Bless Yourself (Serenity Statements)

More to come, although there is not a specific amount at this time. Began on 11/27/2015

white lotus flower
white lotus flower

Bless Me today, with Something I have expected + Faithed for


Prophesy over thyself:

Greater is Coming
Asking heaven for strength to start, brand new. ©
Almost is not enough, I am making it. ©
All the Blessings that Belong to me ©
True Power, uncontrollable. ©
All I See is Miracles.  ©
No Matter What it is, NO matter What I do, 2016 Is MY Divine Year-Quornesha S. ©
as bad as It was, that’s How great it will become. It is now becoming great. ©
I have to be open to what is seen and unseen to be tremendously blessed and so I am. ©
Ready for my Divine Blessings ©
Speaking Abundance into Existence ©
Answered Prayers Movement 22™ ©
Blessings Are  All Around Me. ©
Didn’t Know my Own Strength © Movement 22™
Getting ready and Prepared for blessings © Movement 22™
© In part by, Movement 22™


Bless Yourself ©
Movement 22™ Quornesha S. Serenity Statements™
Soar ©

Affirming and Manifesting.

Similar to Affirmations Can be thought or spoken aloud.

Bless yourself™

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