Angel-Confirmation Number 574

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: *Media + Egyptian Healing*: Angel number 574 is a message that the upcoming or changes happening at present are a condition of your positive thoughts and intentions as well as the responsibility of the angels, given to you as gifts from heaven.

These changes *Happening or forthcoming* Have a lot to do with your spiritual faith. Know that if you have been working on bettering your spiritual environment or spirit-based project, you now have the help. Know that someone will enter your life at this time. Whether this is a business partner, relationship or friendship.

It is possible that at this time you may spend more time in nature. Enjoy the peace you will feel as you do. Take chances on your ideas, listen to your intuition for direction, see where it will take you. Shake off any weary or dreadful feelings, as these aren’t reflections of who you are. Pay attention to the phases of the moon or planets at this time. As they too, make up a part of how we experience life in this world.

Pay attention to your astrological sign, and follow your intuition as to where you receive interpretations in regards to your sign or astro-chart. Each day deserves new wisdom. As it is a day we have not seen arrive yet before. Gain new clarity each day. Give up sabotage from yourself or from others towards yourself.

Know that changes entering your life you will be grateful for and these will be anchoring changes, meaning or interpreted for your long term benefit. Be direct when you seek clarity, as you can always be open to receiving enlightenment in whichever direction it may come about.

Yes, it is your responsibility to take care of your own well-being. Do not allow anyone to ‘diagnose’ how or what you feel without your request for them to do so. Know that when things seem a little one-sided or all bad news ‘doom’. The interpreter has something to do with it. There is always balance in every situation. While there are some situations where they seem to only go in favor of one direction, know that these situations have much to do with how the energy is being directed and is a sign from the Universal energies to pull us from situations that we do not belong.

Our beliefs about how life ‘really is’, can persuade anything. But we are each responsible for how we use our power to persuade. Something has changed. Something has shifted, and this is for your good.

5+7+4=16 & 1+6=7 Your spiritual aspects elevates at this time. We are each of a Spiritual nature, being created from Divine/God. Look forward to heightened thoughts and awareness. Insight comes your way at this time, take heed to it and be open-minded.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consultant *Media + Egyptian Healing*

All rights reserved©

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 


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