Co-Creating With The Universal Energies

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant “Egyptian Healer + Media Consultations”: The Universal Energies means that you are invoking all energy at once into your life. God, Angels, Ascended Masters, Heaven’s Energy, Helpful People, The energy and Universal Laws. Etc. When Working with these energies, we are saying, “I need Big Help, right now”.

Whenever you hear someone say, “And all things work together for my good”. This is often what it means. Though not interpreting how they mean it or speaking for them, this phrase in general speaks volumes, we are often unaware of.

Whenever you hear someone say, “God works through people” this is often also associated with the Universal Energies. “Helpful People”. When you pray, you ask for a solution, and often it is rendered. The Universal energies want us to be abundant. If you’d look around, the ground around you, is not empty with a gaping hole. It has lawns, or concrete. Now Picture yourself…Filled  and whole of all that you need, and desire.

The Universal energies are activated, and often are doing the work of God in our lives. This is how God is able to work through and with everyone at all time. He has legions of good energy around you, and sends his angels, ascended masters, and guides into the world to help you at every call you make out to him. The Universal energies is the connectedness. The Unexplained occurrence.

The Universal Energies are often guiding us, with so many at work at once on our behalf, each of us. Regardless of whatever storm we may feel like we are in, the Universal forces will always be there. Watching over us, to see us through. And you don’t have to go through storms for them to show up. If you need help with even the littlest task, they are there. ‘Invisible’. But present. The chills you feel. That is the universal force, touching your every core, even though there may be ‘other’ scientific interpretations, this is what you are feeling.


Even Spirits come to our aid, in times of crisis, calm, conclusions, new beginnings,  neglect, fear or even worry. Assuring that we need not concern ourselves with what is.

The Universal forces and energies can be called upon at any time. Allowing things to shift, smoothly in our favor. Whenever there’s a moment where, you receive some unexpected good news. The Universal energies are behind it. Making all that you desire, possible. Allowing things to flow.

When things begin to shift favorably and we have no idea why they have concluded or opened up for us, this is the force of the Universal Energies. Miracles are born of the Universal Energetic Flow. Acknowledge all that is. As this is to honor all that is of God, alone.

You’ll know that you have come into contact with the Universal Energies, because you will find yourself walking into favorable outcomes and situations at every turn in your life. Favor you cannot explain. Blessings you were not expecting. Gifts that you may not have thought about. Epiphanies ‘out of the blue’.

When your prayers are heard, these are the Universal Energies at work. God and the many forces that work on his behalf for your good, are working together in this moment of your connection to the Universal Energies.When things work themselves out. This is in alignment of this energy. Positive Signs are also workings of this vibration.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting *Media + Egyptian Healing*

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Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

*Media Consultations + Egyptian Healing*


Angel-Confirmation Number 851

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant *Media + Personal Consulting & Egyptian Healer*: 851 Is a message that change has come. And a reminder for you to prepare for abundance in your life in many ways. 851 Is a reminder of happiness and the lessons that foretell through happiness. 851 is a message that you have so much to be grateful for and is confirmation that your plans are flourishing and your dreams are being realized in a big way.

851 Is a reminder that we are to continue shining our light in the world. 851 Reminds you to continue your manifesting of your dreams and ideas. As these are blessings you are aware, that you deserve. Do not allow yourself to feel dictated to make decisions, whether it is through memories of the past, or present situations. Everything you own and obtain is up to you.

851 Is a gentle reminder for us to remain open minded or open hearted, as each of our contributions of kindness is needed in the world. You are to word the way you teach so that it brings light and love and eradicates judgment of all living or sentient beings. It is now time to choose a spiritual path that rightfully suits you. Or perhaps you may have already begun. Spiritual paths may involve, faiths/beliefs, the work that we do in the world, or personal and spiritual goals that we feel inclined to have met.

Set out each intention as though it is already done. Know that blessings or  forthcoming changes are coming about for specific reasons that are for your highest good. You are to open your mind to all that is good. Keep your surroundings light and positive, and look forward to more good coming your way.

Shackles are lifting and chains are falling as obstacles move out of your way at this time. If there are any obstacles at present, the time has come for them to pass away, as there is a time and season for all things and you are here to move forward always. Every failure is an important lesson for us to learn from, the time has now come for you to succeed, you are to look to new ways of thinking and living or existing and begin to create a legacy for you to lead and leave behind.

Know that you are safe, and what once was will never be if it was not of a positive nature. You’ve grown to become a beautiful essence of yourself and for that reason, the Universal energies will be glad to help you move forward. Understand that greater is in store and others are beginning to see the luminary aspects of your spirit and nature.

