The Symbolic Meaning of Lightning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant *Media + Egyptian Healing*: The Prophecy/message of lightning when seen in your dreams, waking life, synchronicity, visions or feelings of being struck with lightning, are signs that something has changed along your course and forthcoming happenings will be in alignment with the Will of God/Universal Energies over your life.

You are not to fear any forthcoming changes, as these changes are long over due. And Are directly from heaven on your behalf. At this time you are to receive a stream of prophetic messages. So pay attention to your dreams, visions, waking life for the signs to be interpreted. You are to surrender any feelings of overwhelm, As you are a powerful being. Do not feel deterred to express how you feel. As this is normal while having a human experience.

Lightning is a s sign that right now, you are making a difference in your lightwork. do not Settle for Middle-of-the-road. Find your happy ‘medium’. Yes, we all know exactly what we need to know, but we need others. If we need not others, we would not exist here on earth. You are to be selective in what you participate in while you are here. And to choose with wisdom the direction along your life path.

Lightning is a message of symbology that something radical and assigned in your blue-print or fate is about to happen/occur. You have reached the completion of something and this is to be commended. As you deserve to move forward.  You are more in control than you think. Yes, God/Universal energies are our mediator. We are given all power through him. Honor your divinity.

You are not to deter others from their fears at this time. As this is their own spiritual karma to work through. DO not try and force belief of what you do here on earth. As you were once formed by the creator before your descent to earth. Allow others to find their own strength in what you are doing. Although, there are many who support you already, you are not to convert anyone, allow them to willingly come unto you.

Lightning is a Divine message that God is at work right now. Creating platforms and opening doors, that no one has the power to close. Your prayers are being answered and you can look forward to sweeping changes and help to bring you to the fruition of his will for you in your life.

You are to be assured that you are being made over. So if you feel that you are wrapping up an emotional phase in your life or concluding any circumstances, New has come. The Universal energies are in control. Working together for your highest good, but more so for your purpose. Never forget that you are a conduit, and your human experience will always be abundantly supplied as you fulfill your missions in this world.

No two souls are alike. So do not hope to receive the same results as anyone else. Every story, unfolds as it is destined to. Lightning is also a reminder that, you are doing things in the vibration of the Christ-Mind. You have reached a new level of Divinity and you will make most use of it with forthcoming changes.

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While it may feel like all things are falling apart, this is a vital part of the puzzle piece to complete your destiny. Know that good or bad does not exist, we can do what is wrong with that which has been given to us for good, we can do good with that which has been given for us to wrong. Allow things to come to closure and be receptive to new beginnings. Just as he formed the beautiful parts of you, he also formed the ego and it is your own personal challenge to overcome. Do not try to operate outside of your purpose. Expect the supernatural and the odds to work in your favor, when lightning displays in your life.

Lightning symbolizes, sudden change, illumination, power, vibration, higher love, higher purpose, fate, destiny.


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Angel-Confirmation Number 52

Channeled By Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant (Media + Egyptian Healing): Angel number 52 is a message that you are seeing the reason beneath every situation, and you are beginning to awaken to the reasons why, everything happens for a reason. You are to pay close attention to the reason you are feeling any discomfort. In other words, pay attention to your discomfort. As it foretells, changes you need to make, and now you know what you don’t want. It is pertinent to identify with what you don’t want, so that it can be healed. You can’t only focus upon what you do want, as what you don’t want, desires to be healed so that it can move on and you have to be the one to do the inner workings to make this happen.

What we don’t want can be associated with memories, or thoughts, or feelings, or situations at present. We hold the power to move on from situations, rather than clinging to them as though they were a perfect part of the puzzle, according to our destiny. Seek answers whenever you feel discontentment. As every emotion that you feel, honor it, by getting to know more about it. Do not sweep any anger underneath ‘a rug’. Do not sweep aside how you truly feel or think about any given situation.

It is of importance to get these circumstances resolved and worked appropriately in your present moment as they come about for you. While we may question, “why is this happening, to me”. These situations and circumstances are related to things we need to resolve, or situations and obstacles related to your purpose. It is imperative that you see things as already healed and filled with light. It is of most importance to heal as you go, to not dwell upon past failures and mistakes, as long as you have faced it and discovered reasons why, it is now time to move on.

