Angel-Confirmation Number 2140

Channeled by Quornesha S. *Egyptian Healer & Psychic Medium* The number 2140 is a message or confirmation of a beautiful soul-mate period. You are to choose wisely and to choose carefully as the mate entering your life will be for the long-term. It is a reminder for you to follow your instincts and intuition to be a guide to you.

Go in the direction your heart chooses. You are to choose based on your happiness and not solely based on status, etc. The angels want you to know or remember that you are in a prime time, and although this time is available, like anything else, it has come to pass. So be grateful for this time and select. In other words, make a decision. Do not be at a crossroads in making a choice.

Although there’s an influx of opportunities your heart has already decided and you are to open your creative mind and eyes to see and travel in the direction you have chosen. Right now is the opportune time. It is shown in the reflection of the number 2140 that you’ll indeed make a decision. Know that if you are not ready, this time will come again, and therefore this time at present is preparing you for the next one that may appear in the next 5 or so years. Which is why it is of importance, that if you are ready, to make a decision that is RIGHT FOR YOU, at this ‘window.’

All those who are entering your life at this time are receptive, but it is your decision that will shape the course of your future. So be wise and see the heart of the other person, as well as character apart from status of any sort. You are to build a solid future for yourself, including in the area of romance as to experience stability in all aspects or faucets.

If you are willing to build something and continue growing, your choice will reflect that with someone whose also ready to make an evolutionary change or difference in your and their lives as well. Pay attention to repeating colors as this is your soul mate period. Do not compare answers to what you already know within your heart.

Right now, affirm that you are not a reflection of what others desire for you, nor what others believe about love and relationships or marital. I am a reflection of my ideals, and reflections of everyone else’ ideals for me are beneath me now, I am elated & at peace with my decisions. Create your own affirmations and declarations. Free yourself.

You will decide, ultimately. This choice will reflect that which you truly want. Do not try to overlook the future, or the present moment. Your past is your past for a very special reason. 2140 Is a reminder, that right now, the time has come for you to decide how you will go about into your future. If you are serving a mission that is related to being of service to others, this person entering your life will be of great benefit to you to support you moving forward.

The number 2+1+4+0=7 Empowered. You are to select your mate based on what your heart is telling you at this time, do not look to far ahead as to miss the door right in front of you, do not step over your own opportunities. Accept your golden opportunities with grace and gratitude and remember that you deserve them. Also see the number 7! If you are considering moving in with a partner this will be of great benefit to you!

It is okay to have different perspectives. It is safe to be different on specific aspects. You are not to do or believe the same things. Even if you do, there will be different point of views about it or perspectives. Choose wisely for your own happiness. As this is an opportune time and window for a reason. Your choice is up to you. Congratulations &


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Igloo Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Consultant: When seeing the igloo in your dreams, waking life, visions, etc it is a message to: Exert your kindness where it can be of the most use. Consider anything or anyone who considers themselves ‘perfection or not in need of anything’ and exert  your energy in another direction.

This sign is a reminder to remove rose colored glasses and know, that you are not doing anyone any favors by extending yourself the way that you are. While you are Definitely in the ‘right’ vibration, be sure that intention is read in credible manners. Allow others to take responsibility for themselves first.

If you feel cold feelings from others, these feelings may be accurate. But you are not to directly express judgment to persons, as to allow benefit of doubt first, but internally holding true to what you feel for right now. The thoughts that you think may be accurate but you are not to act on every thought you have at this time.

No matter who they are, you are to use your own happiness to illuminate your experiences the way you wish to experience them. The Igloo is a source of Coldness or lack of warmth and welcome environment or disconnect from others, which may be necessary at this time. If you do not want others to label you, you are not to label others. If you do not wish for others to tell you what to do and how to go about doing it, you are not to teach others how to be, yourself. We are not above others, and others are not above us. Whatever you teach others, will be reflected back to you. The answers you give will be the answers that you get.

