to bring into your life. Whoever they are will be the reflection you’ll experience in your life.

Do everything intentionally, listen to your intuitive abilities. There’s nothing standing in your way. At least not anymore. And if so, it is only yourself. Creating the obstacles in your mind.

xoxo Quornesha

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The Color Green Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: Seeing the color green in your waking life, paintings, in dreams, in synchronicity, Flashes, etc. Is symbolic for a time of stability + moving forward. It is symbolic of; knowledge, wisdom, the flow of energy. Positive news, cleansing energy and healing. A time of fruition. A time to start new again. Contentment, feeling whole. The world. Activation. Finance, Increase, Abundance, Satisfaction, being welcomed, fruitfulness, wealth, energetic change, cosmic shifts, Will or Willpower, health + well being.

Green is one of the Universal colors, which we each get the opportunity to see. In various ways. IE; When eating well, when you step outside in nature. It is all around us and is an ever evolving color.

The color green is symbolic that whatever your ideas are right now, is what you should put your entire energy or belief into as  whatever it is that you need will come about and manifest for you in an abundant way. If you’re asking for healing though any practices whether spiritually or through thought and meditation, know that the answer to your prayers will soon come about for you.

It is an auspicious time to work on things and put things in alignment with how you desire them to unfold. It is also an auspicious time to cleanse the soul, go out for walks, or get out and network. As these may prove to be most beneficial for your long term goals.

If your relationship has been of focus in the back of your mind, or you’ve been open and not settling for the partner you truly want. Know that your patience is finally due, it’s well deserved diligence. Know that any issues you may have in regard to your relationships will see improvement now. Including any other situations you’ve been seeking improvement in.

Prophecy: When the Color shows up repeatedly it is confirmation to continue forward along your present course.  It is a very big yes from all that is. The Spirit, The Divine, Heaven, The Angels, Ascended Masters, Loved ones. Whichever is more prevalent to you at this time, now.

Remember, you choose the acts of compassion, the acts of love, or anything for that matter. That is your choice.

Too much green or dull greens means over thinking things, obsession or envy.

Intuitive Conclusion: Be grateful for all that you receive as gratitude and being thankful is an automatic affirmation for you to continue seeing plenty in your life. Stand with conviction to your beliefs and point of view. There’s reason why you stand in faith the way that you do. Continue forward.

The paths we take are for our own well being. Even if our intentions are to service others.

xoxo Quornesha

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The Color Yellow Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: Seeing the color yellow in your waking life,  in paintings, dreams, through synchronicity (frequently), or the desire to use or wear this color. Is symbolic for illumination. Where things seemed confused and lacked clarity will now be made more aware and prevalent.

Yellow is symbolic for brighter days being ahead. The captivation of success, victory, renewal, new beginnings, new horizons, breakthroughs, the light, illuminating, shining through the darkness, the light at the end of the tunnel, speaking up, having a voice, being heard, creative expression, love overflowing, abundance, harvest.

Obviously the color is symbolic of receptiveness and being open for blessings.

If you have been awaiting an answer to any question, whether that answer be no or yes, you will press on and move forward at this time. You’ll find yourself easily setting boundaries and letting go so that you may move on from stale and out-dated situations.

You have surpassed something on an emotional level. Which means you’re in control of your vibration in every way possible. However, dull yellows, are signs of depletion of your energy and time. Keep no company with fools. Hold your intelligence in mind. You know how to stand your ground when necessary and when to offer serenity for the things you cannot change.

You’ll begin to move beyond wishful thinking and focus your intentions on fruition + total stability for your future. Now is not the time to pause in your tracks. As you’ll have rest along the way. As long as you work hard, you’ll play hard also.

Prophecy: Remember to let go of things that are not for you. Anything that seems unshakable, know that it too has it’s weakness, especially when it comes as an obstacle to seeing your dreams through to the finish line. Begin your projects NOW. The sun is shining at it’s most brilliance now.

