Angel-Confirmation Number 781

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant + Egyptian Healer: Angel Number 781 is a message that you are very powerful. That you are working on the spirit-plane or realm. You are beginning to recognize your own uniqueness. You are beginning to see the truth about yourself and everything else.

Divinely continue forward. Tough situations conclude. Doors close. So that new ones can take their place. We all feel vulnerable when that time comes, for we are joyous when we are joyous, loving when we are loving, grieving when we are grieved. Etc. 781 is a reminder that you are headed towards something new in your life.

You are to choose the battles you will fight in life. There are no mistakes, coincidence or random acts. Everything has it’s own Psychic Energy. Each soul upon the earth, all sentient beings, that live, are a part of this energy. We are all in vibrations together. Which means we must shield ourselves from random energy. Do not be an ‘experiment’ for spiritual energy that does not serve you.

You are all that you are for a reason. And you will begin to understand this at this time. Take time out to absorb the information and Intend to LISTEN. As this information is very important for you to fulfill your earthly and soul mission.

Like businesses, we must use our intuition and ability to see into the details to fully know when or what will uplift us. And take us higher. Do not be clingy. Do not look too long upon what isn’t working out. If it has ran it’s course accept it. If you are receiving intuitive messages trust these at this time. If you can say to your innate wisdom, I trust you, and just let it be. Do not try to compare what you receive. Believe what you receive with all your being.

Remember, a part of us dies each new day, for we can never be who we were yesterday. Take back your power. Put things into priority at this time. What energies and thoughts truly serve you. Listen to your own teachings. Walk in alignment of what you are teaching, as you are the prime or best or ordained or chosen example to teach what you are here to teach in the world.

Choose your words carefully when describing others and yourself. Do not brand yourself with your past or that of your mistakes. As Nelson Mandela has put it in one of my channels:


Listen to your own wisdom, when you feel like you cannot rely on that of others. You can always go back to the external wisdom but you have these feelings for a reason. Feelings or sensing that something is not right. Even when you are assured that nothing is ‘wrong’. These are your gut feelings letting you know to do your own research. Something doesn’t feel right for a reason.

If you are experiencing vivid dreams, pay attention. But do not leap at the first message that you receive. Adhere to your own judgment of situations. Be certain that you are not making swift steps without consulting your heart!

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The angel number 781 is a reminder that we are facing changes and we are facing, spiritual upheaval in some way or another. And this is justified at this time. Do not blame yourself or others. As we all have our ups and downs. As long as you are in human form, you will experience every faucet of emotion, every faucet of living life. And to which, you are not a victim in it.

Know that if you have concerns for a loved one, we cannot get in the way of God’s work. You cannot pray or wish his will away. You can only accept it. Do not fight against the current flow. Allow!


Quornesha S. Power Questions:

It is time to accept a new long awaited, beginning. Embrace it. If you are feeling that you are only going in one direction without receiving what you need in return, this is about to change. Remember that the future is not an image of what we ‘want’ but what is for our highest good. We must learn to be happy with the blessings that enter our life. Do not try and live out an ideal for yourself or anyone else if it isn’t truly a reflection of what you absolutely want for yourself.

Spend time in silence as it is necessary! You are growing at this time in your power and ability. Which makes it all feel more intense than what it will look like when it is all complete. Invoke the Universal Energies At this time
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Begin to illuminate the way for yourself, during this ‘down time’. Fully express yourself with God in these moments. You are love and You are light. Honor your power, on every level. This too has passed!

7+8+1=16 & 1+6=7 The Number 7 Is a representation that life is unfolding in regards to spiritual matters. Whatever your beliefs may be, tap into them at this time for further guidance and clarity. Also see the number 7 meaning


Quornesha S. 

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