It is our nature to question things, everything, actually. If something does not feel right to you, or you’d like to do your ‘further research’, follow your own instincts. Do not rush into any situations, ‘blind folded’. Your success(es) should never be a mystery to follow through on (unless there are pieces, to be solved). The path must unfold in it’s own way, and you must want and desire to take the steps, if you are procrastinating, ask yourself, “Do I really want to do this”? Your mind will always converse with you. As well as your body and your soul. When you are unsure, the mind will tell you, often time this unsurety foretells as obstacles, often as only fears, etc.

It is essential that we move ahead always, as this assures completion of obstacles. Whenever you are faced with an obstacle, Face it in your own way. Be unique in the way you conquer these ordeals. Do not use the ‘maps’ of others. As you cannot obtain treasures others are to inherit. Even with advice, you are to use it in your own way. Always leave what does not serve you, on the table. Dishonoring greed is a way of releasing things that we may cling to out of the need to have, own or receive. We can each live abundantly, know that our own abundance has it’s personal signature and no one else, can cash in on it. Except ourselves. We each do ‘as we do’, for very important reasons, know that our needs are met in their own unique way.

5+2=7 Know that things are happening rapidly in regards to your spiritual existence here on earth. Your learning path is that of your own. If you are awaiting answers, know that they will come about in ways you were least expecting. Remember to not wait for YES Opportunities. , Don’t wait for invitations to opened doors. Make your own way and the effects will be unanimous around you.

Also see the number 7


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Angel-Confirmation Number 1177

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant(Egyptian Healing): Angel Number 1177 is a message that you are walking through new doorways of success and spiritual transformation. You are to be commended along this journey toward the next level of your life. You are assured that you are on the right path in every order and design of your life.

“Ease on down the road” Is a musical notation that assures and is being channeled with this message. This is a great path that you have chosen since the beginning. You are beginning to raise, not only your vibrations but your awareness and consciousness of who you are, who God is to you, what your beliefs are.

You are being assertive in a loving and kind way. Take note that if there were any ‘first time impressions’ that didn’t go as they were intended. Opportune times to show your authenticity have come about and you will shine and all will have a well balanced demeanor and acceptance of your spiritual identity.

You are reaching a spiritual destination that was set to occur in your life. You are in a powerful vibration in your life right now. Press forward as there are a generous amount of blessings to come about for you as you continue forward.

At this time, things are happening in  Divine perfect order, all is in it’s perfect time, and space. And you are, in the right place and time in your life. You should reflect being on the right path to yourself as much as it is possible.

Your heart is open and you are in a spiritual space where you are at peace and at one with the world and with yourself. Congratulations. As a lot of what is about to take place is because you worked really hard to achieve it. It is important to keep moving forward. You are the captain of your soul and your own destiny. You are reaching a peak in your life where you know this. You accept your flaws and you know and acknowledge when you haven’t done your best and you accept it. You are shining right now.

At this time, the world will get to see you at your fullest. It’s an amazing and opportune time right now for you, your dreams and ideals or prayers. Allow your success(es) to speak for themselves and do not acknowledge any jealousies. When you choose to acknowledge them you give power to them. You are better than that, as you would choose your circle of friends very wisely and take caution to who you welcome into your home, take the same level caution of where you will put your energy toward in regards to the thoughts you will think.

Know that we are each intimidated by something, not by people. It is up to each of us to get to know the truth about it. Look forward to blessings in your life. Know that at this time, all that you need is flowing to you and you are receiving them for a higher purpose. Know that you will remain honest and humble along the way, and you are to gracefully accept every/each earthly reward(s) to come about for you right now!

1+1+7+7=16 & 1+6=7 The angels assure you that at this time you are making the right decisions and plans for your life as these are plans orchestrated by the universe on your behalf. Empower yourself with daily reflections. Knowing that all is well.


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Angel-Confirmation Number 77

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Angel number 77 is a message from the heavens and celestial beings, that your existence here on earth will become more powerful. In regard to your influential setting in regard to your purpose and potential. Right now is the most positive and uplifting time for change and progress in your life. if anything exists in your personal world that doesn’t reflect your true spiritual nature, know that at this time it has moved on. Your life is shifting to every regard.

Know that you have every right to believe what you feel about your origination. As it truly resonates with the truth about your soul’s nature and past. It is of importance to release any inner anger in a positive and uplifting or empowering way at this time. As new will enter your life in regard to your spiritual requests.

