Parachute Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Intuitive Medium Healer: Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Life Purpose Coach, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Shaman, Obeah Practitioner, Empath, Certified Crystal Reiki Master: The parachute in your life, waking, dreams, visions or synchronicity is a message that it is now time to change some truths about yourself, your life in general and truths about your future. Try something new. You are prepared to take a leap and the universe applauds your commitment to trust and step out on faith no matter what happens.

It is because of this that you are or have become a candidate of greatness. You have some people or audiences to lead at this point in your life. It is time to lose vision or perception of some outdated and outmoded obstacles or beliefs. As you have just broke through something. Whether this was an unconscious or conscious matter.

Something will easily pass out of your life. You remember where you started from. You are a beautiful soul through and through. Which is why your future will always be bright if you stay true to your authentic and beautiful aspects. Higher powers request that you do not feel hindered or indebted to your past or past-life mistakes.


Your mind or logical mind would often make excuses as to why you do not need to move forward. Making a plan for you to stand still. But remember, plans are not always followed through. You must take action against your negative/naysaying thoughts. -Quornesha S.


The parachute reminds you, that it does not matter how things will work out now. You are to press forward anyway. Higher powers have granted you a key to another aspect/world or secret of the universe. And you deserve it. You have awakened a power in you, that may have stood still for quite some time. You are being commended at this point in your life. Know that any mode of transportation, finance, hospitality will all be provided and/or you will have the resources to meet your daily needs through independence and diplomacy.

You are loved in a very big way. Your act of faith has activated a chapter of your destiny and the dissolving of your past. Take note that specific aspects of the parachute represent many or few perceptions. If open and gliding. You are breaking free of old restraints and some past obstacles have been overcome. If your parachute is closed and in need of ‘pulling the cord’ you are about to make a decision and you do not need to procrastinate. Know that if it is your time, for whatever that may be, allow and accept it. You then begin to open up doors for your angels to intervene if you surrender your will and need to control.  If you are wrapping up a chute. You will find that pleasures follow your current changes and ventures. No matter how hard they may be at present.

Know that no challenge is meant to stay & every challenge is meant to strengthen you and push you further. You are someone special to Divine. You are incredible to every sense of the word. You are an adventurer. If the parachute appears to you wrapped up and/closed/sealed, you are procrastinating. You are being asked to surrender, let go and move forward anyway. As the present choices, you need to make are your tests. If you make no choice you have failed your own opportunities.

The Parachute is a message that there is stability or providence that you may not be able to see until you leap/jump. You are being called upon by your purpose. Take action, as that is within your power and control to do so. YOU MUST DO what you have to do. Whatever your heart is telling you, do it. Without fear of failure. Without fear of what other people think or how things are going to work out. If you are seeing this sign, it is your turn. Push through emotions of doubt. This is the enemy from within and you need to take care of it by questioning everything it shows you. If you know that what you are thinking is a bit off, question it. Even if it is a bit optimistic. You want to make a decision, but with high guidance and in alignment with your purpose.

Do not fight natural order of life. We may miss our loved ones, old life or relationships. But we are not conditioned to stand still. We must keep moving on and forward. Keep flowing & going. Release, surrender and dismiss anything or anyone that refutes destiny. You need to. As this is a test, you must pass.

Keep moving forward. These experiences that may wrap you with fear are often the answers to your prayers. Make up your mind. And Just go for it. You will notice that your backup plan will appear from ‘out of the blue’. But remember, plans are just plans. It doesn’t mean you will get to do them.

A Parachute in conclusion, represents Ease after making a painful decision. Stable ground, empowerment, courage, trust, strength and obedience towards your purpose. It is prophetic that you will come out of a difficult period soon, shining. As a parachute is a reminder, that you are able to guide your experiences in life. You need to do so. Guide how you perceive/receive information. Begin to take action in your highest intent/direction.