You are to adapt to your own innate wisdom. You are to honor your opinion, respect the opinion of others but not allow it to deter that of your own. Even though everything seems to resonate or/and relate to you, doesn’t mean you have to become involved with all of it, as you have the power to choose.

You are a unique matter of the world, from the creator. Use your inner source, and stay on a path and in alignment of your own beliefs, while you listen to and respect the views of others.

The Igloo, is a symbolic representation that you are stepping into your own personal power and you are to be fully and completely proud of that and/or whom you are becoming. As this is modified according to your personal truths, and an expression of the belief that you have within yourself.

The Igloo is also a reminder that if you have feelings to seclude yourself from particular practicums or individuals, then this feeling may be right. You are not delusional to step into your feelings every once in a while, as these feelings lead to the avoidance of dangers and faults and is therefore forethought on how to avoid, humiliation, trepidation,  being blindsided, or anxieties etc.

You are to use your instincts at this time. Your instincts are teaching you about your environment. Honor it. Say and express what you feel in a way that is fair to yourself and all involved, including yourself. Be unbiased in your approach to all who enter your path.

Use your uniqueness and assert it wherever you are.  You are to create your element. Instead of seeking for it to be presented to you. Be independent and there will be opportunities that are fair and unbiased to be presented for you to be interdependent. You are confidently asserting your charisma, uniqueness and abilities. Whatever you are doing to truly stand in your power looks good on you. Don’t build things based on fear, instead, build them from a sense of providence for yourself, the world and all around you.

Use your source and walk confidently in it! New environments are forthcoming, so that you can and will further spread your wings and fly!


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Angel-Confirmation Number 574

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: *Media + Egyptian Healing*: Angel number 574 is a message that the upcoming or changes happening at present are a condition of your positive thoughts and intentions as well as the responsibility of the angels, given to you as gifts from heaven.

These changes *Happening or forthcoming* Have a lot to do with your spiritual faith. Know that if you have been working on bettering your spiritual environment or spirit-based project, you now have the help. Know that someone will enter your life at this time. Whether this is a business partner, relationship or friendship.

It is possible that at this time you may spend more time in nature. Enjoy the peace you will feel as you do. Take chances on your ideas, listen to your intuition for direction, see where it will take you. Shake off any weary or dreadful feelings, as these aren’t reflections of who you are. Pay attention to the phases of the moon or planets at this time. As they too, make up a part of how we experience life in this world.

Pay attention to your astrological sign, and follow your intuition as to where you receive interpretations in regards to your sign or astro-chart. Each day deserves new wisdom. As it is a day we have not seen arrive yet before. Gain new clarity each day. Give up sabotage from yourself or from others towards yourself.

Know that changes entering your life you will be grateful for and these will be anchoring changes, meaning or interpreted for your long term benefit. Be direct when you seek clarity, as you can always be open to receiving enlightenment in whichever direction it may come about.

Yes, it is your responsibility to take care of your own well-being. Do not allow anyone to ‘diagnose’ how or what you feel without your request for them to do so. Know that when things seem a little one-sided or all bad news ‘doom’. The interpreter has something to do with it. There is always balance in every situation. While there are some situations where they seem to only go in favor of one direction, know that these situations have much to do with how the energy is being directed and is a sign from the Universal energies to pull us from situations that we do not belong.

Our beliefs about how life ‘really is’, can persuade anything. But we are each responsible for how we use our power to persuade. Something has changed. Something has shifted, and this is for your good.

5+7+4=16 & 1+6=7 Your spiritual aspects elevates at this time. We are each of a Spiritual nature, being created from Divine/God. Look forward to heightened thoughts and awareness. Insight comes your way at this time, take heed to it and be open-minded.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consultant *Media + Egyptian Healing*

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Angel-Confirmation Number 78

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant *Media Consulting + Egyptian Healing*: The Number 78 is a message that you are feeling that all is well in your life right now. Take note that, things are beginning to change. You are stepping into your own light on a different level. You’re beginning to see your own greatness. And standing powerfully and humbly in who you truly are.

