Happy & Thriving

Channeled By Quornesha S. Intuitive Medium Healer; I don’t have some ideal life I absolutely must live out in my lifetime. Ideal friends, relationships, home or fancy-schmancy car that I would like to drive. I feel inspired by owners of farm houses, mobile homes, etc. There’s nothing wrong with having a big home, and all the lavishness that one may desire. I’m just saying those things won’t make or keep me happy.

If I showed you my dream board, which I will NOT! I believe in everything I want, but What I don’t believe is telling others what you’re going to do before it gets done.  You’ll see exactly what I am speaking about. Although I’m YET to be where I want to be in the material aspects, things like owning my home, having my own transportation as opposed to renting a vehicle half the time.

I truly understand the Gospel song that refutes the Mansion on top of the hill. For me, it’s a little bit different. I say I’d rather be happy than to treasure silver and gold. Store a home with 17 bedrooms which I may not have as many people over, nor ever use in my lifetime. Again, there’s nothing wrong with wanting this lifestyle. It’s not for me, though. And I’m taking recognition to identifying who I truly am and what I actually want, as opposed to living out some lifestyle for the sake of approval, appearance, relations or friendship.

Once Again, I don’t have some ideal social circle of friends, of colleagues etc that I must live out. At the end of the day, I know for sure that these things or supposed luxuries will not make or keep me happy. At times I just want to be away from the world and people in general. I’m very sociable although. I make well with others. But when It’s time to leave the party, per, my desire to do so. I’d rather be able to do so.

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What will make me happy? Only I know for sure! I’m receptive to constant, yet productive and empowering change always. Because I’m always seeking more. When I achieve success in a project or endeavor, I always seek for more. Not because I ain’t satisfied with the life I live, but because, It is the best that has happened to me YET!

So ask me if any material thing or supposed status will bring me closer to my dreams, and I will tell you no. To me, Money is energy/resource, food is energy/resource, the home you live in is energy/resource, the car you drive is energy/resource. These are necessities so that we do not have to derive our living solely dependent upon someone else. With energy, you can always detach from it. Including material possessions. We are not born super glued to the things we maintain in our lives. We are free to give them up always!

There’s nothing that has authority nor power over me to delegate or run my life according to their own expectations or ideals. I believe happiness to be living life fully, doing things that matter to me. Which is what I always do. Having the resources and energy to use those resources. Consistent working powerfully in  what I am called here to do.

My happiness is simple…to enjoy life with those I actually care about, sharing my experience with those who feel inspired by the life I live and the legacy that I am here to fulfill. Among other beautiful things. Should you be looking in from the outside, hello! To thrive and Be tremendously happy is what I aim for. My ideal of a happy life is to have a peaceful home *among other things* and to vacation to the noise as much as leave it, as I damn well, please.

Yes, I am open to my Destiny. I am open to my purpose & legacy. Which neither are mediocre nor to the alignment of what others want for themselves. In my future, EVEN RIGHT NOW, I see myself doing positive and empowering things with my prosperous and abundant resources, which brings happiness to myself and followers of my cause/legacy.

P.S I love and admire, Tiny/Medium Houses.

Blessed Be, 

Quornesha S. 

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Angel-Confirmation Number 574

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: *Media + Egyptian Healing*: Angel number 574 is a message that the upcoming or changes happening at present are a condition of your positive thoughts and intentions as well as the responsibility of the angels, given to you as gifts from heaven.

These changes *Happening or forthcoming* Have a lot to do with your spiritual faith. Know that if you have been working on bettering your spiritual environment or spirit-based project, you now have the help. Know that someone will enter your life at this time. Whether this is a business partner, relationship or friendship.

It is possible that at this time you may spend more time in nature. Enjoy the peace you will feel as you do. Take chances on your ideas, listen to your intuition for direction, see where it will take you. Shake off any weary or dreadful feelings, as these aren’t reflections of who you are. Pay attention to the phases of the moon or planets at this time. As they too, make up a part of how we experience life in this world.

Pay attention to your astrological sign, and follow your intuition as to where you receive interpretations in regards to your sign or astro-chart. Each day deserves new wisdom. As it is a day we have not seen arrive yet before. Gain new clarity each day. Give up sabotage from yourself or from others towards yourself.

