Red Rose Symbolic Meaning

Inner Knowing/Wisdom: Seeing the red rose, in your waking life, in paintings, in dreams, flashes, visions, is a message of forthcoming changes, Love, passion, empowerment, psychic abilities, blooming where you’re planted. Wealth, stability, power, social abilities. Social life.

Being given red roses is a very beautiful omen, it signifies potential of a more solid relationship.

Red roses being given to you means that the giver is very happy in this companionship. Never underestimate the value of your passionate aspects. Red roses are also symbolic for releasing inhibitions. + Being open for what is next.

However, If you are given roses by a secret admirer or known friend. You must take caution as this person can quickly change his or her mind. Even though you may feel that this is the most perfect relationship with this person.

Red roses in your home  or office space represent abundance + social improvements. Red roses as a place setting could mean pleasurable times ahead. + Romantic occasions that are forthcoming in the forms of streaks (wining streak)

Prophecy: Wearing a red rose on your clothing or in your hair could represent the need for escape from normalcy. The need to be bold and daring, by choice.

Red rose scented fumes + candles or incense will bring peace to one’s environment or surroundings. In regards to others + visitors to a place of business/work etc. It is also great for psychic energy, raising one’s vibrations to the purest of intentions.

Intuitive Conclusion: Red rose colored surroundings (furniture or belongings) will boost one’s social life + environment. Only ‘touch’ with this color/shade. As it is not to be used loosely. IE; A pair of shoes, trimmings, towels, lipsticks, gem stones, sweater/jacket, tie, shirt, hat or scarf, Vase, Painting, throw rug, welcome mat, wallet or coin purse.

Too much of this color or element (red rose) is cause for overwhelm, instability, and depletion.

The red rose will bring many gains + financial clarity when used in an empowering way.

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2 thoughts on “Red Rose Symbolic Meaning

  1. Ok it already frosted ,and the leaves are turning yellow in my rose bushes ,but even after the frost there is one single red rose on just one of my Rose bushes , there isn’t any on any of the others I know this is spiritual, what exactly does it mean ?


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