The Color Green Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: Seeing the color green in your waking life, paintings, in dreams, in synchronicity, Flashes, etc. Is symbolic for a time of stability + moving forward. It is symbolic of; knowledge, wisdom, the flow of energy. Positive news, cleansing energy and healing. A time of fruition. A time to start new again. Contentment, feeling whole. The world. Activation. Finance, Increase, Abundance, Satisfaction, being welcomed, fruitfulness, wealth, energetic change, cosmic shifts, Will or Willpower, health + well being.

Green is one of the Universal colors, which we each get the opportunity to see. In various ways. IE; When eating well, when you step outside in nature. It is all around us and is an ever evolving color.

The color green is symbolic that whatever your ideas are right now, is what you should put your entire energy or belief into as  whatever it is that you need will come about and manifest for you in an abundant way. If you’re asking for healing though any practices whether spiritually or through thought and meditation, know that the answer to your prayers will soon come about for you.

It is an auspicious time to work on things and put things in alignment with how you desire them to unfold. It is also an auspicious time to cleanse the soul, go out for walks, or get out and network. As these may prove to be most beneficial for your long term goals.

If your relationship has been of focus in the back of your mind, or you’ve been open and not settling for the partner you truly want. Know that your patience is finally due, it’s well deserved diligence. Know that any issues you may have in regard to your relationships will see improvement now. Including any other situations you’ve been seeking improvement in.

Prophecy: When the Color shows up repeatedly it is confirmation to continue forward along your present course.  It is a very big yes from all that is. The Spirit, The Divine, Heaven, The Angels, Ascended Masters, Loved ones. Whichever is more prevalent to you at this time, now.

Remember, you choose the acts of compassion, the acts of love, or anything for that matter. That is your choice.

Too much green or dull greens means over thinking things, obsession or envy.

Intuitive Conclusion: Be grateful for all that you receive as gratitude and being thankful is an automatic affirmation for you to continue seeing plenty in your life. Stand with conviction to your beliefs and point of view. There’s reason why you stand in faith the way that you do. Continue forward.

The paths we take are for our own well being. Even if our intentions are to service others.

xoxo Quornesha

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The Color Yellow Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: Seeing the color yellow in your waking life,  in paintings, dreams, through synchronicity (frequently), or the desire to use or wear this color. Is symbolic for illumination. Where things seemed confused and lacked clarity will now be made more aware and prevalent.

Yellow is symbolic for brighter days being ahead. The captivation of success, victory, renewal, new beginnings, new horizons, breakthroughs, the light, illuminating, shining through the darkness, the light at the end of the tunnel, speaking up, having a voice, being heard, creative expression, love overflowing, abundance, harvest.

Obviously the color is symbolic of receptiveness and being open for blessings.

If you have been awaiting an answer to any question, whether that answer be no or yes, you will press on and move forward at this time. You’ll find yourself easily setting boundaries and letting go so that you may move on from stale and out-dated situations.

You have surpassed something on an emotional level. Which means you’re in control of your vibration in every way possible. However, dull yellows, are signs of depletion of your energy and time. Keep no company with fools. Hold your intelligence in mind. You know how to stand your ground when necessary and when to offer serenity for the things you cannot change.

You’ll begin to move beyond wishful thinking and focus your intentions on fruition + total stability for your future. Now is not the time to pause in your tracks. As you’ll have rest along the way. As long as you work hard, you’ll play hard also.

Prophecy: Remember to let go of things that are not for you. Anything that seems unshakable, know that it too has it’s weakness, especially when it comes as an obstacle to seeing your dreams through to the finish line. Begin your projects NOW. The sun is shining at it’s most brilliance now.

If you feel you lack a voice in any project you are undertaking through partnership, now is the time to speak up. Let your voice be heard. Remember, just because we love, give or forgive does not mean all things will be la-li-la-la for us. It only means peace is within us and we’re mature enough to let go.

Intuitive Conclusion: Your light shines the most right now. Continue in this vein and it will get even brighter. Support is on the way! Although you’re confident in your ideas, open up to the help that is coming your way. As that is an act of being grateful, be thankful and you’ll have so much more to be grateful for along the way as things unfold further.

Never dull your shine, it is your moment.

Yellow is also associated with the number 3, 33, 13, 4 etc + The Solar Plexus, The third Chakra!

xoxo Quornesha 

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Pacific Giant Salamander: Dicamptodon Ensatus Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: Clairvoyance + Clairsentience + Claircognizance + Clairauidence + Mediumship: The Symbolic Meaning of the Salamander species, is acknowledgement, respect and appreciation for an extreme act of kindness, It is also a sign of great opulence + Confidence.

Do not start projects so that anyone can be proud of you. You may come up short. Be passionate about all that you begin. As it comes with it’s own unique challenges. Your successes through such would come from pushing through.

You’ll need to see projects through every course. + Every Level. Victory is to run through all challenges, whatever you’re passionate about you’re willing to fight for it. Know that all IS provided for in your present course. If you need empowerment, know that your higher self and heaven approves. But you didn’t need such an answer.

