Starfish Symbolic Meaning

Channeled By Quornesha S. Natural Born Intuitive, Medium, Healer & Certified NLP Practitioner *A Hands-on Version of Hypnotherapy: Seeing a Starfish in your waking life, dream world or visions and synchronicities is a sign that things are changing and swiftly. It is emblematic of the ‘The Star’ In Tarot. The Starfish is also commendation for preparation for times ahead.

It suggests that everything is unfolding as it is divinely meant to be. As usual, Your wishes will manifest through these means. Be aware of distractions and take note that nothing at this time will derail you from completing what you have laid out before you. All is working for a higher purpose. A dream/goal will be accomplished.

The starfish reminds you of completion, and that a piece of the puzzle is assured. Your ascended worries or concerns have been received. Things will begin to flow from many directions at this time, so receive all with gratitude and with grace. As these are your blessings that have been a long time coming.

The Angels applaud you for recognizing and acknowledging that all things happen for a reason, *come (about) and end, as much as begin*. To everything, there is cause and effect. It is safe to release things energetically at this time. Begin to move forward in emotional and spiritually. Pay attention to situations that come about that you may not fully approve of, as these are constraints which will soon be released and the repeating of them * in ways you do not approve* is preparation for the time when you will fully release.

Continue watering the seeds you’ve planted as they’ve been well sown. Release the attachment to the past. Know that anything ending or hinting completion is something/someone you should be grateful for and happily move on from. To everything there are seasons. You must acknowledge those seasons or seasonal situations and be prepared to give them up when the time comes. You have the spiritual permission to release.

Know that as you receive the signs, pay attention and get going. Nothing in your past, which you have rightfully overcome, should repeat itself. All that you require, deserve, desire or need will be provided to you now. Accept every blessing, as you never know when a need will arise for that which you are being blessed with. Even though you cannot see the whole trail, leave your bread crumbs, leave your mark wherever you should go.

Continue to plant your seeds, so that they may grow overwhelmingly and more opportunities open up to advance you along the way. Starfish are symbolic of dream life, enlightenment, illumination, receiving or gaining insight, clarity, the Number 5, favorable change, blessings, empowerment, connection with nature, connection with the animal kingdom. It is a message to intuitively take a look around as things are changing for very special reasons. Pay attention to the shift in energy. As this is no mistake, things are surely ‘moving’ for you.

And very quickly.

Be prepared for changes to take place far ahead than you are expecting. Know that sooner or later, you will be very grateful for each blessing that arrived to you in disguise.


Quornesha S. 

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Angel-Confirmation Number 997

Channeled by Quornesha S.| Psychic Medium & Egyptian Healer| Sekhmet + Seichim & Shaktipat Healing| The number 997 is a message that, you are to continue forward along your soul mission and life purpose as you are in the right vibration. While you may ‘pick up’ on certain vibrations, do not look further into them. Let them be as water under the bridge if they aren’t empowering you at this point.

The water under the bridge is free flowing at all times, it is constantly moving. Be empowered to do the same. Stay productive and do not give power or attention to things that aren’t a part of the mission and destiny you are here to serve.

If there’s a conclusion in the works, or leave. This is encouraged, and you are to step divinely and confidently into new opportunities or new doors. The number 997 is a message that things are repeating in your life for a reason, perhaps via deja vu?…These messages are appearing in your dreams, waking life or otherwise for a very important reason.

New horizons abound when the number 997 appears in your life, through any means and it is reassurance that, you will find favor in getting things done more efficiently. At this point you are reminded that something is coming to an end, and you are also reminded that, you aren’t supposed to look too longingly upon that which is ending in your life. Be open and receptive to new entering your life.

Your light-working mission is being fulfilled at this moment. Remember, what we put out into the universe we need it also. Be sure that you are teaching in a way that you, are able to receive also. When we love ourselves, love goes out to the world as a whole, when or if we should dislike or hate ourselves, hate or dislike is sent out into the world also.

You are to keep in mind that all things happen for a reason, and change is inevitable and imperative to see our dreams and visions come into fruition.