Repeating number 78 is a message that, things are changing so that you can excel in your endeavors. You have it within you to achieve big and great things. You will welcome some new found enlightenment into your life. You will welcome some harmonious energy into your life in an abundant way.

Continue to be grateful for your blessings as there is more to come. Recognize angels around you and messages from your guides. As they are prevalent at this time. And these are for your highest good. Fortunate events are forthcoming. Or, they are already unfolding in your life at present.

Feel empowered by the changes that are happening in your life at this time. Forthcoming changes will be both exciting and inspiring. You will begin to achieve some of your biggest dreams or ordeals. Fears are falling away at this time and you are beginning to recognize your true power and authority in the spirit realm and world.

Do know that you learn from what you fear, or your obstacles. And that even though things are getting better, what comes after these blessings are further changes so that you can continue to graduate forward. Know that it is the intention of higher powers and God himself to get you going in a powerful new direction.

Let everything run it’s course. Remember to go with the flow. It is natural and normal to forget our place in the spirit world or the universe. But, kindly remind yourself of your spiritual origins. Begin to moderate all that you do. It is time to look ahead now. You are beginning to understand what it truly means to be YOU.

Continue to make decisions that resonate with you. Continue to manifest in your own unique way, through affirmation and begin to open your eyes to the truth about situations. Your home life becomes more balanced at this time. As opposed to what it was prior.

Speak and bare love and light. Remember that the world without you right now or before it’s time, is like heaven without it’s light. Beautiful things will begin to happen to you and in your life. If you are at a difficult time right now and you see this number, recognize the messages herein as prophecy for the change and the best that is yet to come. When messages come from God, they are always for your highest good. It is us as humans whom look to the reality or logic way of things or situations.

Know that your good is possible. If you feel good things about forthcoming events or changes, know that this is very spot on and it is time for this new beginning. If you feel a sense of fear or trepidation, determine whether you are dwelling on what ifs as opposed to God’s reality about the situation. All Good and Love comes from Heaven. When we begin to think matters as to how we see them, in one perspective, it is rather difficult to feel empowered and uplifted, because we are looking at what is rather than what is to come. Often our current situations aren’t what it’s going to be. Often our situations are good and we question this good as though, good or bad exists. It is safe to concern but do not dwell on your concerns or matters about life.

All things change in their own timing. You can always Ask God to move things for your highest good. But never earlier than his will which is to unfold in your life. Do not fear closing or opening doors. As these changes are for your good, no matter how they look upon time of arrival. Change can often cause us to fear. Cause us to feel amazed or often cause us to question what is coming into our lives. But do not worry. 78 Is a reminder that changes to come are for your happiness and well being.

Remember God makes no mistakes.

Connect to God in all that you are.

7+8=15 & 1+5=6 The number 6 in this setting symbolizes, family and home life and it is a message that things are about to get a whole lot better, however it was before, that’s how good it’s set to become. So if there are any circumstances in your life right now, that have not been at peace in your life, this is all about to change.

Congrats on new things happening in your life, continue to move forward. Always remember to give credit to yourself first of all and the rest will follow, no matter what.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consultant *Media + Egyptian Healing*

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Angel-Confirmation Number 497

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: (Media + Egyptian Healing) Angel number 497 is a message of congratulatory! Letting you know that best is yet to come and you are Divinely walking in the vibration of your abilities and destiny. You will receive the foresight, forethought and foreknowledge in order to make the appropriate steps in regards to your fate.

You are stepping into your Divine self in a current project or chapter of your life. You are to keep moving forward and look ahead with grace and gratitude for what the future holds and what the past has taught you. Open your heart to the miracles flowing your way. Know that love is always available in all that you undertake. Always look to the core of things or situations and find the love involved in making it possible.

New is set to enter your life, and you are well ready, prepared and opened in order to receive the forthcoming blessings. Know that every meaningful prayer we make is manifested and prayers are always heard, even if what we have asked for comes about in a different way. Know that the angels are assisting in the beckoning of these goals being met. Know that your highest good is always sought after in everything you wish, hope or pray for. Observe and receive as things work out in miraculous and unexpected ways.