Quornesha S. *PowerfulMystic8*

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Donkey Symbolism

Channeled By Quornesha S.: Master of Healing & Natural Born Medium, Intuitive, Channeler: Seeing a Donkey in your waking life or dreams is a sign of High esteem. It is also a sign of luck in travels.  Donkey’s, in modern times, are rare forms of travel(s). But if the Donkey comes to you and chooses you, your travels are blessed. If the donkey strays away it could be a sign that you yourself are not ready for the changes are ahead. You are inspired to get out of your own way if this is so. But it is super lucky for a Donkey to approach you in your dreams or waking life as this conveys that you are ready, so the donkey reflects that. If you have some inner conflicts with decisions that lay ahead for you the Donkey will mirror this back to you.

If you are comfortable and complacent, the donkey will reveal this also by not listening or shrugging off your requests, as though they do not matter. If you are open and receptive and eager or ready…the Donkey will mirror this back to you.

Donkey’s that appear before movement or travel should be noted as a blessing. And it is such for very mystic reasons. Leap into the unknown with an opened mind. Know that all you will need will be abundantly supplied. You are to shrug off easily anything that doesn’t serve you along the way. As with new blessings come small tests or such for you to easily overcome.

You will feel blessed with where you are going.Do not worry. Give up your fears if you cannot go through them. As they are not for you. If there’s anything in your life overwhelming you it is not a source of highness or light. It is that of oppression and you are to get going and release them. You are loved beyond what you could possibly believe right now. And this is with good reason that you have a little doubt. But also note that your faith outweighs negative thought patterns.


Donkey Can be symbolic of Stubbornness, confirmation, royalty, wealth, acknowledgment, wisdom, enlightenment, Good Luck, Providence, and Support.

Know that it is safe to use your own Stubbornness when you are unsure and really want to say no in certain situations. Be authentically you and never settle for less than the awesomeness that you already are. It’s spiritual message and lesson is to lighten up! Release whatever isn’t serving you any longer with laughter. Listen to your feelings, this is your intuition at play/work.

To dream of multiple donkeys is a sign that your prayers for fortune have been heard and the higher powers see that you are looking for life-changing blessings and you are assured that you will receive them. Know for sure, that the perfect opportunities have formed for you and you can rest assured prosperity, providence and stability have laid a foundation for you. Be encouraged to continue moving forward, as the most perfect blessings are due for arrival in the most perfect of ways.

Something prophetic is coming to pass. You reap what you sow. Continue moving ahead and forward. Positive and great things are on the horizon for you. While the Donkey can be stubborn in nature it can also denote something very positive. Donkeys’ are also for good times, and often used as symbolism, of fun times in celebrations. You are stepping into a new sociable level in your life and it is time for you to fly high. Spread your wings beloved, spread, your, wings!

All is well from here on!


Quornesha S. 


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The Above interpretation is a reflection of what it means to me, to join me and receive interpretations unique to you, book here!  You can learn about your abilities in an hour session, and consecutively follow up with as many sessions as possible to fully awaken your own abilities in order to tap into the meanings and interpretations of your own dreams, and the signs all around you!  There’s no course material, as each individual and their purpose is unique. Also, this ensures, you are learning what is vital and necessary for you, not what is in ‘general’. You can heal and gain knowledge in a single session, or at least begin your journey to awakening. ©

Igloo Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Consultant: When seeing the igloo in your dreams, waking life, visions, etc it is a message to: Exert your kindness where it can be of the most use. Consider anything or anyone who considers themselves ‘perfection or not in need of anything’ and exert  your energy in another direction.

This sign is a reminder to remove rose colored glasses and know, that you are not doing anyone any favors by extending yourself the way that you are. While you are Definitely in the ‘right’ vibration, be sure that intention is read in credible manners. Allow others to take responsibility for themselves first.

If you feel cold feelings from others, these feelings may be accurate. But you are not to directly express judgment to persons, as to allow benefit of doubt first, but internally holding true to what you feel for right now. The thoughts that you think may be accurate but you are not to act on every thought you have at this time.