It is now time to move forward and give old patterns, habits or concerns. Anger, sorrow, guilt, hurt and pain are all a part of the human journey as much as happiness, serenity, peace and contentment. You are asked to express every angle of your human experience, as it is your Divine nature. Honor your truths in every way possible.

Stay your own personal spiritual course and focus on how you see yourself at this time. What matters is how you see your own self image. Know that any negative aspects you see about yourself will begin to uplift at this time. As we all have them. Know that no one is ‘ideal human’. We are all on the same planet and all seek the same thing, the truth about ourselves and why we are here.

Right now is an empowering time to release burdens of any kind. You are free to walk the direction you desire and along the way, you are free to let it go if and whenever it no longer serves you. Know that there will never be a perfect journey, person or situation. Align your life with your strengths and you generate peace within and a mind that is generically focused upon what is positive, therefore light.

We are each magnets, our soul brings into our lives everything that is written in the will the creator has in store for us. At any time we may request that the will be edited and empowered in a direction that serves us.

It is not a time to fold with regard to what is happening around you. Are you deemed an ill person, although you become exhausted? Are you a miserable person, because you grieve for your losses? Are you unfortunate just because you go through something? No. These are all emotions you are allowed and understood to be expressed along the way and path of the human existence.

Do not apply external or internal labels toward yourself. Send out a reflection into the universe what you are grateful for today. Be thankful even when you feel like everything crumbles. Be content and surrender even when you forget your own strength. God is for you, you are a masterpiece of the Divine, therefore you are light and positive, even when you do not know your own strength. Know that what we put out, we will need it some day. Put ‘good boomerangs’ out into the universe. Speak to others as you would speak to yourself. Act towards others, as you’d have them to act toward you. Know that at any time along the way, we reserve the right to refuse energy to anyone (Sent or received), and anything. Vibrations are keepsakes and you do not have to collect everything that comes your way! We all deserve respect, no matter our pasts, no matter our situations. You’re powerful, In your own way,  beyond measure.

7+7= 14 & 1+4=5 Know that there are spiritual changes to be had and these are inevitable. Soon they will come about and the angels assure you, that it is now okay to ‘open your arms’ to it, in order to receive. Express your boundaries in your own unique way. Have big dreams for yourself, as you can and all of us, have the power and strength to step from potential into being.

See also the Number 5

In reference to Quornesh S. Tarot™ card Number 12


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Angel-Confirmation Number 45

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Angel number 45 Is a message from heaven that, as of right now you are facing many changes at once. You have a lot going for yourself, either right now or behind the scenes. Either way, it is a prosperous and abundant time.

Know that any pauses or delays will soon end and you will come into the fruition of progress and renewal. Know that delays or changes to plans are only challenges for you to overcome. Right now is an auspicious time to set out authentic and realistic commands or expectations from the Universe on your behalf.

In which case, ask yourself, “Am I doing what i am doing at present, for the right reasons, the right cause? Am I involved in situations that benefit my life right now and forward? It is a time to sit with yourself and ask these questions, by doing so you will gain clarity and wisdom from the higher self and higher realms.

Ego can be both positive and negative, negative thoughts accumulate from the ego. As much as positive thoughts, our minds are made up many aspects. Not only our brain(s). It is now a positive time to clear habits, worries, fears, doubts and concerns to generate clarity so that the mind is open and receiving new wisdom, daily.

It is important to not argue with others at this time. As much of the energy may be from this time and space of the ego. Do not intervene when others are ranting, as you are allowed to do the same when it is necessary.

Anyone can make suggestions as to what is possible for you, but what matters is what is right for you at this time. Know that when anything happens to you or you make certain mistakes, it is aligned according to your blue print and was a destined lesson.

Our pasts repeat in our minds as much as automatic negative thoughts are accumulated from the ego, a space where all things are held onto. Because we have not maintained our past. It is time to place things into direct order, time and space. Do not look upon your pasts. Look upon the successes you have today and be thankful of your blessings. Reflect upon someone who may be less fortunate than you, and then return your focus forward.

Know that when you are in the vibration of your purpose, opportunities effortlessly flow your way. When you are in the vibration of the ego, things seem or appear confusing and you begin to fear. Your confidence is of great importance for the work you must do in the world. Learn to play, and let go of ‘serious’ constraints or convictions within your spirit that are unnecessary and stubborn.

