The Symbolic Meaning of Planes

The symbolic Message and Prophecy of the Plane: Channeled by Spiritual Business Psychic Medium Quornesha S.: When seeing an Aircraft (Plane in particular) in your dreams and waking life, synchronicity, psychic flashes, channeling or readings. It is symbolic of increase, travel and often big, but sudden life changes.

Trust the process: You are being asked to trust these changes and to know that you are in good hands when this aircraft lands. Or has a successful take off.

Success ahead: Your dreams and ideas are beginning to flourish. You have learned your life lessons, gracefully/well. It is now time to move on from a situation or a group of situations. You are being heavenly guided and assisted with all that you will need, and require along the way. This is the start of a miraculous period in your life.

Multiple Planes: To witness multiple planes landing is further confirmation that you are traveling within the direction of your purpose with the actions you may have taken. Any fears of taking an action should now be released as you are being provided the confidence required to move ahead now. It is reassurance of success once all changes have completed had they not just yet.

Happiness: This will be the most happy time of your life, had you’ve gone through any recent life upheavals. Rest assured that you have completed that course and a new course of good situations are yet to come about and are unfolding as you speak.

Planes are also representation of life and financial security.

Planes taking off is representation of a temporary situation. Whatever you’re going through is not your final destination, yet, what you will get through but must go through.

Omens: To see a plane crash is symbolic of witnessing some situations happening around you. Know that these upheavals will soon pass. Know that everything you must go through has come, to pass. You may feel as though you are being tested or others are in need of your good will and guidance. It is up to you to decide where you are going to display your assistance. Be aware that you are not required to take on any assignments if you do not feel that these assignments help you yourself to grow further in spirit, mind, body and heart.

When you are aboard a plane that has landed this is further confirmation that it is you whom will soon see fruition in regards to your dreams.

When you have to go through it: When you are the one aboard a plane that has crashed it is confirmation that you will be the one to go through some changes and upheavals. It is up to you to interpret these messages and accept that some changes will need to take place in order to position you for your purpose as some of the actions you may be presently taking may not be aligned with it. How you see the situation is up to you. We can all choose to be victims of our changes  or situations and what happens to us or we can begin believing that no situation truly belongs to us and it has come as a test for us to make our way out of.

Be Encouraged: Planes landing one after the other is synchronicity and a Divine message that what we fear is not how things are going to turn out. And that changes or transitions will be swift, yet we will land firmly on the ground.

Listen within: Listen to those inner messages about your fears. As your clairaudient abilities or thoughts are sending out a message to you. Listen. Not from your head but your heart. When these thoughts or feelings tell you not to fear, you have received confirmation that there is absolutely nothing for you to fear. You will get moving soon and have the forethought and clarity to carry out plans.

There is no need for the whole Staircase, Yet: Remember, You do not have to have all steps into place in order to have a plan. Often we plan and discover that some sign/higher power, shows us that there is another way. So listen the first time. If you are opened to listening to your inner guides, you will find that you are successful even beyond all doubts and fears.

Intuitive Conclusions: Life improving, getting better. 


Quornesha S. 

Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

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