No matter who they are, you are to use your own happiness to illuminate your experiences the way you wish to experience them. The Igloo is a source of Coldness or lack of warmth and welcome environment or disconnect from others, which may be necessary at this time. If you do not want others to label you, you are not to label others. If you do not wish for others to tell you what to do and how to go about doing it, you are not to teach others how to be, yourself. We are not above others, and others are not above us. Whatever you teach others, will be reflected back to you. The answers you give will be the answers that you get.

You are to adapt to your own innate wisdom. You are to honor your opinion, respect the opinion of others but not allow it to deter that of your own. Even though everything seems to resonate or/and relate to you, doesn’t mean you have to become involved with all of it, as you have the power to choose.

You are a unique matter of the world, from the creator. Use your inner source, and stay on a path and in alignment of your own beliefs, while you listen to and respect the views of others.

The Igloo, is a symbolic representation that you are stepping into your own personal power and you are to be fully and completely proud of that and/or whom you are becoming. As this is modified according to your personal truths, and an expression of the belief that you have within yourself.

The Igloo is also a reminder that if you have feelings to seclude yourself from particular practicums or individuals, then this feeling may be right. You are not delusional to step into your feelings every once in a while, as these feelings lead to the avoidance of dangers and faults and is therefore forethought on how to avoid, humiliation, trepidation,  being blindsided, or anxieties etc.

You are to use your instincts at this time. Your instincts are teaching you about your environment. Honor it. Say and express what you feel in a way that is fair to yourself and all involved, including yourself. Be unbiased in your approach to all who enter your path.

Use your uniqueness and assert it wherever you are.  You are to create your element. Instead of seeking for it to be presented to you. Be independent and there will be opportunities that are fair and unbiased to be presented for you to be interdependent. You are confidently asserting your charisma, uniqueness and abilities. Whatever you are doing to truly stand in your power looks good on you. Don’t build things based on fear, instead, build them from a sense of providence for yourself, the world and all around you.

Use your source and walk confidently in it! New environments are forthcoming, so that you can and will further spread your wings and fly!


Quornesha S. Consulting 

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Camel [Camelus] Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant *Egyptian Healing + Media & Personal* The camel is symbolic of success and fruition. Of vibrations and elegance. A Period or time/chapter of grace and serendipity. Seeing the camel in your waking life, dreams, visions and synchronicity is a message that you have walked through a new door that sets you on a new course and chapter.

Something has began in your life. As old doors have come to a close look forward to your new beginning(s). It may be time to take an indirect approach in a situation. It may be time to go with the flow of changes, as you are allowed to edit them along the way to your spiritual specifications.

The camel asks you to be open and receptive. To allow change into your life and to welcome the changes that are happening or occurring with opened arms. At this time, you will receive whatever you need as you step forward through this new door. If you need more energy, clarity, love, or empowerment know that it is on the way into your life. Whatever others need is for them and whatever you need is to support you on your journey.

The animal kingdom wishes to remind you that no-one is ever alone, especially YOU if you should feel this way right now. We may not be able to communicate the same with our animal counter-parts, but they are indeed speaking to us through other, contiuum. Do not boast about anything that you may have obtained. This new beginning is a reminder that we are etched by the creator to move forward always.

You are not to become obsessed with your possessions in any way. Do not become obsessed with people, material things or thoughts. Let all of it go, and allow it to pass through your life in the chapters it is meant to carry you.

Send love wherever you go, ask that love is reflected back to you in all that you give, as we are meant to be abundant and receive. Use your powerful intuition. Do not be afraid to express your creative gene. Step into your authentic expressions and embrace all there is, and all that you are.

While You have stepped through a new door, you have also stepped into you and introduced yourself to your inner potential. The camel is symbolic of storing for the future. If you’d like to look into ways to stabilize your finances in any way, now would be the most auspicious time.