Prophecy: If you wait for the signs, you may tune into every frequency & assume that all answers are for yourself alone. It is not.

Many of YOUR messages come about through synchronicity. When you “accidentally” turn on the radio. Run into people of the same name, same date of birth, etc. Or when you’re determined to watch a television series, or film. Even  if you have already seen such.

Synchronicity comes about in miraculous ways. Get done what you are urged to finish at this time. Integrate as the situation calls for it.

Intuitive Conclusion: Remember, when faced with external opinions, they are not the only ones with perception power. Your thoughts may not all be as rosy about them either. Remember, the same if it were in reverse. This will put you in a place to take inventory of yourself first before you decide to judge others or allow them to judge you. We only think we know people, we do not actually know them. They can change at any second or show you their entire selves, It is also the same for you.

xoxo Quornesha, Psychic Consultant

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Angel Number 32 /Confirmation Number 32

Inner Wisdom/Psychic Channeling/Clairvoyance/Claircognizance/Clairsentience/Clairaudience: Angel Number Thirty-Two comes as a message to free ourselves from emotional imprisonment and release ties from those who choose to only see their way or aspect of the story. Living authentically means you are also aware of the people who lift you higher. Draw closer to these frequencies and step away from those that don’t.

Confirmation Number 32 Asks us to see ourselves for who we are, to empower the mind-body-spirit beyond it’s comfort zone. You’ll know you are Divinely stepping out of your comfort zone as opposed to just allowing someone to dictate you to change your views or opinions so that they may feel more love in your presence.

Forcing yourself onto others for who you were in your past isn’t fair to them. Just because you’ve been there and done that does not mean that they are doing the same as you would have done.

The only wall we should have our backs toward are the one’s that support and guide us to more love, light and illumination. You do not need to come face to face in confrontation to release certain people from your life, you do however need to use your Divine ability to telepathically guide your thoughts, actions and environment to be more positive.

If you see a number repeatedly, this means, the actions are for you to take. Remember to breathe, if ever it feels like you are suffocated in another’s presence, get away quickly. They are not only absorbing physical energy, but your spiritual power also.Your aura gets holes and tares by the weariness brought upon you from the outside.

Remember to continue loving as you choose to love and distance yourself from those who only have one foot through the door and another behind him or her.

Affirmations are the most potent in such situations, I am open to receiving healing deeply, mind, body, spirit and heart. This will not only make you feel more highly. But it will open you up to receive from outside of you, good things of course. Feel free to walk in a full circle speaking light every time you decide you want to go “around the table”.™

It’s not only about success, it’s why you’re doing so. Remember why, and you will never cling to people, places, frequencies or things out of fear for what it may or may not do for your progress. Affirm: As I take care of my body, My mind, heart + spirit is well cared for also.

Intuitive Conclusion: Clear yourself of past memories with the 5, 7 and 11 Methods available on the site. Be willing to let go of anyone or anything that has ran it’s course in your life. If you’re in the position of people leaving, don’t take it personally, they have another chapter to write and you cannot follow along to further them.

xoxo Quornesha S.

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Cactus Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, CLairvoyance: The cactus is symbolic for motherly. That even though the person in Question may be overbearing or overruling this person actually loves you like a daughter or son. You may be this person for someone of great significance in your circle. You cannot help the way you feel as you have already walked the path similarly. You must also understand that their journey isn’t your own.

You can give your wisdom + just let it be. The one in question here will come around to being receptive to your knowledge or wisdom. Eventually  you will have a stable relationship one which involves equal communication. You can give the real but be considerate of the requests or paths of others.

The Cactus is not so appealing in nature. But that is only because it is protective. In which case you must allow another to make his or her own choices so that he or she will fully understand the circumstances for themselves. When you do your own research it is impossible not to interpret a message in its entirety. Wisdom can be sent in many different formats, whereas direct action is intervention of someone’s path.

Angelic Channeling: Do not make another feel guilt for the life they choose to live, based upon the sorrows you may have experienced. Wisdom can be sent through prayer, reiki or other spiritual means. It may be time to step back a bit and allow one to make a decision for themselves. One may be surprised when you are willing to trust + allow. Trust is an act on its own, unless willingly accompanied with something.

Intuitive Conclusions: Potted cactus means you are not ready to trust just yet. Growing cactus’ means you are coming to the realization to release directing the entire way through and you’re finally learning to listen,  trust and allow. If your abilities are in question it means that you are evolving but pace your receptiveness for your own sake and well-being. There is no need to rush through anything.


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Angel Number 31/Confirmation Number 31

Internal Wisdom: Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, We are each responsible for our own minds, Our own thinking, perception + opinion. Once a thought is deposited into the mind you give the universe the thumbs up to take you through the lessons if you are wrong. Lessons take a while depending upon the type of learning speed the soul has.

You communicate through expressing that, you can resolve any issues that come along as consequences for speaking your mind. This does not advise you to keep your opinions to yourself. Be sure that what you speak aloud or by thought it isn’t based upon a negative emotion through human capacity. IE: Ego, Jealousy, Envy or Powerless Thinking (Victim Mentality).

