The Color Red Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: Seeing red in dreams, visions, waking life, paintings, etc is symbolic of passion, envy, hate, love, Karma, karmic challenges, anger, channeling, learning to forgive, soul journeying, lessons learned, releasing imbalances, grudge, vindication, strongman, stronghold, spiritual warfare, upheaval, joy.

Too much red is symbolic for karma + rage. Holding onto who someone was, does not prove who they are. Neither does assuming that they have not changed. Have you changed? You can only stare at the flame for so long until it encompasses you.

It is time to move on + let go of the past. As the longer it consumes your attention. it travels with you along the path of life.

However. red is also a symbolic message that, it is time for the world to see the light that illumes within you.  Recognition that puts you where you are meant to be. So that you will flourish + show the world your gift + ability.

Red is also the color of sexual power + influence.

If you have an enemy in mind that you despise…it is time to discontinue the pursuit of their doom. As Karma + Fate has a way of situating you to sit at the same table or fall in the same hole you dig, or set up for another.

Hating someone, based upon “popular opinion/discrimination” Puts you in a seat you cannot get up from until the lesson is learned.

Know that if you have experienced such hate or victim mentality, balance will be restored + you will find peace for past injustices risen against you. You will not only let go of the hurt and pain but you will free these beliefs from yourself as a whole. YOU KNOW that isn’t how the world is, as you have learned, some personalities of people set out to disrupt the lives of other persons intentionally.

When the battle is within your own family, know that you can only love those who allow you to love them. Walls are strong, but love is stronger, Once received. + Sometimes, anger or hate takes one to their grave.

Holding peace in your heart means you are strong in the face of such. You know exactly when to walk away.

“Doing the devils work” only means you’re okay with him summoning another to do the same to you in turn.

Turn your anger into passion, as that is exactly what it is unchanneled, unfocused, unsupervised, + untamed. There are creative ways to express yourself + you do not have to lack authenticity. Nor, pretend to love everyone.

Red in a balanced state means that harmony will or has entered your life in some supernatural way. To move you forward. Health will be restored. An opportunity to heal or be healed will rise for you. The heavens will shake the ground of enemies to restore balance to you + in your life.

Prophecy: Whatever you’ve been working on, the person you’ve been praying for,will receive the power of good to revoke whatever illness that has haunted + mortified it’s presence (Metaphysical + physical Body) until now. Red is also the color of happiness when well balanced. Send love or shine your light to those who envy you. Sooner or later they too will illuminate what is hidden within them.

Don’t hold grudges as these are only restraints dressed as mediocre power + influence.

Being at peace means you let it go. It doesn’t matter anymore. You can’t change anything that has already happened.

Intuitive Conclusion: You may be on the verge of a paradigm shift personally. Continue to offer your love + support where you can + will. Moreover, you cannot change people. Everyone must willingly seek light themselves.

xoxo Quornesha

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Thanks for sharing so kindly, With all due respect.

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