Each animal enters our lives for a reason. Your efforts, whatever they may be are appreciated and taken into account. Do not fear that, because views are different from your own, that this means you are wrong. As this is not so. Your voice is heard, just as much as anyone else’.

Camel-wallpapers-9 For Symbolic Meanings + Healing

Notice that others are empowering the things you already know for sure, when you see similar thoughts/wisdom. Do not take things personally if you are feeling vulnerable in any way. Know that you are not insecure, although you experience insecurities. You are not your failures, although in some situations you fail. You are not your storms, although you experience a bad day. You are not your outward appearance, as the heart is what matters.

Release any beliefs, no matter what they may be. To attract those who accept you of your beliefs, begin to see the light in that of others and be receptive to them also. No matter what the resource is, if it isn’t aligned with who you are on the inside, do something differently. As your happiness is your responsibility. No one can smile for you.

Release intensities by expressing your voice and speaking up, even to your fears and thoughts. Speak up and you will see that you are more in control of your own life, the way you think and how you feel than you expect.

Camels mark the ending of vulnerable transitions/transformations.

When your soul is tired, listen. Nothing ever happens by mistake. The Camel symbolizes opulence and legacy. When the camel has one hump this means a new journey that you are expecting. When the camel has two humps this means that this is a new beginning that you and another has planned. So if you are taking a trip/move of any kind, this is to symbolize that you will have the full support of the universe.

Remember that you are supported even if you face obstacles. You are loved even if you feel things aren’t going your way. Know that you do not have to have things your way all of the time. Make room to learn by falling down. You are assured through Divine will that you will get back up again. But you will have to make the effort to try.

Know that things do not have to be difficult. In life, how we experience our lessons are personal requests based upon how we treat others, ourselves and the way that we believe. You are everything God has created you to be, and he is everything that he sees in you. So you have a source. You WERE born with a manual. It is that of your creator and inner wisdom. You must tap into it. Do not believe lies about yourself. No matter who or where they are coming from.

Make room for love and growth in your relationships, friendships or partnerships and remember, you don’t miss out on anything when you do it anyway. If you are to miss an opportunity it doesn’t matter to begin with. You have the all seeing eye supporting you. Know that as you go, your days are blessed. Know that as you arrive, your life and experiences are blessed. Know that God/Divine/Universal Energies are carrying out the will that is upon you.

Grace & Namaste, 

Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant 

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Dalmation Canis lupus familiaris Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant +  Egyptian Healer: The Dalmatian is a symbolic message that Things are looking up for you and adjusting in regards to the aspects of your home life. Something generous comes your way It is time to balance the way you live and the angels and ascended masters are assuring changes to you at this time.

There is abundance to be received by you. It is now time to place concerns aside. Any issues in regards to the way things are flowing are to be placed to rest. The Dalmatian assures that changes being made are for your highest good, even though they may appear daunting or a bit confusing at times.

You are assured that through these changes things are falling into place as they are intended. The angels and elementals are assuring that you are walking through the Divine Doors and opportunities at this time with regard to your destiny. You are opening your eyes to the bigger picture, although it doesn’t seem that you are. You are to release trepidations about the changes you have made.

Right now your affirmations are being realized as well as personal dreams and needs. Know that your needs are being met in graceful and miraculous ways. Even though at times you feel certain about the steps you are taking and at times you feel a bit confused, know and realize or acknowledge that you have done what was required for you at this time.

If you are waiting on anything as of late, it is important to know that good news is on it’s way to uplift and ease the thoughts you may be thinking. Know that you are always guided and you are always shining your light in abundant ways. Whether it’s through quick interactions with strangers, or interactions with those you know. Understand that all of these instances have come about for a specific purpose or reason.

It is now time to detach from what is old and make way and alignment for what is new. Know that we are each connected to Divine, but we are not all the same, we are unique in our own way. There is no one who can step into your shoes, as much as you cannot step into another in order to walk their path.

