Angel-Confirmation Number 450

Channeled by Quornesha S. 450
Some situations are to come about in your life to repay for unkind experiences. Consider this period in your life redemption and remuneration for your endurance.

Cause and Effect: You may have gone through past situations where you have felt like asking or you’ve asked yourself. “Why is this happening to me?” Everything happens for a reason. And often something has to occur in order to have an effect. #cause and effect

There must be cause before there can be an effect.

You were not alone: Divine has seen the things you’ve gone through.  Now it is time to render good as you have been faithful throughout these trials and tests.

Do not judge the length of these blessings.  Instead be grateful and experience them. You deserve them and only you can obtain them. They are yours to take full advantage.

Timing is right and everything is falling into place. You are learning what it means to karma. Even though we may not have the answers as to why the events in our lives take place. There is a higher source of power at work. Placing the right tests in our life with the perfect answer(s).

You have earned these situations.

At last: You are finally making your way out of transformation or transition. This is your rainbow in the skies. If you will.

It is time to celebrate what you have overcome.  The sun is shining. After much trepidation and storms it’s time to move ahead.

It is a time for peace. Do not worry how long it shall last. Live within this moment.
Pay attention to your inner desires and what you are manifesting at this time.

To be content in this moment. Become aware of your walk before you arrived at this moment.

Live within this moment: Now is not the time to think of what is in the distance. Although these situations will benefit you for the long term. You are being suggested to not lay permanent claim to these blessings. As they are to be in your life for as long as the karma is repaid. You will know when something is for long term. But right now. Simply enjoy what is to come about.

Gratefulness: You will be appreciative and grateful if you decide to let go. And release the habit of restricting what a blessing should look like.

450 Describes the arrival of your blessings in disguise or the results of your endurance to the trials and tribulations you have gone through to get here.

Numerology: 4+5+0=9 Empowered. Changes and blessings taking place at this time will be in alignment with your purpose. Blessings are now on the way for what you had to go through to get them. For Everything, you receive you must pay to obtain it. Consider the trials before this moment as payment. You have earned your blessings. DO not fear to receive.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

All rights reserved ©


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