The Message of The Color Red

Start over, and allow the soul to feel renewed. Don’t apologize for ending situations that were no longer serving you. (Empowering you to move forward) When anyone wants to select what they love about you and not all of you, it is time to move on. Seeing the color red is confirmation that the soul is evolving, therefore it is moving on. Perhaps, toxic people will not leave your life. It’s up to you to be the one who exits or holds on. Even when you know the truth.

Healing the past depends on how broken you choose to remain in the present. You don’t need to love everyone, you also don’t need to hate anyone either.

It’s time to recognize your anger triggers. Be in control of them or allow others to toy with the buttons. It’s your choice. It’s your life to live. You know you’re emotionally broke when all you can do is hope that others can see in you what you should already see. Bury the victim and resurrect the reflection of yourself, you’ve been forcing the world to see. It’s time to see it yourself.

xoxo Quornesha 

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Thanks for sharing so kindly and with all due respect!

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  1. Quornesha S.

    Thank you! ‘thedrunkenmedium’ I appreciate you stopping by. I thought your post on your ‘first encounter’ (at the bar) was in depth. It’s always great to connect with like minded individuals. Blessings, Quornesha S.
    PS, Thanks for your feedback!


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