Angel-Confirmation Number 937

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: *media consultations + Egyptian Healing*: The Angel/Confirmation Number 937 is a message from the Universal Energies about our angels hearing our prayers. Hearing our desires and integrating them into our destiny. If you cannot have entirely what you want, ask that whatever you are requesting is integrated with the Will that God has for you.

Life isn’t going to be perfect. Make the most of what you have always. Make the most of your blessings, as these will not always be with you. Everything is born and everything dies. Keep this in mind when you are receiving what you want.

Do not concern yourself with what is temporary. As whenever a door shuts, another opens. God wants each of us to be lead to our purpose and his will for us. His one true goal above the others he has for you are, so that you can fulfill your earths mission. With the number 937 appearing in your life right now, this is a reminder that you are loved by the creator.

You are more than love, you are all that the your creator has designed/made you to be. You are asked to remember who you really are. If you do not know as of yet, ask the Universal energies to relay to you the truth about your spiritual nature. It will then be revealed to you. Step into your Divine power at this time.

The Number 937 is a message and reminder that you are a powerful light and force in the universe. Many forces exist, and you are one in your own right. We each have a unique connection with God. It’s time that you discover your own or that you begin to honor what you already know.

You deserve the very best and it is being vowed to you by God himself. If you have a powerful intention out into the universe, do not allow anyone to dictate or deter you from manifesting this dream or goal, as these are promises that heaven are making to you, on behalf of you coming to earth.

God is prophesying to you himself. Do not allow anyone to take this away from you in any way. Gifts or blessings entering your life at this time are blessings directly from heaven. Receive every blessing gratefully. Empower your gratitude.

Receiving the outpouring of his love allows us to being open to great things. His love lives within, feel this love at any moment by being in touch with the heart. Embrace the enlightenment within. Call upon the Universal Energies to attract more good into your life and world.

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Seeing this number in your waking life, dreams, visions or through any abilities, is sign that you are on your Divine path, serving your soul mission as you were meant to. You are to continue shining brightly.

9+3+7= 19 & 1+9=10 & 1+0= 1 There are new beginnings to take place in your life. Be prepared in all ways by energy and mind, body soul. Receive blessings forthcoming. As the wait is over for something you have been so patient for. Also see the number 10 + the number 1


Quornesha S.

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Angel-Confirmation Number 952

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant + Egyptian Healer: The angel number 952 is a message that you are in Divine alignment of your spiritual purpose. Things are happening in a swift manner right now. You are most receptive at this time. Your destiny energy has been activated. You are to continue doing things that resonate with you. As you are enhancing the vibration of your purpose. Do not fear what is next If any changes feel daunting at first sight, remember that you are in alignment of your own well being and living a life you desire.

952 Is a message that your meditations and affirmations are being responded to. It reminds you to keep your thoughts in alignment with the good vibrations you may be experiencing or feeling at this time. You are connected to all that is. And all that is, is connected to you.

Your beliefs are being responded to in a positive manner. You are receiving the enlightenment required during this upcoming/forthcoming phase in your life. Continue to call the favor, in the areas you are intending into your life. Continue your blessings of your time and energy. Love all that you do. As it matters. Every aspect of yourself has reached fruition and it is fully Divined/aligned with your inner magnificence.

Your belief in yourself is encouraged in a diplomatic way. You are achieving what you want through the power of affirmation, positive and productive actions, and personal enlightenment. Your encouragement in others as well as in yourself is welcomed around you. You have reached a point in where you need no external approval. Embrace this new you.

Do not be afraid to shine your light. And take caution not to hover over every situation that spurs or ‘comes up’. Be active and confidently walk into what you want and do not fear to leave what you do not want. This is noting that many doors will open for you at this time. But you are to discern which are beneficial and fitting for you and which one’s aren’t. The opportunities will be lucrative so that you will be able to successfully fulfill your life and your spiritual mission.