Know that changes entering your life you will be grateful for and these will be anchoring changes, meaning or interpreted for your long term benefit. Be direct when you seek clarity, as you can always be open to receiving enlightenment in whichever direction it may come about.

Yes, it is your responsibility to take care of your own well-being. Do not allow anyone to ‘diagnose’ how or what you feel without your request for them to do so. Know that when things seem a little one-sided or all bad news ‘doom’. The interpreter has something to do with it. There is always balance in every situation. While there are some situations where they seem to only go in favor of one direction, know that these situations have much to do with how the energy is being directed and is a sign from the Universal energies to pull us from situations that we do not belong.

Our beliefs about how life ‘really is’, can persuade anything. But we are each responsible for how we use our power to persuade. Something has changed. Something has shifted, and this is for your good.

5+7+4=16 & 1+6=7 Your spiritual aspects elevates at this time. We are each of a Spiritual nature, being created from Divine/God. Look forward to heightened thoughts and awareness. Insight comes your way at this time, take heed to it and be open-minded.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consultant *Media + Egyptian Healing*

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Angel-Confirmation Number 41

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant (Egyptian Healer + Media + Personal Consultations) Angel number 41 is message to be accepting of forthcoming changes that come about in unprecedented ways. Ways you do not expect to come about, but are in alignment with the requests you have set out to the universe.

41 Is a reminder that we are setting out meaningful affirmations, work, and thoughts out into the universe. When in doubt, know that you are never alone among your changes. 41 is a reminder that these are requests you have made and asked for. Whatever good you are experiencing, is authentic and it is as real as it has ever been.

Light the way along your journey. The Steps you are taking are right for you! How much you will be happy depends on how much you are willing to be authentic in the choices you make in your life. You have your own circle of people who celebrate you, and love you deeply for exactly who they see, that you are.

Pay attention to the signs that come about for you right now. As they may come through nature, the signs and synchronicity around you and through waking life experiences or dreams. We are each intuitive in our own way! We are connected where we are planted. If you are a musician, you may find that you connect to other musicians and can relate to their intuitive notations. This is considered synchronicity. When a thought you think matches what another thinks. We may also consider it as ‘Great minds, thinking alike” We are each powerful in our own right.

It is important to release and detach from fears as you are manifesting right now and will need to manifest what is pure, and wholesome for your future, and present needs. Everything has a reason for existing. Including our pasts. These times have come and gone for a reason. Each insecurity one may feel, they all exist for very important reasons. Each fear one may sense, exists for very important reasons. When you get into the source you may discover that these instances are not one’s fault at all. but are reflections of past Life occurrences and happenings.

It is time to make declarations about ourselves, and what we as individuals truly desire. You are a part of your family’s history but you are your own unique person. It may be time to do inward research through prayer and meditation to bring the answers into your life in miraculous ways. When you receive the answers to whatever standing in your way, you are able to move forward. Do not judge the past. More importantly always seek to go further than your present moment and look forward to a more abundant future for yourself and your ordeals.

Assure yourself as well, that you are on the right track, in perfect time, space and activity. You have broadened your faith or beliefs and are prepared for the next steps along your journey/path. If there is anything in your life that you are hoping to correct or better, do not fear upheaval or change, as it is vital for the results that you seek.

4+1=5 Expect changes to occur in your life in ways that you have expected and prayed for, in unexpected measures.

Also see the number 5


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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The Symbolic Meaning of Combined Colors

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: The Symbolic Meaning of Combined Colors in your waking life, dreams, or synchronicity.

Orange & Purple: Creativity, Passions, Purpose, Enlightenment

Orange is a representation of your thought processes. When you are in a time of expression, it is auspicious to use the color orange. When you combine the color purple with it, it generates philosophy and prudence.

Purple & Yellow: When empowered in the right directions and aligned with your purpose, it can help manifest recognition for your work and your cause.

Purple & Yellow: A Representation of power, resolve, illumination, enlightenment, empowerment, blessings forthcoming, Purple is a symbolism of royalty, grace & elegance, when combined with the color yellow this meaning is empowered. Yellow is the color of loyalty,  light, and purifying energy.