Right now is an auspicious time for change and inward perspective. Reflect upon your life journey thus far and where it is you imagine of going. Right now is the ‘right time’ or the sign you have been waiting upon to take the steps in the direction of where you wish to go. Be sure that you have laid out stable steps for you to take. Be sure that wherever you hope to go you are aligned with where your needs will be provided for you. IE: The money, the job or the plan and savings in order to do so.

If you are starting a spiritual venture of any kind, or you are looking to expand the one you already have it is blessed and fortunate time to do so. You have the Universe at your side to assure that all goes according to the blueprint of your soul’s journey.

It is important to be who you are within always in your dealings and actions. Be yourself also, in your mistakes. You are getting ready to make moves in order to build a home life you can literally call your own. This is indicating that you will move into a more independent phase of your life in regards to the home sector. You will be pleased and the pressure you were once feeling will subside. If you have set plans into motion or you are working on your career at present this is assuring that you will make a move in this regard. Know that the changes to come about are for you to ‘build’ or start a home and family life of your own.

You are getting prepared and are ready to begin a generation from your own background. If you have a family of your own this interpretation is indicating that your family life will improve in many variables. It is important to commend yourself for the steps you are taking, know that you are aligned with your destiny at this time and things are unfolding and flowing as they should.

It is time to release old karmic challenges, know that we are the only ones who hold things against ourselves. Something has come to it’s rightful and timely conclusion. The longer we hold onto stories and carry the weight of what has happened the more we have to carry it. As Nelson Mandela Once told me through the Spirit Realm and World: “We were not meant to be prisoners in our minds. If you do not like what you have been through let it go. 

Our pasts are only cycles and spinning wheels that are endless, they will not stop, unless we decide to jump out of the center which is ever available and ever open for us to enter into or exit from.

It is important to hold thoughts of peace and good journeys rather than ones’ that leave us drained and feeling miserly. Do not allow the old into your life, it has served it’s time and purpose in your life and what’s more? You will never have to go through the issue in your lifetime here on earth again, unless that serves you by your choosing it.

You are being welcomed to new levels and spiritual atmospheres. It is time. Now is the time.

Black and White Dalmatian: The Yin and Yang energy being harmonized, and harmony expressed in career and home life.

Brown and White: Family life in general and home life balance.

The Dalmatian asks you to see the bigger picture. Take another look, or shift your perspective.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

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Crocodile Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Seeing the crocodile in your waking life, dreams, visions or synchronicity is a message to take caution with our words or intentions. It is now an auspicious time to shift the energy in what we are doing, or to focus more of our energy in a lite and empowering way. Crocodile symbolizes wealth, well being and intuition. Your intuitive abilities are strong right now, you honor them by listening to your instincts and also by questioning things if they do not resonate with you.

Crocodile is a representation and reminder that we are free to release anything at anytime when it no longer has vital purpose for us to continue with. Crocodile in your dreams may be forewarning of our thoughts and frequencies or vibrations. Check your intentions and priorities at this time.

The crocodile is a symbolic message of restlessness and constant concern about present situations. There are times where concerns are justified. As being concerned is a representation of our instincts. When seeing the crocodile in our waking life or dreams, or visions or synchronicity it is a message of Increase, and abundance.

Take caution and wisdom to how you may be splurging your time, money or energy at this time. The crocodile is a symbolism of value. Whether that is in the direction of your work or personal awareness or perception, know that no moment is ever wasted. We each travel well along our  journeys’ as we should. We are saved from death or illnesses when it is not our time to ‘go’. We are saved from worry or concern when we are required to be positive and uplifting.

Know and assure yourself, that although you may be facing challenges, this too is a part of your Divine soul mission at this time. There will come a time where you no longer have to worry about certain situations or otherwise. It is entirely up to you what and where you will use your energy. You are encouraged to not give up. There is unlimited potential within each of us, it is up to us to awaken from potential through services, prayer, resources, etc.

Whatever you need to fulfill your destiny will be provided for you. It is of  heavy importance to get things done the way you want them. Know that you are aligned and doing what you are doing because you have chosen it and it you. Do not complain for your challenges, for they will soon or at present, transmute into blessings.