Listen to your intuition but be sure that it is not a vibration of judgement or vibration that comes from the thought source (your mind). Do things actively in the heart space. As our minds do not always steer us in a higher aspect, yet in logical ways.

Tap into your own genius. Shine in your own way with kindness and diplomacy, be respectful of others and their uniqueness. Know that we are each contributing to the mission and will God has for humanity. Recognize and begin to understand your strengths, as you already know, from within where it comes from. Those that are supportive of your own unique mission will empower you in inspiring ways. Know that you are your own competition and what you have, no one can diminish or take away. There is no spoon. And there is no competition. Surround yourself with those who empower you further and encourage you. It is time for you to advance in your own way. ‘Student becomes the teacher’.  Add those in your life, whom you feel adds value to it through energy or other means. Be Blessed.

See also the number 7 These changes are to denote a spiritual nature. Continue stepping into your own. Where you are headed, is where you were always meant to be. 


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Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant + Egyptian Healer 

Here’s to the Future, + All it’s blessings!



Dalmation Canis lupus familiaris Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant +  Egyptian Healer: The Dalmatian is a symbolic message that Things are looking up for you and adjusting in regards to the aspects of your home life. Something generous comes your way It is time to balance the way you live and the angels and ascended masters are assuring changes to you at this time.

There is abundance to be received by you. It is now time to place concerns aside. Any issues in regards to the way things are flowing are to be placed to rest. The Dalmatian assures that changes being made are for your highest good, even though they may appear daunting or a bit confusing at times.

You are assured that through these changes things are falling into place as they are intended. The angels and elementals are assuring that you are walking through the Divine Doors and opportunities at this time with regard to your destiny. You are opening your eyes to the bigger picture, although it doesn’t seem that you are. You are to release trepidations about the changes you have made.

Right now your affirmations are being realized as well as personal dreams and needs. Know that your needs are being met in graceful and miraculous ways. Even though at times you feel certain about the steps you are taking and at times you feel a bit confused, know and realize or acknowledge that you have done what was required for you at this time.

If you are waiting on anything as of late, it is important to know that good news is on it’s way to uplift and ease the thoughts you may be thinking. Know that you are always guided and you are always shining your light in abundant ways. Whether it’s through quick interactions with strangers, or interactions with those you know. Understand that all of these instances have come about for a specific purpose or reason.

It is now time to detach from what is old and make way and alignment for what is new. Know that we are each connected to Divine, but we are not all the same, we are unique in our own way. There is no one who can step into your shoes, as much as you cannot step into another in order to walk their path.

Right now is an auspicious time for change and inward perspective. Reflect upon your life journey thus far and where it is you imagine of going. Right now is the ‘right time’ or the sign you have been waiting upon to take the steps in the direction of where you wish to go. Be sure that you have laid out stable steps for you to take. Be sure that wherever you hope to go you are aligned with where your needs will be provided for you. IE: The money, the job or the plan and savings in order to do so.

If you are starting a spiritual venture of any kind, or you are looking to expand the one you already have it is blessed and fortunate time to do so. You have the Universe at your side to assure that all goes according to the blueprint of your soul’s journey.

It is important to be who you are within always in your dealings and actions. Be yourself also, in your mistakes. You are getting ready to make moves in order to build a home life you can literally call your own. This is indicating that you will move into a more independent phase of your life in regards to the home sector. You will be pleased and the pressure you were once feeling will subside. If you have set plans into motion or you are working on your career at present this is assuring that you will make a move in this regard. Know that the changes to come about are for you to ‘build’ or start a home and family life of your own.

You are getting prepared and are ready to begin a generation from your own background. If you have a family of your own this interpretation is indicating that your family life will improve in many variables. It is important to commend yourself for the steps you are taking, know that you are aligned with your destiny at this time and things are unfolding and flowing as they should.

It is time to release old karmic challenges, know that we are the only ones who hold things against ourselves. Something has come to it’s rightful and timely conclusion. The longer we hold onto stories and carry the weight of what has happened the more we have to carry it. As Nelson Mandela Once told me through the Spirit Realm and World: “We were not meant to be prisoners in our minds. If you do not like what you have been through let it go. 

