Leopard [Panthera Pardus] Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Psychic Medium Quornesha S., Psychic Consultant to Spiritual Businesses + Spiritual Entrepreneurs 

The Leopard is a symbolic Message that you will have to go through some adverse situations or that you have gone through some. It is confirmation that no matter what happens you will make upcoming changes. Although they may not be graceful while going through them. It will be rewarding once they are complete.

Symbolism: The leopard is symbolic of illumination, renewal, strength, transformation, transmutation.

Awakenings: In the conclusion of this awakening, you will blossom. Your guides will like to remind you how brave you are. In stepping up and forward to make these changes. It is also a reminder for us to allow others to go through what is necessary. To allow them to make mistakes, as often these are the transformations required to become what is intended for them.

The Spiritual Request: The Leopard is a Symbolic request for you to climb and step out on faith as you have it within you to leap and land on stable ground. The strength and agility of the leopard, is quite strong willed. When they see prey they don’t often jump the first chance they get, but if they should it is because they are confident in what they are after. This is a message that you raise your expectations about yourself. As confidence and self respect of your actions and goals is already within you. You may find yourself surrounded by those who believe you can’t or negative people. Yet it is up to you to make that final call. If you believe you are weak you will most likely not believe you can do something. And quite often feel less superior to the situations at hand.

What it’s trying to tell you: We all need a little help from others, yet forthcoming changes require that the next steps come from your own efforts. A miracle awaits you once you do make a new and fresh start. You may find that you become spiritually exhausted, but that is part of leaping and moving on. It’s up to you to change the next ‘scene’ you’re about to make. It’s time to judge your own situations as you have it in you to decide what will move you forward and what will keep you standing still.

Spiritual Independence: Do not take other’s advice at this time, as your spiritual guides are confident that it’s time you make your own decisions. INDEPENDENCE Is the key word when seeing the Leopard in your waking life, dreams, visions or synchronicity. The leopard does not look to the lion for food, instead he seeks his own agility and believes that at an appointed time, he’s going to find his own way.

Yet do not judge: Others mean well, but you must prioritize as you are the one responsible for your own actions in the end. Take a look for yourself. With all the legal disclaimers that one may attach to the advice they give. It’s up to you to listen to your own advice at this time.

Intuitive Conclusions: You must self spiritually hydrate, so that you will know, this change has come about from your own efforts. That way you can feel the victories and what you have to go through to get them, are paid for and ‘You are?’ Indebted to no one.

In Power, Peace and Priorities, 

Quornesha S., 
Psychic Medium (Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. ) 

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly with all due respect. 

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