Black & Yellow: Black and Yellow together generates a sense or appearance of opulence and is therefore a substitute for the color gold.

Black & Yellow: A representation of power, Light and nothingness, potential & thought. Black can be used to balance out energy and vibrations to stay grounded or humble. While yellow will help to boost your inner resolve and help you to boost the way you convey your messages to the world.


White & Purple: Is symbolism of purity and grace. When combined together, it generates a feeling of ease in mind, body and spirit and conveys inner knowing or intuition.

White & Purple is beneficial to anyone who seeks excellence, in any degree or to any level. When you are creating your visions or visualizing what you want to do, use the color purple and white: IE; Candles, scarves, or purple and white paper, etc. Purple and white exceeds and is often in resonance with the number 4 and creating what you truly want. Purple & white encourages you to dream really big.

Green & Gold/Silver: Adding Gold or Silver with the color green is a representation of automatic success and prosperity in whatever you are doing. Seeing these colors is a message/Prophecy of Financial Stability and knowingness.

Green Combined with Gold is infinite wealth and financial well being. Green combined with Silver, is a balance of your higher thoughts about money or material gains and possessions. Silver and Gold combats negative vibrations associated with receiving and spending money. Know that your finances will be increased and maintained with these colors in sync with each other.

Black & Red: The colors black and red denotes balance of passions, and purpose. It also denotes, a balance of past and future lives. It is an expression of power/mediumship. Whatever you are meant to be doing you are meant to do it in an immense way or capacity. You have a lot of lessons within you, from the past or mistakes you have made.

Black denotes intuition in this case as Red denotes fire. Whatever you’re meant to do in the world you were meant to do it in an empowering and uplifting/authentic way.

Black & Gold: Black and Gold represents opulence, extreme wealth and overall stability in mind, body and soul. You are resonating at your highest vibration and living in the vibrations of potential, into doing.

Black & Gold Combined assures wealth, assures success, and assures acclaim and victory

Silver & Gold: Silver & Gold: Too much focus on material things. Can also represent celebrations. But will need to be balanced out and maintained or grounded. Silver is a representation of higher light and realm while Gold is more prestigious and is a color of Heaven.

Gold & Silver combined sends a message to Balance out emotions or intentions, they may be too focused or overwhelming.

Red & Purple: Red & Purple combined is a message from the Divine realm of All love for what you are doing in the world. Know that all of your needs and requirements will be met as you travel well along your journey.

Red & Purple together is a message of love. Love from yourself and those around you.

Purple & Gold: Purple and Gold combined is confirmation from the Universe that you are supported and it represents stability of your spiritual purpose. You are fully aligned with your cause, purpose and intentions in an authentic way.

Gold & purple Together equals legacy and the completion of your dreams with positive determinations.


Gold & Red represents fire, passion and achievements and is a reflection of the fire Pheonix. Be assured that you will walk Divinely into your blessings and achievements gracefully. You will put away fears and doubts and overcome negativity quickly.

Gold and Red Together represents the dragon & and Emperial realms of heaven and earth. You will find treasures and your achievements will not be overlooked.


More colors are to come…


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Angel-Confirmation Number 45

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Angel number 45 Is a message from heaven that, as of right now you are facing many changes at once. You have a lot going for yourself, either right now or behind the scenes. Either way, it is a prosperous and abundant time.

Know that any pauses or delays will soon end and you will come into the fruition of progress and renewal. Know that delays or changes to plans are only challenges for you to overcome. Right now is an auspicious time to set out authentic and realistic commands or expectations from the Universe on your behalf.

In which case, ask yourself, “Am I doing what i am doing at present, for the right reasons, the right cause? Am I involved in situations that benefit my life right now and forward? It is a time to sit with yourself and ask these questions, by doing so you will gain clarity and wisdom from the higher self and higher realms.

Ego can be both positive and negative, negative thoughts accumulate from the ego. As much as positive thoughts, our minds are made up many aspects. Not only our brain(s). It is now a positive time to clear habits, worries, fears, doubts and concerns to generate clarity so that the mind is open and receiving new wisdom, daily.