We are each a description of God and A story being told through him and him through us. Open up to discovering which part of the story he is telling through you. Always walk away when you cannot deliver your emotions in a graceful and respectful manner. Do not express yourself until you are for sure, balanced and prepared to do so. Know that you are loved. Even when it feels that the love has been neglected.

You are special and unique, or rare in your own right. Know that everything you need will be provided for you, so focus on your goals so that they will be achieved. Know that prosperity is something that is effortless and is automatic when you are working in alignment with the reason you are here (purpose). You are shining your light and are encouraged to keep doing so.

You are trusted, highly sought after, or respected for a very special reason. When you are in a Divine vibration you attract more of the energy (Divine) to you. You are one with your goals, and they are one with you.

4+9+7=20= 2 Empowered! The Number two in this setting, is a symbolic message that these changes or blessings will bring balance into your life, and brings with it many stable aspects. You are encouraged to continue taking the initiative and strive for the very best of your goals and that you are meant to do in this world.

Also see the number 2


Quornesha S. 

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House Finch (Haemorhous mexicanus) Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: The house finch is symbolic of harmony and the home life. It is a reminder that the angels of abundance and harmony are always near you. Any life lessons you may have recently experienced are for your highest and greatest good. You are encouraged that even though things or situations are intense you will be content and at peace once again.

You are loved beyond what you can measure by Divine. The spirit realm and world is always understanding of the human existence and experience. And is aware of what it takes to be in your shoes. You are on your mission and Divine/God would like to remind you of this at this time.

You are in the right space and time in your life right now. Although things seem displaced, you are reminded that when you are working passionately and from the vibrations of your highest thought form, it is wise to refuel as best you know how. You do not need to worry of your future or where you are at present. The sun is beginning to shine in your chart once again, after tests and trials.

If there are any goals you need met at this time. you are being asked to take time out and write out what is required at this time. The accurate question would be to ask, “What is it that I can ask the angels to provide for me at this time, as they need not money or other resources to achieve it. Know that your finances will begin to flow in the prosperous direction it is aligned to flow in.

Know that you will begin to heal from any spiritual illnesses you may feel at this time. Things are beginning to run their course in your life, which indicates endings and conclusions. You are being appreciated at this time, and you are to accept this commendation. You are reminded that the angels have not abandoned you to any degree, although it may feel or seem that you are walking alone.

You will begin to focus your energy and time toward what is more accurate. Notice the heightened level of your intuition or messages being presented to you at this time. You have no reason to fear or doubt your path. Pay attention to Déjà vu’s happening in your life and around you.

Heaven is answering a lump sum amount of your prayers at this time. Be prepared for new futures to unfold for you at this time. Pay attention to dreams, visions or plans that come about ‘out of the blue’. Be patient with yourself. Be attentive to inner intuition. At this time you will become more involved in teaching on a subject rather than learning.

When you become overwhelmed with your work, it is a message to regenerate your energy. Take time out to care for your energy and your mind. If meditation does not work, it is time to surrender some work or projects as it may indeed be too much for you to carry at this time.

The House Finch promises that your home life and finances will begin to flow in the direction you hope.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Scottish Black Face Sheep Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Seeing the black faced sheep in your waking life, dreams, visions or synchronicity is a message directly from heaven that Your worries, concerns, issues or prayers have been heard. It is also a reminder to surrender your fears to heaven so that they can easily be overcome.

Your needs will be cared for and honored at this time. You have entered a new chapter in your life. Now is the time, to continue and further empower gratitude in your life. Know that as these blessings come into your life, something else will be clearing or completing.

These blessings are to be expressed in your surroundings, with those you love, and in the direction you feel passionate and called to be of benefit. There will be more than enough blessings to save, spend and increase.

A personal dream is set to be realized at this time. Someone/Something magnificent is set to shift and walk into your life. Know that there are many more blessings ahead for you. As you face any new challenges, know that you will have the wisdom, determination, confirmation and support to follow through. Know that you will be provided for all that you require to move forward. Everything is going according to the ‘masters’ plan for your life.