Right now you are in an opportune window to review yourself in all ways and let go and loose yourself of old habits. Know that what you want wants you, especially when it is aligned with your destiny/calling/or purpose.

Right now, any changes you make or happening in your life, will be for your immediate and long-term well being. Cleanse and clear your aura, through yourself, your healer of choice, or in the Divine essence itself. Choose where you will focus your energy and allow your soul to breathe, and make it’s own mistakes. There are lessons to be taught where you have fallen.

Be ready to aim and score.

See also the Number 9


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Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Angel-Confirmation Number 855

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: The number 855 is a message from the angels that you are making rapid changes along the way in the areas of your Finances and Divine mission. You can expect blessings of many kinds as you move forward. There will be plentiful.

Do not worry of the outcome of the changes you are making at present, especially if they are not a reflection of your ideal plan. You’re in a highest state of consciousness and supernatural sense of being right now.

Embrace every opportunity forthcoming at this time. Shine your light upon the inhabitants of the world. If you are experiencing any upheaval at this time or feel highly sensitive or heightened in your vibration. It is justified. Know that your daily needs are met at this time. And take time to be grateful and appreciative.

Know that every adversity, reoccurring dream, or past situations has a purpose. Listen to your instincts. But also bare in mind, that should your ‘instincts, lead you to distrust anyone or look down upon them in any way. Know then that it is a reflection of you. You are not responsible for the reflections others have about you, nor do they to you.

Feel free to excel in business, purpose, life and in your relationships. Do not mind jealousies or envies. Do not mind enemies of any kind. Know that all ships pass through your life for a very specific person. Right now it is time to pause for a moment and allow Divine to heal you from these changes. Embrace your own divinity. Be receptive and forgiving of your pasts, and the mistakes you may have made. Respect that everything that is no longer, is a representation of what you have learned from.

Be receptive to life, and know that your happiness is something that is conveyed from within. It isn’t a reflection of what needs to be in order or in place in your life. Whatever your lessons may be, whether you are learning from them or teaching others, is a reflection of the path you, yourself must walk also.

The combination of the numbers 8 and 5 in this scenario, is a message that, something will take place in your life (at present or has) or within your lifetime(not-too-distant-future/future), that is by Divine right. Do not question current situations or circumstances. Know that Divine is working in your life in all ways, at present.

8+5+5=18 & 1+8=9 It is time to be released of inner doubts, that may be from the residue of past and stale memories. Know that when you conquer one fear, you will conquer another, and once you overcome one obstacle, you will overcome the next. Know that there is nothing in your life, that isn’t as it should be, as per the reflection of your beliefs. When things are not going in the direction you desire, direct your energy in another aspect. It’s up to you.

Make changes and move forward, feel empowered to change your circumstances, by what exhausts you at present.


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Decoding The Quote “Dream Big”

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: When seeing the Quote Dream big, in your visions, waking life, synchronicity, or otherwise. It is a message that there are positive changes on the horizon. You are working in the vibration and alignment of your purpose and that of your highest self, or ordeal.

You have reached a breakthrough of some sort. As cheesy as it may seem/sound, it is very important for you to continue to believe in your abilities or yourself. Your abilities may include, what you do in the world. And the light you shine in it.

Dream Big is a message for us to see our dreams evolving and growing. To elevate our vision for where we are trying to go. Something positive and beautiful is on the way into our lives when we are shown the phrase/quote ‘dream big’. It is also an omen that we have completed a phase in our lives.

It is of importance to write/speak your dreams into reality. It is a most auspicious time to let go of judgments about yourself and judgments from others about yourself. Do not carry stale frequencies with you. Keep your aura bright by focusing on the positives within yourself and in your efforts.

Dream Big Teaches us to be luminaries of/for our generation and A Light to the next. To act and speak in resonance and response to our dreams. To see the bigger picture and to see outside and beyond our present intentions.

Do not give power to what you think you cannot do. At this time, you are being supported. Give up old thoughts of how it’s impossible for you to achieve a dream or goal. Stick with what you know. Create a vision and stick with your vision. Truth can easily be misinterpreted as a lie, when we are unwilling to stay with what we believe. Do not limit yourself or constrain to the situations of where you are at present. Change your dream, only when you have achieved it. And do not fear making changes, when and where you need to, or when you feel that it is time to do so.