If you feel you lack a voice in any project you are undertaking through partnership, now is the time to speak up. Let your voice be heard. Remember, just because we love, give or forgive does not mean all things will be la-li-la-la for us. It only means peace is within us and we’re mature enough to let go.

Intuitive Conclusion: Your light shines the most right now. Continue in this vein and it will get even brighter. Support is on the way! Although you’re confident in your ideas, open up to the help that is coming your way. As that is an act of being grateful, be thankful and you’ll have so much more to be grateful for along the way as things unfold further.

Never dull your shine, it is your moment.

Yellow is also associated with the number 3, 33, 13, 4 etc + The Solar Plexus, The third Chakra!

xoxo Quornesha 

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The Color Red Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: Seeing red in dreams, visions, waking life, paintings, etc is symbolic of passion, envy, hate, love, Karma, karmic challenges, anger, channeling, learning to forgive, soul journeying, lessons learned, releasing imbalances, grudge, vindication, strongman, stronghold, spiritual warfare, upheaval, joy.

Too much red is symbolic for karma + rage. Holding onto who someone was, does not prove who they are. Neither does assuming that they have not changed. Have you changed? You can only stare at the flame for so long until it encompasses you.

It is time to move on + let go of the past. As the longer it consumes your attention. it travels with you along the path of life.

However. red is also a symbolic message that, it is time for the world to see the light that illumes within you.  Recognition that puts you where you are meant to be. So that you will flourish + show the world your gift + ability.

Red is also the color of sexual power + influence.

If you have an enemy in mind that you despise…it is time to discontinue the pursuit of their doom. As Karma + Fate has a way of situating you to sit at the same table or fall in the same hole you dig, or set up for another.

Hating someone, based upon “popular opinion/discrimination” Puts you in a seat you cannot get up from until the lesson is learned.

Know that if you have experienced such hate or victim mentality, balance will be restored + you will find peace for past injustices risen against you. You will not only let go of the hurt and pain but you will free these beliefs from yourself as a whole. YOU KNOW that isn’t how the world is, as you have learned, some personalities of people set out to disrupt the lives of other persons intentionally.

When the battle is within your own family, know that you can only love those who allow you to love them. Walls are strong, but love is stronger, Once received. + Sometimes, anger or hate takes one to their grave.

Holding peace in your heart means you are strong in the face of such. You know exactly when to walk away.

“Doing the devils work” only means you’re okay with him summoning another to do the same to you in turn.

Turn your anger into passion, as that is exactly what it is unchanneled, unfocused, unsupervised, + untamed. There are creative ways to express yourself + you do not have to lack authenticity. Nor, pretend to love everyone.

Red in a balanced state means that harmony will or has entered your life in some supernatural way. To move you forward. Health will be restored. An opportunity to heal or be healed will rise for you. The heavens will shake the ground of enemies to restore balance to you + in your life.

Prophecy: Whatever you’ve been working on, the person you’ve been praying for,will receive the power of good to revoke whatever illness that has haunted + mortified it’s presence (Metaphysical + physical Body) until now. Red is also the color of happiness when well balanced. Send love or shine your light to those who envy you. Sooner or later they too will illuminate what is hidden within them.

Don’t hold grudges as these are only restraints dressed as mediocre power + influence.

Being at peace means you let it go. It doesn’t matter anymore. You can’t change anything that has already happened.

Intuitive Conclusion: You may be on the verge of a paradigm shift personally. Continue to offer your love + support where you can + will. Moreover, you cannot change people. Everyone must willingly seek light themselves.

xoxo Quornesha

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The Color White Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: The Color white is symbolic for purity, spirituality, spirit realm, cleanliness, being whole, oneness, the unknown, nothingness, higher consciousness, being, manifesting, creating, a new beginning, spirit, the blank canvas. Seeing the color white in your waking life, in someone’s aura around them, white shadows, in paintings, in photos, in flashes, is sign of forthcoming events that are set to reshape one’s life.

Manifesting power is most potent when using white. IE candles, white paper, etc. White is the color of manifesting because you can create anything from nothing, as opposed to having something to start with. When white appears it is a message that you have the power to rewrite something.