It is important to not argue with others at this time. As much of the energy may be from this time and space of the ego. Do not intervene when others are ranting, as you are allowed to do the same when it is necessary.

Anyone can make suggestions as to what is possible for you, but what matters is what is right for you at this time. Know that when anything happens to you or you make certain mistakes, it is aligned according to your blue print and was a destined lesson.

Our pasts repeat in our minds as much as automatic negative thoughts are accumulated from the ego, a space where all things are held onto. Because we have not maintained our past. It is time to place things into direct order, time and space. Do not look upon your pasts. Look upon the successes you have today and be thankful of your blessings. Reflect upon someone who may be less fortunate than you, and then return your focus forward.

Know that when you are in the vibration of your purpose, opportunities effortlessly flow your way. When you are in the vibration of the ego, things seem or appear confusing and you begin to fear. Your confidence is of great importance for the work you must do in the world. Learn to play, and let go of ‘serious’ constraints or convictions within your spirit that are unnecessary and stubborn.

Right now you are in an opportune window to review yourself in all ways and let go and loose yourself of old habits. Know that what you want wants you, especially when it is aligned with your destiny/calling/or purpose.

Right now, any changes you make or happening in your life, will be for your immediate and long-term well being. Cleanse and clear your aura, through yourself, your healer of choice, or in the Divine essence itself. Choose where you will focus your energy and allow your soul to breathe, and make it’s own mistakes. There are lessons to be taught where you have fallen.

Be ready to aim and score.

See also the Number 9


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Scottish Black Face Sheep Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Seeing the black faced sheep in your waking life, dreams, visions or synchronicity is a message directly from heaven that Your worries, concerns, issues or prayers have been heard. It is also a reminder to surrender your fears to heaven so that they can easily be overcome.

Your needs will be cared for and honored at this time. You have entered a new chapter in your life. Now is the time, to continue and further empower gratitude in your life. Know that as these blessings come into your life, something else will be clearing or completing.

These blessings are to be expressed in your surroundings, with those you love, and in the direction you feel passionate and called to be of benefit. There will be more than enough blessings to save, spend and increase.

A personal dream is set to be realized at this time. Someone/Something magnificent is set to shift and walk into your life. Know that there are many more blessings ahead for you. As you face any new challenges, know that you will have the wisdom, determination, confirmation and support to follow through. Know that you will be provided for all that you require to move forward. Everything is going according to the ‘masters’ plan for your life.

You have stepped into a whole new you. And you are in the atmosphere of change and progression. Believe in your blessings by commending and acknowledging how long you’ve had to go to arrive where you are.

Knowing you deserve every blessing, contentment makes way for more. You will receive further confirmation as you need them, per your intuition, per synchronicity. Know that you are on the right path in all ways. Blessings are entering your life at this time.

You can assure yourself with forthcoming signs of confirmation, that all is happening as it should, when it should. All will be provided, all you need to do, is lead the way, and shine your light.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Angel-Confirmation Number 107

Channeled by Quornesha S. Clairvoyant Medium + Egyptian Healer: The Number 107 is a message and assurance that you are on the right path, right now in your life. Give up the doubts within your mind and continue to move forward. Accept your blessings and be rid of all doubts. Know that no situation will ever be perfect. Give and show gratitude for blessings that enter your life.

Blessings in disguise: Know that whatever isn’t going right at this time, has come about for a very special purpose and has presented to teach you a message that you can use. It is time to stop focusing on the flaws of a situations, person or even yourself.

Mind-Body-Spirit: You are suggested to make the changes you have in mind that you know will be of benefit to you. DO your research before you take any leaps. Right now, you are centered and making decisions that will benefit you for the present, the future and in between. Know that you are being honored in some way. Continue to use your positive nature and stray from negative thoughts.

Choosing and being, selective with your thoughts: We all think in all ways, but it is the thoughts, that you give the most power to that wins. Use your energy in a loving way towards yourself, when you use your energy in ways that benefit you. Others will observe and will wonder how you are doing so.

Do not judge yourself, and do not judge others: Refrain from judging your situations and that of others. Focus upon your own path, do not worry about what others are doing. Do not worry about what is wrong in them nor what is wrong within yourself.