Honor your own beliefs with contentment and peace. Boldly walk your own path. Boldly be who you truly are. Only you can live out your life. Your life and the steps you take in it, is a reflection of the mission you are here to serve, even if others disagree with it in any capacity. Accuracy is not the same as popular opinion. Accuracy is the truth of the situation or matters. Pay attention to signs around you. & know that You deserve your increase, influx and blessings. Your patience is paying off right now, do not be swept away with all that is happening at once.

Use your inner drive to make things happen. As action is an aspect of manifesting. Know that situations are cancelled for a reason, things are reset for a reason, you experience setbacks and delays for a reason. When you are appointed and destined, you arrive where you are meant to arrive in Divine and most perfect time, not any time sooner.

Focus on your own path, the work you are meant to do, the lessons you are meant to learn and teach, nothing more. If any door opens for you, it was meant to. If any door closes for you, it was meant to and has officially ran it’s course. If you experience a pause or delay, it is time to release and reflect on where you need changes to improve your path/course.


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect.   

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Cotton Plant Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Seeing cotton plants in your waking life, or dreams is a message that you are awakening. You are receiving a prophecy from the Divine realm that assures financial and material well being. Know that good news you receive right now is valid.

Heaven is the place where you do not need money or material possessions. It is now time to being open and receive your present and forthcoming blessings. You are loved in more ways than one. Every blessing you receive at this time is because you deserve them. Understand that your blessings have also chosen you.

Cotton is a promise of wealth and well being in your life. Be assured there will be plenty and more, to continue doing the work you are doing in the world. The Divine realm: Angels, God, Ascended Masters, ancestors and Spirit guides, commends you for the work you are doing in the world. And wish to congratulate you through further rewards and financial responsibility.

Know that you are healing yourself and those around you. Appreciate every step you are taking. Express gratitude for what you already have. Know that at this time, your small blessings and beginnings are set to grow and empower further. Know that you deserve everything you are receiving, even if the blessings forthcoming are unexpected.

Your work is very special to the Universal & Divine Realms. Be appreciative of your present and forthcoming blessings. Even though you’ve made mistakes, have a past of your own, or otherwise, you are an angel in this world and in the next.

Open your heart to receiving Divine knowledge and wisdom. Be assured that your hard work or toiling will be paying off at present. You can assure that your life will feel empowered and you, awakened to further blessings.

Your best self is emerging and you can sit in quietness or stillness to gain more of these vibrations and opportunities. Further awaken your present blessing(s), through prayer and meditation. You are a conduit of prophecy in your own unique way through your music, through your writing, through your acting or through your speaking. Whatever avenue Divine has provided for you to empower and be a light, you are a prophet through it.

The Love that is known for you in the beyond will begin to flow your way, at present. Be open minded and empower these blessings through grace, receptiveness, affirmation and gratitude.

Picking cotton in your dreams is connotation that you will be successful after all of your efforts. It’s time. That is the message that is appearing right now. Success, abundance and prosperity is assured. Being given cotton, is a connotation that you will blessed far more than you are expecting. Your dreams will be exceeded or you will excel.

Card 1 In Quornesha S. Tarot™ Also Appears out of this interpretation


Quornesha S. 

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Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

Coyote (Canis latrans) Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Coyote symbolic meaning, it represents illumination and empowerment. The Coyote as a spirit or power animal represents a person with strong will, and intentions. When the coyote appears in our waking life, dreams, visions, paintings and synchronicity. It is a message that, you are a very powerful being. 

It is time to direct your energy where it is welcomed. And where others are receptive. The coyote, reminds us to not force our way into the lives or environment of others. So if you are working on any public projects, be sure to go where your energy is receptive and welcomed, in order to plant your efforts in stable ground.

Know that your efforts matter. No matter whose receptive or not. The coyote, helps us to find our tribes and therefore symbolizes being authentic in order to display efforts we intend to display. Do not put in actions where you are not intending.