You are to stand boldly and confidently. Affirmative and with conviction of the words and prophecies you speak. Let all that you speak be of light, rather than dark. The intention of a light-workers’ work’, is to illuminate and welcome light to individuals and the world at large. Not to spill/spew more dark energy into that.

We are all being acknowledged in some form or another. Every step we take is being recorded, take note that this truth isn’t to deter you from making your own mistakes and living life as you shall freely choose. But to get going, no matter the mistakes you make, on serving your soul mission. You have a lot of work to do. And it is time for you to be in the world as you’ve always meant to be.

Detach from material aspects at this time is necessary. *the need to own some material building to do your work, etc.  You have lying innate within you all that you need to fulfill your soul mission. Otherwise, you wouldn’t feel like there’s something you can do about the things that are going on in this world. You are to use what you already are and have as this is to build and grow powerfully to your favor. If there’s material abundance that is required, this will be provided. Otherwise you need to see things from a different or higher perspective. As what we want isn’t always in alignment with what is necessary/what we need to fulfill our missions in life.

Ask yourself a question, can I sit still for my own inner well being or not? If you cannot you will not be able to help others heal, let alone have the energy or ‘time’, to get things done. Become self-sufficient as that is the purpose of many lightworkers anyway…to teach others to awaken their inner truths so that you are able to shine that same light outwards. We cannot ask others to do what we aren’t doing ourselves. Do not be manipulative. As it ALWAYS, boomerangs back to you.

Through the power of three, what we say, speak or think is tri-fold power, and in the end, the receipt is returned to the sender, to reap what has been sown. Be sure that all you send out is of a positive nature. Whatever you think about others is also about yourself. Remember that, we have the right to discern and judge. Judge actions, not people though. We are here to make things better, one day at a time.

Know that anything you need will be supplied. Everything will come together in the right ways at the right time. Don’t allow anything to dis-empower your uniqueness. Moreover, be cautious of speaking too frivolous. Take caution in who you share your sacred knowledge or wisdom with. Always look for ways where your knowledge and wisdom can be planted and grow into something even more amazing. Live out of YOUR OWN potential, not that of others.

9+9+7=25 & 2+5=7 Your time right now will be focused on spirituality, that of yourself and that of others. You are not to take on the emotions or vibrations of others, no matter if they are having a bad day or not. You deserve to feel respected no matter where you are/go. Use your own inner creativity. There’s a light force inside of you, as well as all of us. Use it!  See also the number 7


Quornesha S. 

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Angel-Confirmation Number 517

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant *Media Consulting + Egyptian Healing*: The number 517 is a reminder that, we are not to ask others to do what we wouldn’t do ourselves. Do not trod upon the feelings or emotions of others. Allow others to use their voice, as there may be some things that are unseen to you, perhaps behind the scenes. You will understand all things in your own timing. Converse with others with respect and do not force your own views onto others.

We are all givers, and we are all receivers. We each have the power to draw the line or end situations that may not be of further use to us. Do not deter others to remain or leave. If it is of use to them to take certain actions let them be. You are not to stand in the way of  the work that God is doing through others. Often times, when we pray for an answer or solutions to our problems, we are the one’s assigned to resolve the issue or situation.

You are not to impose your energy onto others, as though any way, belief or pattern is right for them at this time. We all get exhausted, and you are not to hold anyone to a certain standard, as we are all having a human experience and are allowed to grieve, fret or fear in our own unique way.

Whenever one door closes, another will open. Do not expect others to seek approval from you. Do not expect others to sway to your every intention or advises. we all take exactly what we need and that is all. Do not persuade anyone to keep any habit, whether positive or negative. If this is making them uncomfortable to continue pursuit, allow them, kindly and at a distance to release these constraints.

When we pray for others to change, God Gives them a new mind, when We pray that they have a new mind, God empowers them to stop doing things in certain ways. When we want others to be more loving, they are around a lot more than usual. Take caution to what you ask for through prayer, supplication or wishes. As you get what you ask for every time. However, we can never pray others to be a certain way. All things take place in favor of the person we pray for. Not to our own.