Focus upon what is flowing. Put your energy toward positives in your life. Life has both ups and downs. But it is what you choose to dwell upon that matters. what you Dwell upon is what you choose to accept.

Positive: Focus on the light of others and encourage their positives. If you discover that their energy is too much, you have the power to step aside and go where your own energy will not feel depleted or absolved of all it’s light.

Valuing yourself: The best interactions are often energies that help you feel like your presence mattered, even if nothing is rendered from your giving or otherwise. When you feel oppressed, do you think these are valuable situations for you to continue being a part of? You must decide for yourself.

Creating Space: Your energy is a part of your soul purpose and mission. You must therefore keep it clear and light, as you cannot do anything with a heavy spirit. Get rid of the opinions of others from within yourself, as well as the energies you receive from others about yourself and within yourself that no longer serves you.

Shine your light, without external permission. 

Also see: The Number 1007


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consultant Quornesha S. 

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Decoding The Term: Be Careful What You Wish for!

Inner Knowing/Wisdom: The Term can have several symbolic messages. In a sense it applies to both literal and figuratively.

Elaboration/Decoded Truth: Wishing for rain, could mean that it literally rains in an area you are connected to whether subconsciously or otherwise. In your own world, this could manifest as something going wrong in various ways.

Decode: It can also mean that one’s manifesting abilities are now activated, and you should take care in what you intend out into the world. Whether you are manifesting through reading, writing or affirming. Watch/choose your words very carefully!

Being careful what you wish for’ could also symbolize that you need to consider karma when taking action upon someone else’ behalf. As everything boomerangs 7 fold! Whatever you sow, you will reap!

To release negative wishes or desires that no longer serve you, surrender them!

By taking caution what you wish for you are putting in the care and time necessary for a positive and uplifting spiritual outfit.

Remember everything happens for a reason and all that presents in our lives is a prophecy for you to interpret! Watch your dreams and thoughts. Most importantly, careful what you wish for!

Be careful what you wish for is a reminder, that caution is needed. As whatever you ask for will be given to you. Just because you desire it, does not mean that it will serve you. For example, wanting what others have, or wanting only half of what others have to be successful. Seek your own success and these successes will be identifiable to you. Do not wish for what belongs to others.

If you truly have set goals before you, be sure that they match what is ideally for you. Do everything with intention. What you manifest must be meaningful to reduce any disappointments that may be possible.

Do not wish your life away to get rid of problems. Instead declare and decree, that situations leave your life to be replaced with new ones, if they do not serve you. Do not wish that others were better. Instead ask that you see things in a positive aspect, such as; Being accepting of who they are, and respectfully minding your own business, unless you are asked for your opinion or perspective.

Being careful what you wish for, can also consist of taking active steps. Being certain that You truly want whatever you are working for. If you work for goals that do not really resonate with you, or your spiritual beliefs, the steps become meaningless. Do not be defined by others, always define yourself, according to what you truly want. Do not allow anyone to wish upon your life. Be careful who you take advice from and do not apply it to your life in a gullible manner.

You are to be sure that what you receive totally resonates with you. It is imperative that you not procrastinate in doing what you want to do. Do not feel intimidated by the impatience of others. Even if they mean well. You are the captain of your life. Do not allow anyone to tell you how to go about your life lessons. You are to be receptive to wisdom and listen and when asked, you are to teach.

If you do not want something, firmly stand in your power and do not give power or presence to it in your life.

Through the law of request, we are able to attract or expel what no longer serves us. We are also able to decline what we feel will not take us higher. Be involved with what uplifts you, and become less involved with intentions that bring you down. Do not allow fears to make wishes on your behalf. Lead your fears and be the captain of your own mind. Know that every thought you think isn’t always ‘correct’. As thoughts are particles of energies and vibrations, which are not always positive. Allow your heart and soul to commune with you more, as the mind often accumulates energy from what is reality. Which explains the constant need to do spiritual and meaningful work to balance our emotions, heal and forgive. Etc.

To decode dreams, prophecies and symbolic meanings, visit the site!

Quornesha S.

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