The coyote is a message to act with caution and wisdom, to assure that we are planting seeds and not just throwing out our intentions where they are not needed, wanted or desired.

Everything you intend to do, must be received as per the law of request. Even if we intend to help, heal or suggest or advise, it does not mean our voices will be heard, unless others and we, ourselves, really wish to hear, see and know. Know that all that are receptive to your sharing of energy will acknowledge you by frequency or otherwise.

The Coyote, asks you to understand the value of your intentions. You are being awakened at this moment in regards to your value and intentions.

It is of great importance to only share your ideals where they will be appreciated and welcomed. Using your affirmations in a way that is Private and beneficial to yourself first, before sharing with others. When you are filled, you will know and have the balance in body-mind and spirit as to how to share the energy. You must care for yourself first.

It is time to trust your instincts and know when to keep quiet and when to listen. Know that answers are pouring out right now, and you have the ability to take away what you wish and leave what you do not want.

Do not worry of any interpretations about yourself at this time. Forgive in your mind and move on. Know that when one door closes, another is opening. As that is the law of balance. If there is any information being delivered to you without tact, move on and know, that all things happen for a very special reason. Know that all people, show you who they are. As much as we show others who we are, and know that also, it is not our responsibility how others interpret us. As we are not responsible nor can we control, how we are seen in the eyes of others. Nor others, how we see them. As we are allowed, per our own interpretations and instincts.

Learn to be patient of others when they are going through something. Always choose to see the good in others and when you cannot look beyond what you see, move on and change or shift your environment.

Respect the boundaries of yourself and those of others. Know that the only way is up from here and stay true to your own personal beliefs. NO matter who you deal with. No matter their beliefs, you can be respectful of your own and that of others, but always be true to who you really are.

Always put your dreams out into the universe, even if your idea or dream seems silly or you fear others will say no. Because even though some will say no, there will be blessings that develop for you later on to give to you, your dreams and desires. Do not fear being uninvited to anyone’s circle. Know that if they mattered, they would not mind. Knock and doors will open for you, even if that door is next door or the one over from it. Seek and you will find opportunities. Your efforts are being rewarded, including, behind the scenes. Know that there will come a time, where you will also have to say no and deject some ideas, as not all of them will suit you, or your goals, both immediate and long term.

Know that there are things we can learn from others and others from us, but you must be willing to be receptive (choose) and others must be receptive to your teachings or knowledge (when they choose). You equally have the right to select your group or tribe, as much as anyone else.

Coyote is also in resonance to the number 71 And a reminder to rely on your instincts. Meaning the coyote is a representation of power (power Animal)


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Orangutan (pongo) symbolic Meaning

Orangutan symbolic meaning. The Power of a mother. Diplomacy and understanding. Asserting yourself. (Power in a graceful way + respect)

Channeled from Quornesha S. Clairvoyant Medium + Egyptian Healer: The Orangutan is symbolic that we are not meant to be concerned with the outside world, as it can do us no harm. Right now, You may be facing some long awaited changes. Your perspective is changing at this time. You’re not feeling the need to prove anything to anyone. You’re getting ready and prepared for an authentic period in your life, or it has already began.

You didn’t know your own strength: You are beginning to realize your strength and giving courage to your weaknesses.

Choose your words carefully and do not argue with others. If there is someone around you, spreading bad news or vibrations. Know that you have the power to remove yourself from these situations.

If you have received any prophecies, Know that they are manifesting at this time.

Take note of resounding energies. And cleanse space as necessary. It is now time to release negative or oppressive predictions. You may find that past memories reflect your present in some way. You are suggested to move forward and release. It is now time to exhale, excess spiritual baggage. It is now time to release naivety and assert your wisdom from within. It is now time to emit happiness from within yourself so that it is reflected outward. It is now time to voice (express) or stand up for your own beliefs in a powerful way.