Our pasts are only cycles and spinning wheels that are endless, they will not stop, unless we decide to jump out of the center which is ever available and ever open for us to enter into or exit from.

It is important to hold thoughts of peace and good journeys rather than ones’ that leave us drained and feeling miserly. Do not allow the old into your life, it has served it’s time and purpose in your life and what’s more? You will never have to go through the issue in your lifetime here on earth again, unless that serves you by your choosing it.

You are being welcomed to new levels and spiritual atmospheres. It is time. Now is the time.

Black and White Dalmatian: The Yin and Yang energy being harmonized, and harmony expressed in career and home life.

Brown and White: Family life in general and home life balance.

The Dalmatian asks you to see the bigger picture. Take another look, or shift your perspective.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Scottish Black Face Sheep Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Seeing the black faced sheep in your waking life, dreams, visions or synchronicity is a message directly from heaven that Your worries, concerns, issues or prayers have been heard. It is also a reminder to surrender your fears to heaven so that they can easily be overcome.

Your needs will be cared for and honored at this time. You have entered a new chapter in your life. Now is the time, to continue and further empower gratitude in your life. Know that as these blessings come into your life, something else will be clearing or completing.

These blessings are to be expressed in your surroundings, with those you love, and in the direction you feel passionate and called to be of benefit. There will be more than enough blessings to save, spend and increase.

A personal dream is set to be realized at this time. Someone/Something magnificent is set to shift and walk into your life. Know that there are many more blessings ahead for you. As you face any new challenges, know that you will have the wisdom, determination, confirmation and support to follow through. Know that you will be provided for all that you require to move forward. Everything is going according to the ‘masters’ plan for your life.

You have stepped into a whole new you. And you are in the atmosphere of change and progression. Believe in your blessings by commending and acknowledging how long you’ve had to go to arrive where you are.

Knowing you deserve every blessing, contentment makes way for more. You will receive further confirmation as you need them, per your intuition, per synchronicity. Know that you are on the right path in all ways. Blessings are entering your life at this time.

You can assure yourself with forthcoming signs of confirmation, that all is happening as it should, when it should. All will be provided, all you need to do, is lead the way, and shine your light.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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The Law of Reflection: Caution of Your Energy + Vibrations

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: When we are convinced with our whole hearts, we are sending vibrations, (However negative or positive out to the other person or situation/circumstance.

Which describes the reason and sensitivity of sensitive beings or empaths (those with heightened sensitivity).

But keep in mind that what we send out vibration-wise, is what we will receive in turn. It’s not just biblical, (dig one ditch, dig two).

The Law Of reflection, Whatever you see about others, you see about yourself. Whatever you require-desire-need-or despair others to do, you have the ability to do yourself.

If we are fearful of the world, the world will be fearful or intimidated of us. If we see the positive in others, more than likely, the negatives we have prior, foreseen will be absolved also and will be reflected back to us.

If we look at others as though they need to attain any status, or acclaim, before we receive them unto ourselves, then that will be required of us also.

How you treat others is not only a message to consolidate good manners in others, but it is also in alignment with the spiritual laws of the universe.

If you declare out into the universe, the universe can only copy what you think about yourself, and reveal it towards the world, inwardly and outside of you. This is so because, we have made up our minds, rather than procrastinating about whether we deserve it or not. When you know you deserve it the Universe, or HIgher power, believes this about you also.

We are allowed the gift of being received first and the opportunity to show others what we believe we can do. But more importantly, we must become what we believe.

Always participate in beliefs you believe will serve your soul. With this truth, this advocates that, we cannot only get into an idea for any reason in particular only that we are truly interested and ready to discover where the path may lead us.

