The Color Gold Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom/Knowing: Seeing the color gold in your waking life, dreams, visions, is a sign of complete illumination, shining your light brightly, fulfilling your purpose, calling, intention, leaving a legacy, winning, going beyond adversity, success, achievement, discovering your inner power.

The Color Gold in your life is a message that you have reached a level in your life when things will begin to be concrete and flow as they were intended to since the beginning. You have found your purpose and the opportunities will begin to align for you. There is not a negative message to do with the color Gold, except too much of it.

The Color Gold is a message of empowerment of all kinds, whether that is financially, mentally, emotionally or physically or all. You will have it. The Color Gold represents the Master Color. The Higher Powers, The Heavens, the best of the best.

When seeing this color in your dreams it is a message that your soul has fully awakened and it’s true essence is shining brightly now. When it seems to others that your overall success has come easily feel free to point out in your mind the effort it took to get you to where you are going, or where you are now.

Prophecy: Do not allow lower frequencies (from anyone) to dampen your spirits. Continue moving forward. The angels are with you as you take a new position in your life. Your Ascended masters are readily available to you for your call. All you have to do is ask for their help and they will be there.

Intuitive Conclusion: Continue to elevate your soul and see yourself in a higher light. There’s a door that has closed (dark) and one of light that has opened for you. You are emerging. Continue creating your sacred space wherever you are. Your sacred space has a lot to do with the people you choose to bring into your life. Whoever they are will be the reflection you’ll experience in your life.

Do everything intentionally, listen to your intuitive abilities. There’s nothing standing in your way. At least not anymore. And if so, it is only yourself. Creating the obstacles in your mind.

xoxo Quornesha

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Thanks for sharing so kindly with all due respect.

Image used with permission.

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