You are indeed free to be expressive, keep in mind your words in particular have power + an upper hand. Choose your words very carefully. The moment you speak it or think it, it may manifest. So take extra caution when wishing.

 Angelic Channeling: 31 Is symbolic for moon phases, spirit realms, even heavenly kingdoms. What you do to anyone else know that you will have to walk that way with them. Bring no harm to others + especially to yourself.

Internal Wisdom, Claircognizance: Your mind is evolving + you are accepting all of your abilities at this time. You have come full circle into your Divine essence or being. This very moment may seem as things happen supernaturally. This alone is a gift. Take note of how far you had to climb. The only slope that may go South is the one you may use to get to the other side to the next mountain top.

Seeing this number in dreams or having visions/flashes or paintings about power is also confirmation of your new level of strength. You may feel invincible, you are not, at least, in your human body which is mortal. Your path cannot be measured to anyone other than your former self. You must ask the heavens or the Universe or an ascended being to assist with illumination of your true self.

Intuitive Conclusion: You are responsible for peace you may obtain on all levels.

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Ask in Love

Questions are signs that you lack gratitude… & If you never ask questions about your path,  you are lost already. You must come from a reasonable place…in your heart. You cannot wrong the universe if you ask in love.

xoxo The Supernatural Healer-Quornesha S.

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Hanger Symbolic Meaning

Seeing hangers, in your waking life, visions, dreams, photos, or paintings is symbolic of gaining clarity of how things should work/go. (Getting the hang of it). If you were born with an ability know that this has now been activated. Or you now see something that has always been there but never took the time to actually hone it or tap into it.

Hangers could also be symbolic for hanging something up, such as any sort of thought, belief, ways of being, an action not working in alignment with your purpose.

Either way Hangers are symbolic that now you have a hold of whatever ability that has been on the inside of you for all this time. ACTIVATED is key word! You’ve turned your light on & Have become fully illuminated.

Taking back your power is simply setting some boundaries. We are a piece of A Divine Puzzle(Beings) having a human experience.

Seeing the hangers signify that you are ready to move into what is in front of you. Keep thoughts of what is past where they belong. Let it go, & move on. Whatever you have learned throughout any time of your past is for you to keep as a pillow to your neck. Seeing hangers is also symbolic for being tested & passing. Now that you know, see, hear, sense, Feeling…watch carefully for the signs & obey the warnings/guidance/blessings. Heed don’t ignore. Even thought-wise. Especially if you are claircognizant. Listen to what your thoughts are telling you about someone, something. It may not be that the person, place or situation is bad. It just may be that it is incompatible with you. You have a life to serve, & a purpose. It is now time & it is only up to the person in the mirror. So finish it. It takes courage to live your own life.


Quornesha Anauel Virgo

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26 Days of Breakthroughs: Self Acceptance And Love

Self love… Many have come to speak about it around the world. Never in my perspective or opinion deeply describing what it actually means to love yourself. (Not saying mines is better, just that Never has anyone truly engineered it’s meaning, which is ironic (Self love, see it for yourself etc.) In a relationship you can repeat time after time saying I love you to  a significant other & the words be as hollow as a log. It’s not actually about saying you love yourself but action, applying your love. Expressing your love to yourself. Buying the rose or roses, and actually admiring them as though someone else bought them for you.

Self love from my belief & perspective, is about accepting not only the signs from or through yourself but from others. It’s about being receptive to love. Self love is also not allowing others to push aside your wisdom or personal beliefs for the benefit of placing theirs on a shelf or display where yours belong. If it’s not a give & receive situation, it may be time to bail for those who can lift you also. You will need it, & to me that is what it means to love yourself.

To love yourself, introduce & include yourself in the blessings that you give. I love saying I bless you & I, I bless the world & I bless myself. I bless my family & Myself. I bless my work & what I receive to benefit myself also.

What a vibration of love will never do: It will never NOT allow you to show what you CAN do. When you are not allowed that is a vibration & frequency of one’s ego. It’s up to us to shake off those people, their unkindness & just keep moving beyond those frequencies of ego & into a frequency of love. Pushing our beliefs on others instead of supporting them from their own is an aspect of the ego. You have to start somewhere. Not everyone who gets the job done has the education or training or experience even though they know how to do it. ALLOW THEM TO SHOW YOU!

What A Vibration of love will Always do: It will trust the people around it. Because you are now in a vibration of love, you allow the person showing the space to create some self worth within themselves. As long as you point it out all the time or criticize & refute it, it cannot burst with growth. You plant, water & have faith that it’s going to grow. IT WILL GROW, SO LET IT GO.

When you think of how others could/might judge you that is not a vibration of love. You add to the collective what you think of. Before you inhale other people’s opinions’ of yourself, check your vibrations. Don’t carry in your heart these emotions. Forgive, transmute & release.

No one has to be or practice non-judgement.  Write a new normal list. This list is a confidence builder & will allow you to shine a new light throughout your life, spirit & earthly body. You are releasing what no longer serves as a vital purpose in your life.


Quornesha Anauel Virgo

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