When you design an intention for the universe to pick up on and serve up to you. Whereas, have it perfectly aligned in your mind how it is all going to work out, you are giving authority to yourself, thereby taking action on behalf of the Universe or Divine. When in all, we are only meant to ask and receive. When you are doing all the work, you are telling the Universe, Or Divine or the Christ Mind, that you have no further use of it’s abundant resources.

When you surrender your dreams and the end goal to a higher power, you are allowing a relationship to happen on your behalf. Thereby, empowering you to accomplish your grandest dreams.

Whatever you declare and affirm on your behalf, you must take it to the highest power, therefore you are giving your trust and giving it over to the source that promises that it will provide all you need, and work things out for your highest good, even if it isn’t all that you want. As opposed to sharing your dreams and ordeals with someone else, who may not see the bigger picture. Not that we are greater, but our beliefs reflect where we are or where we stand in our spiritual evolution.

Therefore you cannot present higher knowledge to someone whose mind, still lingers in their absent reality. When you are higher consciousness, or in vibration of your higher self. You must pray, speak or share your Dreams with Divine, or The Christ Mind alone and they will work out the details for you, and  bring into your life the right people, places, opportunities and materials or abundance to help you serve your mission in a graceful manner.

You must use discernment and serenity. Accept what you cannot change (others) and you must use discernment for whom you tell your dreams and ordeals to.

~The Law Of Reflection by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant


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Angel-Confirmation Number 711

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: 711 Is confirmation that you are free to choose and make your own sacrifices and mistakes. Choose for yourself, how you will live your life and spare your generosity. 711 is a message from your spiritual awareness and spirit guides, that you are to move forward into your spiritual purpose, the way you prefer to do so.

You are asked to allay any processes laid before you, that no longer resonate with you. If a belief no longer serves you anymore, or a painting or creation no longer serves you it is time to release and surrender.

711 is a message of spiritual illumination and epiphany. You’re powerfully making an intention into the universe and the time is right to do so. You are progressing in a graceful manner that serves your spiritual purpose and intentions.

The Number 711 is a number of grace, rather than force. It is now time to release spiritual tools you feel, no longer resonate with your new thought or beliefs. Your spiritual purpose or path is of great importance to the universe. It is now time to offload thoughts and behaviors that hold you up from being receptive to blessings that keep you inspired and fulfilled on all levels.

Your purpose is being commended when the number 711 appears to you. Know that your ascended masters, *those that have walked the earth before you and have passed on* are watching over the steps you are taking. If you feel that you have taken action and it is not what you were expecting, you may always retract your steps, if you feel, that the action no longer serves you.

You are free to release fears or fear based teachings that you may have clung to since you can remember. Know that the spirits that are watching over you, will do you no harm. You are free to use your discernment when delving into the spiritual realm, although you are receptive to positive vibrations, know that, lower or negative spirits also have access to you. You, have the ability to be receptive or to ask for protection from these vibrations from heaven on your behalf.

Do not feel manipulated to take an action that you really do not wish to take. Do not feel intimidated by the pressures of your tests and trials. Know that all have come about, so that you can pass them and they will cease.

Know that you are free to fly high, and to serve your soul mission as you wish to serve it. Do not allow opinions to take you out of your element or comfort zone. You are responsible for how you want to go about performing your earthly tasks by paying attention to your passions or ordeals.

Know that there are many blessings occurring that are in disguise at this time. So, always approach every test you face with diplomacy and know, that you are not perfect in any way and it is okay to make your own mistakes, and know that because of this, your angels and ascended masters, still love you for who you truly are. Know that what loves you, will not abandon you or do you any harm.

All things happen for a purpose, and know that with hindsight, all that is done in the dark, will come to the light. Know that if your blessings seem to be in the shadows, they will step forward in perfect timing to be presented to you and quite often in abundant ways.

7+1+1=9 Making the Number 9 Stand for illumination and spiritual processes in these instances. Release and let go of any past labels directed towards you by others and from yourself and within your memory. You are free to be abundant and to live at your highest potential and ordeals.


Quornesha S.