Be receptive to prophecies coming your way ‘out of the blue’. Be grateful for every message you are to receive. And always render fair kindness in return. When you are filled with love and light, express your gratefulness in your own unique way, as you need others as they need you.

At this time there is to be  a shift in the way you are thinking, you will notice that some fears will easily fall away at this time. You are to create everything you seek, as you are not to wait for the doors to open to you. Always take initiative as you may already have done.

Visualize your solutions, as answers come about in unexpected and bold ways. Be receptive to every background of others, as we all need each other. Including yourself.

8+5+1=14 & 1+4=5 See God from a different aspect, and continue to respect how others see him/her. Receive your beliefs as you believe them. As they are your own to honor and display, be diplomatic with yourself and others, as the world in it’s entirety. You are love, continue to see yourself for who you really are, a teacher and messenger of love and of light! Change has finally come! Success is being assured to you at this time. Enjoy every blessing that is now, unfolding.

Also see the Number 5


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Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 



Angel-Confirmation Number 197

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant + Egyptian Healer: Angel Number 197 is a reminder that your light is shining brightly right now. The angels assure you success in the matters that concern you most right now. You are asked not to worry. You are a powerful beacon of light into the world.

You are traveling in perfect time and space along your life journey. Whatever doubts you may have about your decisions at this point, whether it involves (leaving a job, taking a hiatus, or renewing a relationship) you are moving along in the correct path and in perfect alignment, space and time.

God(The Highest and Holiest of all that exists) is in the center of the transition you are going through. It is imperative to not judge yourself in any way. Know that we are all connected. Which is to mean, our vibrations are accessible through each other. When you are accepting of you, others are also. If you judge your decisions, others will follow your lead. When you intend something out into the universe it is felt, heard and seen. These are all energies made up of the ever flowing universe.

Whatever you need at this time will come into your life in the most perfect time, space and ways. Whether that is relaxation, rest, vacation, time off, or reunion of any kind. It will rightly and timely enter your life and it will be accepted and respected.

You are to assure others that you are making the right steps when you feel they are doubting you. You can assure by affirming aloud: I know with all my being, I am making the most important steps along my path, no matter what happens. You then release any doubt that is being directed toward your final decisions and are able to move on from these reflections.

Your quest will come with it’s own blessings and you must continue to move forward after each success you are set out to make. Whoever you believe you are, express it out into the world. Be who you are in every way. Knowing that you are shining your light in all that you are doing by doing so.

Do not look back on nostalgia. Look forward and move ahead along your path. Knowing that you have come to the end of something for a reason. Make meaningful wishes and new dreams. Always look forward to more opportunities. Know that you are putting in the right action steps as you plan and make your dreams and visions ‘clear’ in the universe.

Knowing what you truly want helps you to release and let go of what you no longer want. Know that it is okay to speak on what you no longer want, by way of addressing it and moving it along and out of your life (Do not dwell upon what you no longer like or no longer want, address and move on from it). Know that you are loved far more than you expect. Do not judge your decisions and you will see that the judgments others reflect to you only come about when you lead them into doing so. Know that if ever we are on the wrong path or course, we will be forewarned in unique ways. But you are at present traveling in the right direction. Believe that you are too, and others will catch up also.

1+9+7=17 & 1+7=8 You will receive the wealth, love and prosperity to function at your optimum. Continue in the direction you are going. It is an opportune and Divine window. Have no fear and ascend every thought to heaven to be healed and transmuted for you as a blessing. Keep believing!

Also see the number 8


Quornesha S.

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Angel-Confirmation Number 771

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant + Egyptian Healer: The angel number 771 is a reminder and confirmation that you are truly powerful. There are angels all around you. The angels remind you to leave your past spiritual experiences behind you. As you are go through spiritual transitions your authenticity gets reformed and your new light shines.

It is a powerful time to send out your intentions in the universe. The Number 771 is a request to give up constraints, restraints or situations that no longer resonate with you. It is now a viable time to step into your next best self. Your life will flow according to that which is good. It is up to you to leave your past behind or beneath you.

Your present is as important as your future. It is now time to do things that resonate with your own way of doing things. It is now time to surrender challenges that no longer suit you or reflect your values or morality. It is time to incorporate your beliefs with who you are in a more empowering way. Expect the flow of positive and abundant changes.

Know that your home life will shift in positive positions at this time. Your life and happenings will express your beliefs and who you are in every aspect. Be open to upheaval. As all things change for the better in your life. You will appear more calm and be more at peace during this time. It is an auspicious time to adopt a sense of humor.