This could signify that you will be offered the opportunity to negotiate something, if you do not like the answer you have received, know that you will have the opportunity to have a more vast perception to your favor so that you may continue forward.

White is also symbolic for creating more opportunities for the doors that have closed in your life or career. Do not fear as you are set to create and manifest more that will be to your benefit. \

Too much white is to be imbalanced, impatient, and to lack one’s humanity or human self or experience. Come back down to earth, learn to create more, play more, and do not fear the unknown. When we are afraid, we tend to overdue as that is an action of fear, to control or be controlled.

Prophecy: There is no need to try and influence anything, allow things to happen in it’s own Divine order and way. Act with love and not manipulation. You’ll have what you desire when your heart is open to it. Remember, the ego chases dreams too. You must decide whose the one in charge here, you or the ego.

Intuitive Conclusion/Prediction: White is a prediction of a time of rest, relaxation and recovery. Know that the processes toward healing have began. Once you are willing, you are fulfilling your souls’ mission. Do not look back, only forward, it’s up to you to start again.

To interpret white objects, use your intuition. for example;

White Wall: You may feel as though your close mindedness helps

White Ceiling; there is a need for cleansing of your home and space or energy imbalanced, efforts used for what is on the surface only.

White Street: A loved one crossing over Into spirit world.

White Table: Mediumship + Psychic Abilities


Be careful what you wish for!

White is used to defend and deter adversity, which is why when we write on paper, we feel like we have accomplished or established something. IE: Legal boundaries, contracts and even boundaries.

xoxo Quornesha

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The Color Blue Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: The color blue is symbolic for creating, water, possibilities, activation, power, royalty, heavenly, foresight foreknowing + forethought, an out spoken individual. When the color comes to you in your waking life, dreams, paintings, in someone’s aura. Is to foretell of news, in whatever form it is required to progress at this time.

It is also symbolic for life-altering opportunities that will help you to illuminate the way variously for many. Having the eye toward what is forthcoming. Can also be a message to continue on your current path, If everyone knew what was right for you, they’d be standing in your shoes and not you.

If you can overlook the small things, you’re headed toward receiving your blessings. Don’t look back. The skies are not limited. Neither is your position. Continue believing in your abilities, whether that is supernatural or natural and unique.

Blue can also be symbolic for signing contracts of some kind. Be sure to overlook it carefully do not settle for mediocre opportunities, you deserve your worth. Value it. As very soon or imminently you will be asked to show what you can do, and there may be some questions as to why it is priced too little (if undervalued).

Blue is also symbolic for the need to rest, meditate and pray. It is also symbolic for the need to heal.

Too much blue, is symbolic of narcissism and the thought that everyone is out to hurt you. You will come in contact with leaders, metaphysically, physically and spiritually, who are willing to offer their love and support to you. These will be your sisters or brothers. Be sure to open your heart to them, they have some wisdom for your wounds.

Note: It is also time to rephrase some beliefs, thoughts or habits. If you have been hurt in any kind of way, suffered huge losses, it is time to reaffirm. Although everyone may not be your friend, someone loves you dearly. You may not be able to trust many, but all you need is a few who will stand with you along this journey called life. Keep moving forward. Remember, if you’re strong enough to pull the knife from your back, you’re strong enough to face those that despise you with no rightful cause.

Prophecy: Continue releasing those that no longer serve you through moving forward, you’re not here to change anyone’s opinion about you. Nor, to change the person behind the opinion, you’re here for your own soul’s mission. These are the false prophets to be aware of, the people who speak behind your back, without knowledge of who you really are. They mean well in front of you, yet beneath the surface, hate brews. Prophecy is the act of speaking truth, what is beneath the surface. As anyone can call what they see, or think they see.

Know that there may be some travel coming up, a vacation, so that you can release some of the emotions you have carried this far. It may also be  an indication that you are moving somewhere more suitable, soon, for the soul, near water.

Blue is also the color of the Throat Chakra, these opportunities may have a lot to do with public speaking.

xoxo Quornesha S.

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