You have stepped into a whole new you. And you are in the atmosphere of change and progression. Believe in your blessings by commending and acknowledging how long you’ve had to go to arrive where you are.

Knowing you deserve every blessing, contentment makes way for more. You will receive further confirmation as you need them, per your intuition, per synchronicity. Know that you are on the right path in all ways. Blessings are entering your life at this time.

You can assure yourself with forthcoming signs of confirmation, that all is happening as it should, when it should. All will be provided, all you need to do, is lead the way, and shine your light.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Angel-Confirmation Number 828

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant (Egyptian Healer: The number 828 is a message that you have reached a conclusion as well as a new beginning. One door is closing, as another is taking it’s place. 828 Is a message that you are here for a very important reason. Your reason for being here may involve being of service to others in a higher capacity than you may think; And to many.

828 Is a message of natural born leaders. You are here to teach others of their legacy, spirituality, and where they are headed in their lives. Your purpose is very pertinent at this time and you are being asked to put into action, the steps you are guided to make.

You will not only achieve your dreams, you will excel them. It is an auspicious time to affirm and declare your future and the path you want or hope for it to go. It is of importance to speak with Divine in your mind at all times, let go of situations that cause you to worry, fear or regret. Know that you are blessed and you will feel empowered to take on the next steps which are to be presented into your life at this time.

It is time to pray about a dream that you believe in. It is time to surrender every situation that has concerned you. Remember and acknowledge that all things happen for a reason. Know that you are not alone in your lifetime. Know that you are loved by legions of energies from the beyond.

There is much work assigned for you to do in your lifetime. Which may involve being of service to others. You may have experienced many things falling apart in your life and many blessings entering your life at some point. Know that you deserve every blessing you receive. Whether you are the one who initiates them or, they be given to you from others.

It is now time to look forward as things are beginning to shift at present, especially in the financial and career aspects. Know that as one door shuts, another will open. You are predestined for something great, to do many great things in the world and you have help from heaven, aiding you, to do so.

It is now a new chapter in your life, and you can look forward to new beginnings. Look forward to financial increase and supporters from around the world to aid you in your cause(s).

God surrounds you with his love and light. Know that no weapon formed will ever prosper. Know that blessings overdue are now forthcoming. Be receptive to your miracles. Know that you have learned your lessons fair and you have learned them well. Know that it is okay to shed a few tears as you move through any challenges, but know that it is also more than okay to smile about where you are going.

Listen to the good spirits that are aiding you in your life from the spirit realm. Whenever there is judgement from a ‘spirit’ of any kind. These spirits are not of love and support. It is okay to set boundaries and limitations for how you will listen to the messages and put them into actions in your life, as you are the person, who has to live out the story that comes along with it.

Know that when the number 828 reappears to you repeatedly it is a message that, right now, you are coveting your spiritual or earthly inheritances. Take caution and wish or think wisely. No matter what anyone says, always follow your own path. And constantly forgive yourself of your past, even if no one else will. It is a time to keep silent and a time to speak up. Ask Divine to help you learn from your past, move on from it and never repeat it again.

8+2+8=18 & 1+8=9 The Divine realm will watch over you at this time and during your lifetime. Know that you can expect many changes and know that these will all be blessings for you. Learn to speak life over the life, you have to live. Live well and prosper.

Practice your authenticity in all that you do.

See also the Number 9



Quornesha S. 

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Psychic Consultant Quornesha S. 


Angel-Confirmation Number 341

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant; The Number 341 is a message from the Angels and the Ascended masters that they are currently in charge of a new beginning or change happening in your life at this time. Know that these are blessings, that are to come about or to occur in your life at this time.

Know that your life will take a positive change on the social front. You will find that your circles’ are harmoniously balanced. Know that you will find peace in your surroundings. Be at peace with your life in every way. Be at peace with your pace, and the flow of the order of your life.

