Angel Number 14

Fourteen is about love and spiritual development. Many with this number communicating to them may find that they are in search for companionship or finding the person to share their personal journey with.

I personally believe that this is the purpose of being a couple anyway, to share the journey with someone other than yourself. Fourteen also resonates with giving of your heart and soul, unconditionally. Sharing of yourself. It is also important to love yourself by not causing spiritual harm and neglect to yourself by depleting your energy.

When you have friendships, it is so that you can support each other. If you do not have those companions in your circle pray for change of heart for your dearly beloved. If they are reluctant to change, do not wish them away, as sooner or later Divine will assist these people with leaving your life for good as long as you remain positive and patient towards the present experience.

It can be difficult to love others who test you constantly but it’s important to refrain from judging your experience with them. The more you focus on your friends getting better, the better they will become. Encourage and empower your loved ones, as  they may feel rejected by you. Learn to accept them for who they are. Good habits rub off on people, especially when you’re open to change.

Pray for your workplace. If you cannot seem to accept where you are then it is possible you feel resentment for your current situation deep within in some area of your life.

As for me sharing is therapy, I love to share and give because I feel better by helping others feel good about themselves. They’re in my circle so I feel empowered to love in this way. I am grateful for the receptivity!

xoxo Quornesha Anauel Virgo 

all rights reserved.

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    • Quornesha S. Lemon

      Hi There T, I think it does deserve an update. I just may update it. But only when I feel the message coming through. I am updating this website behind the scenes, for me, for all of you…and I appreciate your request.

      Thank you,

      xoxo ~Quornesha


  1. Carlos

    Gracias Quornesha, gracias por tu participación en los designios de el Divino creador.
    Parece que todo gira alrededor de nosotros y nosotros alrededor de los demás, como en un baile.

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