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Clarifying The Quote: The Best Thing You Can Do For a Poor Person

Channeled By Quornesha S. Oracle of Divine Wisdom and Healing: The best thing you can do for a poor person is to not be one of them. At the surface it appears or sounds as thought it is harsh.  It seems selfish. But truly this quote is born out of people who feel guilty for their wealth or the wealth they have gained. You have the potential to keep growing in your wealth and you have the potential to be just as broke before you got started.

The reality: You should not feel sorry for those who do not have their life together. You did not make their mistakes.  We are each responsible for our own well being.

The Prophecy: Something is about to occur in your finances when this quote appears to you. What you do with this new found stability is up to you. The best business do not use their own money to pull the stick out of the mud. They get funding.  If funding is not required more creative thinking is required to attain it.

The Principle of It all: Those who understand this principle will assist. In exchange for a percentage for their investment.

Keeping Finances in Check: It is now time to balance your money.  Once you decide to do so.  Everything will run more smoothly.

Wisdom: When you use money loosely. It’s difficult for it not to slip away. When you manage, it’s difficult for it to become displaced.  Your future and how you are going to live it is up to you.

Project Development: It is up to you to use your own wisdom when developing projects. As we all start/begin somewhere. Along the way someone gave each of us an opportunity. However there exists the reality of an investment versus guilt or discontentment.

We all reap whatever we have sown. If we have sown good seeds we will see these sprout in ways we do not usually expect. It is up to each of us to invest in our dreams with the appropriate research, patience and diligence. Know that when one door shuts another opens. Always know, that when your ideas do not appeal to someone else, there is someone to whom or which it does.

Clarity: When you know about your dreams, hence, done your research as to how it does in it’s field or niche, you are equipped with the wisdom to move ahead from there. Clarity is  always a great starting point. However, it does not always show up in order.

Do not be persuaded to give up your dreams: If you believe in something, do not render your foundation based on what others may think or say. You will know what to do when it is time to draw the line into investing your time, money or energy into something. One must never give up something until he or she feels absolutely ready. (When it no longer serves you).

No one does business, only for the sake of ‘saving’ someone.


Quornesha S.

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Angel + Confirmation Number 214

214  Channeled by Quornesha S., Natural Born Psychic Medium + Seichim Master Seeing the Number 214 in Dreams, Waking Life, Synchronicity and more. 
Angel + Confirmation Number 214:

A relationship set to come about. Although many options are available,  one has been chosen from your own efforts.

One you’ll greatly appreciate.
To honor your Divine mate always be supportive of his or her good intentions.

Psychic Observation/Note/common sense: There isn’t a perfect relationship or perfect person. We can either choose to go through life believing that ‘one day’ one will become available.  Whatever we decide is our choice alone.

We cannot control others. We cannot force anyone to feel as we feel. When an emotion is mutual it will work itself out as it should.

Fear in Relationships: When we are afraid to love or be in a relationship all sorts of fears appear.  Fears of why it wouldn’t work or questions about how it’s going to work out.

It’s not what others think of you rather what you believe about yourself.  We cannot convince anyone to agree as we believe.

Prophecy: No two people are alike. We’ve all lived all our own lives, had our own failures,  and frustrations. However no one is responsible for what happened prior to any union. We are in relationships because we choose to be.

Both sides must be willing to accept that two are both different.  Beginning with personality and perspective.

Intuitive Conclusions: It is up to us to accept our past only so that we can move on from it. Not to become it.

You are free to move forward on your relationship with that of whom you have chosen, should that one you have chosen has also chosen you.

You are the one whom has to learn through the one you have chosen. Having others input on what type of person you have decided upon does not serve the soul. As you are the one who has to walk this path, not others. If others had to do so. They’d be in your position and not you.
Listen to what you want and you will find yourself happy in the end.

2+1+4= 7 Indicating that this will be a highly spiritual union. One for your long-term benefit and that of your purpose in this lifetime.


Quornesha S.

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