Whenever someone wants to close a door, let them, do not deter them to change their minds. And the same will be allowed to you when you are ready and complete of situations or certain things.

517 Is a reminder of changes. The people around us are changing and we are to be receptive to their changing. And to look upon these changes as blessings to the person who may be changing, whether that is to move on, or be of courage through these changes and emotions.

Know that everything happens for a reason. Know that new beginnings appear for a reason. Do not assume someone is saying something differently than what they intend, when unsure do inner work.

We are each responsible for ourselves, even when we seek the help of others.

5+1+7=13 & 1+3=4 The number 517 is a notation that upheavals are taking place right now, it is time for this change. God is in control of these constraints being lifted and renounced. Although individuals seem unusual during this time, know that these changes are necessary. 517 Is also a number of misinterpreting certain changes or situations. Which too shall pass. 517 Is a kind reminder, that, it is spiritually inappropriate to allow ourselves to openly express and to constrain others. Speak your truths at this time. 517 Is a reminder that changes are coming about, and often unrelated to what we are expecting or interpret. 517 is a reminder that things will become clearer with hindsight. Also see the number 4


Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant 

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Angel-Confirmation Number 937

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: *media consultations + Egyptian Healing*: The Angel/Confirmation Number 937 is a message from the Universal Energies about our angels hearing our prayers. Hearing our desires and integrating them into our destiny. If you cannot have entirely what you want, ask that whatever you are requesting is integrated with the Will that God has for you.

Life isn’t going to be perfect. Make the most of what you have always. Make the most of your blessings, as these will not always be with you. Everything is born and everything dies. Keep this in mind when you are receiving what you want.

Do not concern yourself with what is temporary. As whenever a door shuts, another opens. God wants each of us to be lead to our purpose and his will for us. His one true goal above the others he has for you are, so that you can fulfill your earths mission. With the number 937 appearing in your life right now, this is a reminder that you are loved by the creator.

You are more than love, you are all that the your creator has designed/made you to be. You are asked to remember who you really are. If you do not know as of yet, ask the Universal energies to relay to you the truth about your spiritual nature. It will then be revealed to you. Step into your Divine power at this time.

The Number 937 is a message and reminder that you are a powerful light and force in the universe. Many forces exist, and you are one in your own right. We each have a unique connection with God. It’s time that you discover your own or that you begin to honor what you already know.

You deserve the very best and it is being vowed to you by God himself. If you have a powerful intention out into the universe, do not allow anyone to dictate or deter you from manifesting this dream or goal, as these are promises that heaven are making to you, on behalf of you coming to earth.

God is prophesying to you himself. Do not allow anyone to take this away from you in any way. Gifts or blessings entering your life at this time are blessings directly from heaven. Receive every blessing gratefully. Empower your gratitude.

Receiving the outpouring of his love allows us to being open to great things. His love lives within, feel this love at any moment by being in touch with the heart. Embrace the enlightenment within. Call upon the Universal Energies to attract more good into your life and world.

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Seeing this number in your waking life, dreams, visions or through any abilities, is sign that you are on your Divine path, serving your soul mission as you were meant to. You are to continue shining brightly.

9+3+7= 19 & 1+9=10 & 1+0= 1 There are new beginnings to take place in your life. Be prepared in all ways by energy and mind, body soul. Receive blessings forthcoming. As the wait is over for something you have been so patient for. Also see the number 10 + the number 1


Quornesha S.

Psychic Consultant *Media Consultations + Egyptian Healing*

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The Symbolic Meaning of Brooms

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant (Egyptian Healer) Seeing a broom in your visions, dreams or waking life is a message that something has come to a definitive end/conclusion. You are clearing away from old habits, beliefs, concerns, etc. The ascended masters and guardian angels would like for you to know that changes are forthcoming in an unexpected way.

You are not to feel angst, as these changes will be swift, smooth and will bring peace in many areas of your life. If there are any fears of the unknown in your life, know that they will be quickly swept aside. It is important to listen at this time. As the messages forthcoming are to be from unexpected source(s).