Know that everything you desire is possible, especially when Divine has allowed and supplied you to do so. Work in the vibration of your abilities and for what it really is and you will see yourself and your goals blossom on levels you were not expecting.

Put in the active steps or measures to your visions. Remember to knock on doors, when you intend on behalf of your purpose, you are destined to breakthrough to success on a level, even if it isn’t the end goal. Always work in alignment of your strengths and accept your weaknesses as opportunity to learn and strengthen them.

Be open and receptive to the small blessings that you feel, lead you to your dream or goal. As often, blessings come in small packages, as tests of your faith for your big dream. Know that before you can fly, you must walk. Before you sprint you must prepare, before you can soar you must spread your wings. Before you can exhale, you must inhale. So do not fear starting from within or where you are. All is possible right now, So, dream Big!

Quornesha S. Power questions?™

  • What is your Dream Big goal & What way are you willing and ready to achieve it?
  • Right Now, do you truly believe that it is possible?
  • What are some blocks hindering you right now?


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Decoding Murphy’s Law

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: When you see, sense, hear or become aware of Murphy’s Law in your waking life, dreams or visions or clairaudient power/ability:  We all have our own beliefs, and we are all, each, responsible for adapting to truths that serve us. Murphy’s Law States, that if it can go wrong it will go wrong. So then, is it a reflection of our thoughts?

Not necessarily, as often you think of something positive and it doesn’t always equal to you receiving it. Murphy’s Law is incongruent to the Law of Attraction. Certainly, if you believe it with your whole being that something will go wrong or that you deserve it somehow, (for past actions) Then it will. This is how it applies. Seeing Murphy’s law is a reminder to shift your perspectives, as this is an avenue for manifesting.

Of course, all will not always go according to what we have planned. As we are not in control of the actions of others, nor, in control of their responsibilities and what they choose to think or act upon.

Murphy’s Law is based upon fear. And the acceptance of these fears. You are allowed the opportunity to change your vibrations always. When you see something coming in your direction, such as a train or car, you do what is best to swerve out of the way. Certainly, we have no control over how we may leave this world. Even, should we intake poisons to harm ourselves? It can go in either direction, whereas you aimed to go peacefully, you could choke up or gasp for your last breaths, etc.

If you are in situations or circumstances, you are allowed the opportunity to replace these circumstances through prayer and through action. Murphy’s Allow, applies to the actions we take, knowing that they do not benefit us, and knowing the consequences for these actions. Such as smoking, and hoping that our lungs stay healthy. Or compulsive drinking and praying that our liver(s), digest properly or Binge eating and hoping not to become constipated or uneasy internally.

Your actions and thoughts must follow or lead the course you wish to take. If you do not fuel your engine properly, keep the tank filled, of course, you will inevitably end up on the side of the road, in need of a boost.

Murphy’s Law is then a reminder to take responsibility for your life and actions, lead them in a positive manner and always use your common sense. Know that if we play with fire, we get burned if we continue to return to the same actions, over and over again. Make your own mistakes, but do not repeat the same ones’ twice.

If you do not feed and take care of your pets, eventually they will die of starvation and bring fleas and unwanted pests into your home. So then Murphy’s Law is about facing the inevitable. If you cannot change it, accept and surrender it.

If you go swimming or sailing in an area where you are guided not to go into, eventually you may drown or sink. If you fly in no-fly zones, eventually your plane will experience an attack. Listen to your instincts & follow common sense at this time.

If you do not caution, use wisdom, or Prepare for a presentation, eventually, it will not flow as you were intended. If you do not make secondary goals, just in case the first door or option does not open up to you yet, You may be disappointed. Murphy’s Law is a reminder of the Inevitable possibilities. Always do your own research, into whatever it is, area or field, that you want to get into. Discover the truth for yourself.

If you feel out of place in your thoughts, of course, your body will reflect these internal emotions.


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Angel-Confirmation Number 178

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant 

The Number 178 is confirmation from the angels and ascended masters that, You are on fire right now or you are soaring or excelling in your niche, or endeavor.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond: It is a message that your light is shining brightly. You are being commended for the actions you are taking on behalf of your soul mission.