Right now set out and send positive vibrations into the universe. Every negative reaction sends out vibrations and ions of energy into the universe. Every positive intention you make sends out positive intentions into the universe. Know that whatever you affirm the universe is pulling things together so that you can receive exactly or close to what you are asking for.

It is time to go out and see the world as you choose. Stepping out of your comfort zone means to stand in the power and duality of your morality and values, while stretching beyond what and where you feel limited or constrained.

Know that there will be new material possessions to be attained in your life. Know that you do not have to reflect the actions of others in order to come from a place of understanding and compassion. Always be yourself in all that you do. Think with your own thoughts and use your own abilities to counter any negative (doing things that do not serve you) thing that tries to persuade you. You are also persuasive and it is now time to put your power to work in your life in every way in order to lead your environment.

Our environments do not put themselves together. We must place them in order, rearrange things in our favor. It is now time to get rid of anything, any constraint or anyone, who you may allow to bring your energies down in any way. This change may come about through shifts of perspectives in that which is negative. You do not have to speak of your problems or concerns in order to suit anyone, anything or fit in. If  you consider yourself circular, do not force yourself to be square. If you consider yourself spiritual do not force yourself to be worldly, If you consider yourself to be a homebody, do not force yourself to be outgoing. You are who you are for a specific and special reason. Be that person you are within.

7+7+1= 15 & 1+5=6 Know that you are who you because you were designed by the creator to exist in this way or manner. You are a unique expression of God or the Christ Mind. A perfect puzzle piece. Do not try to reshape who you are for ‘outskirt’ reasons.

Affirm: I am who I am for a specific and Divine reason, and I am who I am without the need to conform. I exist powerfully in the Universe, shining, in my own Unique way.

Stay focused on your own big dreams!

Also see the number 6


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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House Finch (Haemorhous mexicanus) Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: The house finch is symbolic of harmony and the home life. It is a reminder that the angels of abundance and harmony are always near you. Any life lessons you may have recently experienced are for your highest and greatest good. You are encouraged that even though things or situations are intense you will be content and at peace once again.

You are loved beyond what you can measure by Divine. The spirit realm and world is always understanding of the human existence and experience. And is aware of what it takes to be in your shoes. You are on your mission and Divine/God would like to remind you of this at this time.

You are in the right space and time in your life right now. Although things seem displaced, you are reminded that when you are working passionately and from the vibrations of your highest thought form, it is wise to refuel as best you know how. You do not need to worry of your future or where you are at present. The sun is beginning to shine in your chart once again, after tests and trials.

If there are any goals you need met at this time. you are being asked to take time out and write out what is required at this time. The accurate question would be to ask, “What is it that I can ask the angels to provide for me at this time, as they need not money or other resources to achieve it. Know that your finances will begin to flow in the prosperous direction it is aligned to flow in.

Know that you will begin to heal from any spiritual illnesses you may feel at this time. Things are beginning to run their course in your life, which indicates endings and conclusions. You are being appreciated at this time, and you are to accept this commendation. You are reminded that the angels have not abandoned you to any degree, although it may feel or seem that you are walking alone.

You will begin to focus your energy and time toward what is more accurate. Notice the heightened level of your intuition or messages being presented to you at this time. You have no reason to fear or doubt your path. Pay attention to Déjà vu’s happening in your life and around you.

Heaven is answering a lump sum amount of your prayers at this time. Be prepared for new futures to unfold for you at this time. Pay attention to dreams, visions or plans that come about ‘out of the blue’. Be patient with yourself. Be attentive to inner intuition. At this time you will become more involved in teaching on a subject rather than learning.

When you become overwhelmed with your work, it is a message to regenerate your energy. Take time out to care for your energy and your mind. If meditation does not work, it is time to surrender some work or projects as it may indeed be too much for you to carry at this time.

The House Finch promises that your home life and finances will begin to flow in the direction you hope.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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White (Arctic) Wolf Canis lupus arctos Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: You are now in a space and time in your life where what no longer empowers you is being moved away out of your life. It is imperative that you be as positive and patient as possible. Right now, you are expressing the truth between yourself and Divine. This is okay.

The time will come and this would have passed. You are being released and freed from oppressive labels you may have about yourself, and the world around you. Know that your concerns and prayers are heard and responded to at this time. Right now, you may have no control over the thoughts or emotions that you may feel and think. This, is all part of your emotional and human experience.

Allow the waves of the ocean to pass as intended. Speak it in silence, this too shall pass. Whatever is required during this time will be provided for you. Everything must happen in order and Divine timing. You may feel displaced and this is only temporary. Pay attention to the music or other resources you are drawn to for the answers. Know that when you are unnecessarily worried, the peace and serenity necessary will be provided to you.