You an expect your financial aspects or money to flow with ease, and relatively. Know that right now is a very prosperous and abundant time for you. You can be assured that many blessings, in all ways and areas or forms will begin to flow easily and effectively in your life.

You will not have to concern yourself with issues, know that every issue and concern is only temporary. Do not be a victim of pain. You’re walking in alignment of purpose and the power of your authentic intentions. Know that your vibrations are high at this time, and you feel balanced in your life for a reason. Even if that reason may not be prevalent to you as of yet. Know that all is happening for a Divine specific purpose and intention.

You are strong for a reason, you go through things for a reason, you succeed for a reason, you fail at certain things for a reason, you end things for a reason, you begin things for a reason. Every reason has a season, it too, has come to pass.

Know that nothing is permanent, know that your blessings today, you will outgrow them and will move onto new ones. Know that you will be empowered and uplifted at this time. Know that you will feel encouragement from the universe and others, more importantly, turn every compliment you’d like to express towards yourself.

Begin to love who you are, who you TRULY are. Flaws and all. Accept the gifts that you have innate within you. Know that the old is old for a reason, and what’s new is new for a reason. Know that you are stepping into your greatness and you are encouraged to feel good about the work which you are doing in the world.

Make authentic desires or hopes and dreams at this time. Be rid of negative thinking and surrender your fears, if only for today. Just let them all be as they are.

It is now time for a new chapter in your life. And the universal energies, God, The Angels, Ascended masters, energies of heaven are all provided and there with you, to be of courage to you through these changes. Be assured you will prosper, you’ve had your past failures for a reason, every door closed (those that closed) for a reason. As well as the doors that are preparing to open for you, are opening for a reason.

3+4+1=8 Know that your spirit will feel at ease about many things at once, at this time. Know that blessings of many kinds and opportunities will be offered and received by you at once at this time in your life. Continue your kindness, generosity or whichever work you do in the world. Know that it is now of benefit to you and others. Know that you do things your own way, for a reason.

Also see the Number 8


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Psychic Consultant Quornesha S. 

Blessed, Be.

Angel-Confirmation Number 226

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: 226 Is a message to harmonize your surroundings and combat gossip by taking a look at your own misfortunes or life happenings and allow your compassion to flow towards those around you.

You are encouraged to take a positive stance in regards to your home life, and your career and finances. Make sure that all is falling into place in the right ways by taking the active measures and steps to align your future and present for where you would like for it to go.

By taking a look at your own life happenings you will begin to focus your energy towards making the impossible, possible. When you are at peace and happy in your life, there isn’t room to be negative or bring others down. When you allow your judgments to flow in the directions of your own errors or ways, instead of participating in gossip, you allow and teach others to do the same around you. Even though they may not undertake the actions, right away.

You will be recognized in some way, for your efforts, work or purpose. Let go of constraints. And be grateful for your earthly rewards. Practice abundant thinking and know that every moment presents a blessing. When you choose to be light and positive the word spreads in a positive manner.

Know that you will be able to express yourself and your concerns in a remarkable way when the number 226 repeats itself into your life, whether, waking, through dreams, visions or synchronicity.

Know that your purpose empowers diplomacy and equality or justice for all involved. Gracefully accept your recognition, as it too, is a part of the journey. We easily talk about pain, as though this is natural and normal. Be that it may, make greatness a new reality. Know that for every failure there is potential for success, for every hardship there is a lesson. For every blessing, there is a test. Know that you are being rewarded for the work you are doing in the world.

Celebrate every victory, as you have done ‘like so’ for every pain. Continue to shine your light as you are walking in alignment with your Divine Life Mission and purpose in your life.

Be yourself through mistakes, blessings and everything else. They are all, what makes you uniquely you. Stand in the light of your UNIQUENESS And trust, God has a Divine plan for you.

2+2+6=10 & 1+0= 1 Is highly empowered, New beginnings await you when you see the number 226. Take note of it’s presence in the forms of Synchronicity, Dreams, Visions and Otherwise.

See also the number 1


Quornesha S. 

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