Trailblazer: You are trail blazing and illuminating the way. You are the torch bearer at this time. Continue to shine more brilliantly. The world needs your luminosity. Take care to not feel intimidated by the envy of others. As you are empowering others to shine in their own way.

Create a Momentum: It is very important that you create or generate the momentum to continue forward. There are many changes happening right now that are shaping and shifting the way that you think. Your energies of purpose have been activated.

Present Course of Actions: Whatever you are doing right now, has you working from or with the vibration of your highest self or ideals. Dream really big and do not fear to take solid, yet bold steps to move forward.

Soaring High: Use your confidence in a calm and collective manner, rather than condescending to others. You will find that your position gains the empowerment that it needs to sustain itself. Your light is needed, in the true form that it is intended.

Blessings: It is time to shed beliefs that restrict you from being ‘yourself’. Know that there are mountains of blessings and rewards when you see the number 178 repeating in your life. This is confirmation that the angels are trying to gain your attention. Trust that all will go well for you, in exactly the most perfect way and Divine order.

It is in your charts or blueprints, it is time to take care of yourself and your purpose and know that all will be provided for you in the right ways from the perfect circumstances.

Commend Yourself: Give credit to yourself, for the steps you are taking. Be patient with yourself and the stages of the upcoming outcomes. Know that everything has happened for a reason. Know that the Universal source, formed by the creator, is wrapping up any situations in your life that are not flowing as it should or as you desire.

Let it go: It is now time to release past situations or memories that have ran cycle after cycle. Know that these frequencies have depleted themselves and are glad to make an exit, as you are on a more positive level in your life and these two energies are opposite and are not compatible with one another.

New Level: You are being welcomed to a new level on YOUR path. Do not compare how far you are to how far others have to go, nor how far others are and how far you have yet to go. Repeatedly affirm the level you wish to awaken towards and you will see a difference in the way you perceive your present circumstances.

Affirm: I welcome the angels to bless my life in all ways at this time in my life.

Numerology; 1+7+8=16 & 1+6= 7 Know that the upcoming blessings are for the betterment of your spirituality and they are coming for very important reasons. Learn to be content with each blessing and share gratitude with the universal source.


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Clarifying The Quote: The Best Thing You Can Do For a Poor Person

Channeled By Quornesha S. Oracle of Divine Wisdom and Healing: The best thing you can do for a poor person is to not be one of them. At the surface it appears or sounds as thought it is harsh.  It seems selfish. But truly this quote is born out of people who feel guilty for their wealth or the wealth they have gained. You have the potential to keep growing in your wealth and you have the potential to be just as broke before you got started.

The reality: You should not feel sorry for those who do not have their life together. You did not make their mistakes.  We are each responsible for our own well being.

The Prophecy: Something is about to occur in your finances when this quote appears to you. What you do with this new found stability is up to you. The best business do not use their own money to pull the stick out of the mud. They get funding.  If funding is not required more creative thinking is required to attain it.

The Principle of It all: Those who understand this principle will assist. In exchange for a percentage for their investment.

Keeping Finances in Check: It is now time to balance your money.  Once you decide to do so.  Everything will run more smoothly.

Wisdom: When you use money loosely. It’s difficult for it not to slip away. When you manage, it’s difficult for it to become displaced.  Your future and how you are going to live it is up to you.

Project Development: It is up to you to use your own wisdom when developing projects. As we all start/begin somewhere. Along the way someone gave each of us an opportunity. However there exists the reality of an investment versus guilt or discontentment.

We all reap whatever we have sown. If we have sown good seeds we will see these sprout in ways we do not usually expect. It is up to each of us to invest in our dreams with the appropriate research, patience and diligence. Know that when one door shuts another opens. Always know, that when your ideas do not appeal to someone else, there is someone to whom or which it does.

Clarity: When you know about your dreams, hence, done your research as to how it does in it’s field or niche, you are equipped with the wisdom to move ahead from there. Clarity is  always a great starting point. However, it does not always show up in order.

Do not be persuaded to give up your dreams: If you believe in something, do not render your foundation based on what others may think or say. You will know what to do when it is time to draw the line into investing your time, money or energy into something. One must never give up something until he or she feels absolutely ready. (When it no longer serves you).

No one does business, only for the sake of ‘saving’ someone.


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