Life provides it’s own twists and turns. When it is time to come through an issue or concern, you will come through it. You are going through many changes in regards to your dream or dream-world. It is of importance to face the truth during this time and to break free of fears. Fears are not the same as actual or absolute truth.

The spirit guides encourage you to be as strong as you can be. And defer from making immediate actions that are solely based on situations that are going on within you and around you. This time has come to pass. Your spirit guides are all around you at this time. Know that it is safe to seek help outside of yourself, even if you have to pull your own load during this time.

You are going through a test of some nature. The White Wolf shows up to confirm to you, that this too will pass. There are messages that you may not have the energy to make clear at this time, but they are coming about in the most perfect ways and time.

It is of importance to call upon the angels and ascended masters of your choosing at this time. Know that they all surround you, through this difficult phase, however brief it may be. While you may feel exhausted of your trials, they are meant to enhance and empower you further along the path you were called on earth to perform.

All that we are, from our names, beliefs, personality & abilities…Are all aspects and reflections of the soul. They were all assigned to us before we were born here in this world. While your frustrations may be valid, you are asked to be positive and maintain good thoughts that uplift your spirit. Focus upon things that make you more grateful.

Only you will be able to understand why you are being tested in this manner when it has passed. It is of importance to know, that at this time, we cannot go backward to point A, we are to continue moving forward and ahead. You will receive the answers as to why when it is done. Be productive during this time. And know that your animal spirit guides are with you, as you transition into new territory.

If you have made any moves as of late, or considering a move, know that the reason for that will come about for you as well.

Everything that happens in our lives, is charted. God makes no mistakes. He will place the right resources, people, places and material needs in your life when the timing is right and necessary. You will find all clarity unwind in it’s perfect Divine timing.

It is now a Divine time to step aside from worrying and allow your concerns to ascend, as it is time for change in your life and you must speak the truth about situations in order for your requests to be honored. Divine is ever loving and trusting. Know that this upheaval taking place in your life will conclude soon. You will be blessed to be able to step into your own responsibilities with power, grace, abundance and stability. Do not look at your situation through rose colored glasses. You can only be as strong as you can be, until the truth implores you. Now is the most auspicious time to speak up to Divine, the everlasting energy of love and light.

Speak and act with conviction. Your blessings will come about in wonderful ways. All that no longer serves you will fall away at this point, and this is beyond your own hands or control. Be strong as doors close and open for you. As any change you have to go through may be painful or stressful, it will bring peace to you and your dreams.

It is of importance to ask for help from higher powers, ask  Archangel Sandalphon and others to aid and assist you.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Scottish Black Face Sheep Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Seeing the black faced sheep in your waking life, dreams, visions or synchronicity is a message directly from heaven that Your worries, concerns, issues or prayers have been heard. It is also a reminder to surrender your fears to heaven so that they can easily be overcome.

Your needs will be cared for and honored at this time. You have entered a new chapter in your life. Now is the time, to continue and further empower gratitude in your life. Know that as these blessings come into your life, something else will be clearing or completing.

These blessings are to be expressed in your surroundings, with those you love, and in the direction you feel passionate and called to be of benefit. There will be more than enough blessings to save, spend and increase.

A personal dream is set to be realized at this time. Someone/Something magnificent is set to shift and walk into your life. Know that there are many more blessings ahead for you. As you face any new challenges, know that you will have the wisdom, determination, confirmation and support to follow through. Know that you will be provided for all that you require to move forward. Everything is going according to the ‘masters’ plan for your life.

You have stepped into a whole new you. And you are in the atmosphere of change and progression. Believe in your blessings by commending and acknowledging how long you’ve had to go to arrive where you are.

Knowing you deserve every blessing, contentment makes way for more. You will receive further confirmation as you need them, per your intuition, per synchronicity. Know that you are on the right path in all ways. Blessings are entering your life at this time.

You can assure yourself with forthcoming signs of confirmation, that all is happening as it should, when it should. All will be provided, all you need to do, is lead the way, and shine your light.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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King Fisher (Alcedines) Symbolic Meaning

Seeing a King Fisher in your waking life, Dreams, visions, and synchronicity is a message that now the time is ripe to actively take the right steps in alignment with the direction you want to go.

Your dreams are being activated for success and manifestations in a very big way. You are supported by the universe with your biggest ideals at this time. It is time to release your trepidations or fears and get going. Know that all things have fallen into place in the most perfect of all ways.