The orangutan, represents contentment. Do not feel intimidated to place yourself in unnecessary situations. It is time to  listen to your own instincts as you may have been too dependable upon others.

Release these restrictions and constraints. While there may be others, making a big scene and creating drama it is time to take a stand of solitude. 

Being Open: Therefore it is not time to build up emotional walls, nor allow others to ride the tidal wave of your generosity. You know what you must do. And now, is the perfect time to do it. Release situations no matter what it entitles.

Balance; Remember that with all bad news, there is good news  and vice versa. Know that there will never be a perfect ‘book’. But you are free to choose one that resonates mostly with you and your beliefs.

Take back your power; Do not allow anyone to prophesy doom into your life. Nor from within your mind, in other words, it’s time to stand up for yourself on all levels.

You are not alone, but you must lead the way from now on. Rather than looking or seeking for answers outside of yourself.


Quornesha S. 

(Henry Ford Quoted: whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.

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The Symbolic Meaning of Planes

The symbolic Message and Prophecy of the Plane: Channeled by Spiritual Business Psychic Medium Quornesha S.: When seeing an Aircraft (Plane in particular) in your dreams and waking life, synchronicity, psychic flashes, channeling or readings. It is symbolic of increase, travel and often big, but sudden life changes.

Trust the process: You are being asked to trust these changes and to know that you are in good hands when this aircraft lands. Or has a successful take off.

Success ahead: Your dreams and ideas are beginning to flourish. You have learned your life lessons, gracefully/well. It is now time to move on from a situation or a group of situations. You are being heavenly guided and assisted with all that you will need, and require along the way. This is the start of a miraculous period in your life.

Multiple Planes: To witness multiple planes landing is further confirmation that you are traveling within the direction of your purpose with the actions you may have taken. Any fears of taking an action should now be released as you are being provided the confidence required to move ahead now. It is reassurance of success once all changes have completed had they not just yet.

Happiness: This will be the most happy time of your life, had you’ve gone through any recent life upheavals. Rest assured that you have completed that course and a new course of good situations are yet to come about and are unfolding as you speak.

Planes are also representation of life and financial security.

Planes taking off is representation of a temporary situation. Whatever you’re going through is not your final destination, yet, what you will get through but must go through.

Omens: To see a plane crash is symbolic of witnessing some situations happening around you. Know that these upheavals will soon pass. Know that everything you must go through has come, to pass. You may feel as though you are being tested or others are in need of your good will and guidance. It is up to you to decide where you are going to display your assistance. Be aware that you are not required to take on any assignments if you do not feel that these assignments help you yourself to grow further in spirit, mind, body and heart.

When you are aboard a plane that has landed this is further confirmation that it is you whom will soon see fruition in regards to your dreams.

When you have to go through it: When you are the one aboard a plane that has crashed it is confirmation that you will be the one to go through some changes and upheavals. It is up to you to interpret these messages and accept that some changes will need to take place in order to position you for your purpose as some of the actions you may be presently taking may not be aligned with it. How you see the situation is up to you. We can all choose to be victims of our changes  or situations and what happens to us or we can begin believing that no situation truly belongs to us and it has come as a test for us to make our way out of.

Be Encouraged: Planes landing one after the other is synchronicity and a Divine message that what we fear is not how things are going to turn out. And that changes or transitions will be swift, yet we will land firmly on the ground.

Listen within: Listen to those inner messages about your fears. As your clairaudient abilities or thoughts are sending out a message to you. Listen. Not from your head but your heart. When these thoughts or feelings tell you not to fear, you have received confirmation that there is absolutely nothing for you to fear. You will get moving soon and have the forethought and clarity to carry out plans.

There is no need for the whole Staircase, Yet: Remember, You do not have to have all steps into place in order to have a plan. Often we plan and discover that some sign/higher power, shows us that there is another way. So listen the first time. If you are opened to listening to your inner guides, you will find that you are successful even beyond all doubts and fears.

Intuitive Conclusions: Life improving, getting better. 


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