Angel-Confirmation Number 493

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: The number 493 is a message that you are opening up or awakening your perception fully. You are realizing that things do not have to be a specific way for them to work in your life. You are accepting of your blessings and you are beginning to count the joys in your life. In other words, you have opened yourself up to truly receive your Divine inheritance. You are to ask that your best self steps forward and for you to boldly walk into this millennial of YOUrself.

Seeing the number 493 may be a reminder that while we may not be lesser or greater than others, we aren’t ordinary. You are to step into your philanthropic self as much as your wealthy self. You aren’t just overflowing in wealth, there are many faucets and particles to who you really are. Your best self is stepping into it’s human form. If there are feelings of new beginnings, these feelings are correct.

No one is right or wrong, the journey’s can be off, the journey’s can take detours or get lost, but these mishaps are never wrong. We take these routes to find ourselves and learn lessons. Whenever one feels lost, we have not totally come to terms with our spiritual identity. There is no other way to explain when our souls leave our body, other than we are each spiritual beings. Whether we deny or accept this truth. It is so. We are of a Divine creator, who seems or appears invisible to us here in the physical world.

The Number 493 is confirmation of having faith. It is also a number that foretells change. If you take a look at where you are and where you started from, begin to acknowledge every door that has closed. If these doors present no opportunity for you to return it is a notation that, whatever is now past, was never meant to be.

For more, see Quornesha S. Fortune Cookie Tarot™

You must accept every closing door, as well as the doors that have come open and available to you. Knowing that through your granulated speck of faith, it has come about for a reason. Whenever we feel the need to leave something behind we are inclined to listen to these instincts.

493 Is a reminder that you are now awake to your purpose, you know what it is, and the ascended masters and angels have brought forth the clarity in order for you to receive these messages. You are allowing others to catch up in their own time, as you allow yourself to fully shine as you are.

4+9+3=16 & 1+6=7 You are on your spiritual path in a magnetic flow *calling things into your life, Manifesting*. Fully serving your mission and achieving personal dreams along the way. You are to ask God for the help required along your journey. Putting God first is to acknowledge that all you do, the creator is the source helping you to be more abundant to continue doing your work in the world. NO one can take credit for your brilliance, aside from your creator, to which you already give to him the honor and credit.

493 is a A reminder that you have received a heavenly inheritance at this time in your life and it is to enhance and shift you and your life in a miraculous ways. Take no concern of what anyone else is doing. Continue to move forward and love along the way. Blessings are yours, think of your blessings as the ocean, overflowing. In this ocean are treasure boxes, awaiting to be discovered by you. Seek out everything you want. As it will come to you in the most miraculous ways, at this time. Remember, that all changes, will work in your favor. Also see the number 7


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting *Media, Personal, & Egyptian Healing*

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