A new chapter has begun for you and you should expect some increases in your life in abundant ways. Expect your blessings to arrive in your life at this time. You are being, empowered. Let go of fears that make you believe negatively about others. If others are successful, they will empower you to continue forward with where you are trying to go. If they are not, you have to decide whether their being in your environment will empower you or not. We are each responsible for uplifting our environments.

We each have to begin somewhere, but if you feel you do not resonate with those who are trying to go somewhere also, you must then position yourself in the presence of those who are already there. You will meet those who are trying as you are trying, but you will decide how that relationship will be. Whether that be through collaboration or equal encouragement between the two, etc.

We may not be lesser or better than anyone else, but we equally have the opportunity to shine, and to be our best selves, without the need to compete with others, other than competing with our own past successes and becoming greater than past failures.

Release all fears of being rigid, or afraid, you are not here to impress anyone, other than who you were before this moment. Be proud of how far you have come, and truly make an effort for the opportunities being presented around you.

The best person to inspire your dreams is yourself. Not because others are not capable, but because only YOU know the depth and the unlimited potential you have inside of you, opposed to someone looking in from the outside.

Allow your inner reflections to show. And learn to be your authentic and original self, no matter the environment, no matter how superior you see others. Once upon a time, your superiors, learned from their superiors. It Is up to you to bring to the surface your compassion, love and care, as you are not ‘all tough’ or ‘completely confident’ etc. Embrace your flaws and your imperfections, Because all of these, make you, who YOU really are. Do not show the world your dieted self and then question why no one sees you for who you are. Be prepared to stand stable and grounded under a microscope. Ir is now a time to work gracefully under all forms of pressure, not in a manner that is oppressive, but in a way you are intended to handle.

Know that everything you must face externally or internally, you have the gift within you to face it with conviction and grace.  You have the ability to attain and maintain your dreams, and it is up to you to do with the opportunities, what you feel you are capable of doing. Make every opportunity your own and do not wait for ‘yes’ opportunities.


Quornesha S. 

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Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S.

Cape Gannet [Morrus Capensis] Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Shaman, Author, Transpersonal Life Coach| with Abilities in Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Mediumship, Animal Communication, Healing, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, Hoodoo Practitioner, And so much more| Inner Knowing-Wisdom: Cape Gannet Symbolic Meaning, To see a Cape Gannet in your waking life, photos, paintings, video, synchronicity is symbolic of vast consciousness and being without limitations.

Gannets are symbolic for, Breaking Through, Prayers Being Answered, The Supernatural, Divine, Being in contact with a Divine Being, Being connected to the spiritual realms, One blessed with the gifts of communication. One who surpasses absolution. One who goes beyond the surface of things. One who seeks the truth. A God or Goddess. Unlocked power, unlocked potential, Potential tapped into, an eye into the future, The Prophet, Seeing through things, Clarity, Working together, Supernatural, Favor.

Angel Readings

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The Gannet shows up into your life when you’re activated for a winning streak. It is time to release things or situations that are no longer serving you to make room for universal abundance and help. If you’ve been doing things in any way and it no longer flows, right now is the best time to close that door as another door which abundance flows is preparing to be open to you.

No one truly denies us. The perfect door is being prepared for us to enter. In some fables or metaphors, a supernatural being cannot pass through unless he/she asks for entry into such. In a way, the soul is the same and it will not go through any door without permission.

The heavens and earth are coming together on your behalf to make things easier for you in your human experience. Just as much as we seek heavens’ blessings, seek earthly blessings. As that activates people who will be of help to you along your journey. IE; friendships, companionship, children, careers, helpful people. etc.

Shamanic Animal Interpretation

I will do a small shamanic animal interpretation for you, that may have occurred in your waking life, dreams, visions or synchronicities.


It is time to go within and get clear as the news forthcoming will require that you be receptive. Know that if you have already received your news, via a prophecy, letter or other, know that right now is the most perfect time for it to unfold. Do not worry about everything will work out as it is foreseen. Meaning what is foreseen at the end of the vision, will definitely come about. As there are various ways for it to manifest or unfold.

Your soul is at it’s highest level right now. Do not descend. Continue doing the things you do as this works for you. Often what we do in the present moment is paving the way to get to the final destination.

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Prophecy: What is foreseen is intended to happen one way or the other. The gift of the unknown is that we are allowed the gift to believe. It is time to open up, the thing we have been patient so long for has arrived.

Listen to those repeated messages. Whether in your mind, dreams or waking life. Something is set to occur for you. Just as it has been foreseen.

Intuitive Conclusion: Gannets also represent an awakening and new-knowing, with clarity and knowledge that you are more powerful than you may believe. Continue forward with your manifesting abilities.

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