Continue calling into your life through the power of your manifesting tools and abilities. As these have played a viable part in the making of these changes. You are co-creating with the Divine realm and you are empowered to continue. A concern will lift or a burden will ease. It is now a time for new beginnings.

Know and assure yourself that you are protected and safe from harm or fears of any kinds. Know that your travels will be safe when you see the broom in your waking life, dreams or synchronicity. Know that your home is protected. Know that there are blessings of many kinds to enter your home life or home aspect at this time.

In some traditions the broom is used in ceremonies/rituals of variant kinds. Therefore the broom is a reminder to call into your life and upon that which you hope to see in your life. Right now is a very successful time in the home aspect for you. Take note of others being of assistance to you along your way. As these are also many answers to your prayers. Prayer is a powerful tool to draw things into your life and into your favor. Remember, that if we do not ask, it is assumed that we have no need. It is important to balance yourself and be willing for relationships or dreams to grow and expand at this time. Know that whatever you do in the world, a blessing comes along to nurture and support you so that you may continue doing and being in this vibration.

There is ancient energy moving in your favor, whether the broom is seen upside or right-side down. You know how to handle life and it’s challenges, and for that reason, many things will begin to flow your way as opportunities to share your wisdom with others. Be uplifting, and inspiring as that is what you create and will receive in turn. Know that everything you send you receive in turn.Be loving, be bold, be kind, be receptive and respective in both directions (towards others and towards yourself).

If there is a special prayer you’d like to make, or request or affirmation, now will be the auspicious time. If there are any changes you’d like to make to your business, your brand or home, now will be the time. The broom sweeps energy into your favor, in a non-direct way.

Know that every move you’ve ever made, every trial you’ve ever faced, every mistake you’ve ever made. It all mattered. Nothing was ever a mistake or by chance, it all happened for a specific reason and purpose. As long as you are willing to believe it, you are not a reflection of your mistakes, your trials, your tribulations or the things that you go through. Every situation is a different story, a new window, a new door. Keep moving forward. Everything has a purpose, and a time to end and begin/renew.

“These changes are ‘clearing the way’, for you to walk without restriction or restraint” express gratitude. A Broom is confirmation of good energy or feng shui being brought or sent into your direction.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Red Cardinal Bird Symbolism

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Medium, Intuitive, Shaman, Certified Life Coach, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Egyptian Healer, Certified Animal Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Crystal Reiki Master Teacher, Hoodoo Priestess and So much More|Seeing a Red Cardinal Bird in your waking life, dreams, visions, or synchronicities is symbolism of, If you’re afraid for what’s ahead that is definitely a notice that you must release some energy around you.

Cardinal is confirmation for renewal. It is a sign to free up space in your spirit. The cardinal appears when we are beginning something new and fear is present or steps required feel daunting.  Yet the steps are necessary for growth. You are reassured that this time should past. And surely you will feel in your perfect medium.

You must also take into account that once we grow and learn from an experience we will move on. Clinging to any situation out of fear or contemplating out of fear only results in one lesson. That the Universe makes the ultimate decisions. If it is time for a person or lesson to leave our lives and we continue to remain, often changes will come about abruptly.

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As it was agreed between you and Higher powers that we were to do one thing. Evolve. That we’d set out here on earth to make a difference.

Cardinals are signs that the best is still yet to come. SO even though you fear that the best is over, it is not. Move ahead without fear or regret. If you didn’t do what you needed to do yet, there is still time.

Regret is an energy, fear is an energy, the past is an energy, if you hold onto it, it’s going to manifest again and again. Make changes leaping, into your tomorrow. When you use affirmations, affirm: I am Evolving right now. As when you say tomorrow or soon, it will always be non-existent. Because when that tomorrow comes and you say ‘tomorrow’ you still have the other tomorrows’ to look forward to, in order to determine IF it will manifest.


Focus on right now. If it doesn’t come about, it’s not meant to be. Don’t forge ahead without looking first, if you feel confident trust your instincts. Then follow your guidance.


Quornesha S. Lemon 

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