The Symbolic Meaning of the Sun

Channeled by Psychic Medium Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant to Spiritual Business Owners + Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Seeing the Sun in your waking life, dreams, visions, readings,  is a symbolic meaning of Positive news/situations overall.  You have activated your creative and manifesting abilities. Now is the best time to affirm and use manifesting techniques to empower the life you think you deserve.

Inner Divinity: Always align your desires according to your purpose. Even though these will come about with ease, there will still be a bit of struggle or hard work to obtain them. But you will not fear, instead you will leap forward into the unknown.

What’s your Purpose: Ask that you see yourself in true form. Ask that whatever your abilities, purpose or calling is, that you ‘get to it’. But take caution, as many of the things you may presently be doing may come to a conclusion to meet your request for a more purposed life.

The Sun appears when we decide we are ready for a life of purpose and our higher calling.

Symbolism of the Sun: The sun is a representation of all around good fortune. We create our own luck and realities but you may call upon anyone you choose from the spirit realms to help you obtain and claim your dreams. For example, asking that the God of wealth teach you the principles of wealth. Etc. You can call upon the angels to teach you the principles of responsible giving and receiving. You can call upon the higher powers as a whole or entirety to teach you the principles of purpose.

It comes with a price: Know that every victory comes at a cost. Know that if you cannot or choose to not accept those costs, you cannot have those victories. Some things we must sacrifice, such as old habits, ways of thinking or doing in order to step into the other you.

Release concerns and worries or fears: The Sun appears when you can expect a good ending or conclusion. Your fears or worries can be banished at this time as good is being formed as payment for all your intentions. You may find that you are being tested, you will ace this ‘test’ you are being presented with.

The sun causes the plants and flowers and nature to grow and blossom beautifully. Know that in the same likeness, the sun is shining upon your current intentions and all is coming about in perfect alignment.

Tools to use: You can Use EFT as your tool or even Affirmations, and chakra blessings,chakra blessings, but these are all options. You must consider doing things according to how you wish them to come about or manifest.

One Sun: Expect good things to come about in the not so distant future.

Two suns: A vibrant conclusion to circumstances leading to brighter, bigger and better situations, and surroundings. Also blessings from heaven, people supporting you.

Three or more suns: The Completion of a lifetime or journey. Rest assured the journey has been fulfilled.

The Journey: You’ll necessarily not have to do things alone, but you must feel you deserve blessings, before others will give them to you. Time to raise your vibrations and renounce and expel all fears associated with the foundation of a journey you are set to take in the not so distant future.

Intuitive Conclusions: It is also about unexpected good and blessings. Continue forward with your manifesting. It’s working. Make gratitude a partner in your creations.

Key words associated with the Symbolism of the Sun: Prophecies, Affirmations, Declare, decrees, expelling, soul work, energy work, Wishing, manifesting, using abilities.

In Power + Peace + Priorities, 

Quornesha S., 

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + With All due respect! 

All rights reserved ©



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