Monarch Butterfly [Danaus Plexippus] Symbolic Meaning

Inner Knowing/Wisdom: Seeing The Monarch Butterfly in your waking life, photos, In synchronicity (pass by you), dreams, visions, paintings, wall art, etc. Things will be okay for a while. You will need to put in the extra effort or intentions to bring about the physical/tangible fruition you seek.  Whether that is with your health and well being or finances.

The angels are asking you to keep calm and carry on. Things are changing and shifting on purpose. Nothing is occurring by mistake. Things are working out for the good of all involved. Remember, to be as a team + unify. Rather than working alone on projects or situations, ask the heavens to activate your blessings to assist with your vision.

Dreams may be reoccurring to you in your mind at this time. You’re asked to not worry about their meanings, and to simply trust the present processes.

Prophecy: Heaven is holding a loved one in their arms, to keep them comfort through any illnesses. Through any losses. Comforting them and letting them know, “all will be alright”. Remember we cannot intervene with what is destined to be. Like any dream, life itself must run it’s course. We are each a dream of the creator. When that dream is fulfilled he calls it home.

During any painful situations, begin to heal and let go so that when the ‘time comes’ you’ll be okay too. Heaven waits for the one you have in mind. Although this may bring about many tears, it will bring you much comfort to know that this loved one in question is in ‘good hands’.

Intuitive Conclusion: Heaven will allow the time for you to heal or allow the time for you to let go. It’s in the hands of Higher powers. If you have lost a loved one, then this is confirmation that the person in question is at peace and his or her soul, has moved on. The Prophecy of the person in question has been fulfilled.

Seeing two monarchs together is further confirmation that the person in question is indeed with their loved ones as well. Remember to appreciate the people in your life. If you cannot love the people in your life, then move on and let go to allow those who can. We must face the inevitable, face it in unity.

A Butterfly is simply a sign that your loved ones are looking over you now.

Remember, to fully live your life + purpose. As it cannot last for all time. If it is a situation in your life coming to it’s conclusion, you’ll move on effortlessly without concern.

xoxo Quornesha S.

Thanks for Sharing so Kindly + With all due respect!

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