King Eider Duck Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom/Knowing: To See a King Eider in your waking life, dreams, visions, flashes, for yourself or those you are healing + reading for is message that: The Illusion that “opposites attract” are refuted with the presence of the King Eider. When the two are of the same species, from the same worlds, within the same thought processes and compliments each other.

The only time there should be silence in a marriage is when one has left the other behind through the means of spiritual exits/departure. If you have any concerns for your relationship, now is the most auspicious times to express those thoughts with the one you love. If your hope is for things to work out, open your heart, mind, body and soul for such improvements.

When we lose our way, + cannot understand the messages it is our own responsibility to go within for further clarity and wisdom. If you need something to be said, say it. If you want something to be heard, listen.

The King Eider comes as a message (male/female) that things will get better. Don’t give up on your marriage/relationship/friendship. Things can and will get better. If you’re open to it, your endurance will bring emotional rewards for you on many levels. There’s a blessing if you do, and a blessing if you don’t.

Ask yourself does this action bring me peace? Be clear when asking…Will enduring this be beneficial to me, or will letting it go bring forth a greater companionship.

You can start again, but no one is going to be perfect. We all do the best that we can do. If you give up on one person because of their imperfections, you’ll never be happy or satisfied. There are no perfect situations. Things happen perfectly…When you have endured, stay in position.

Don’t be afraid when things are great, all situations do not call for drama, or scenes to create the passion, pleasure or entertainment that is needed for an abundant relationship. The relationship will come with it’s own challenges. There’s no need to create it.

If you have friendships that do so, it is time to ask yourself, if you’re willing to sacrifice peace or friendships that no longer serve you. YOU must be the one to decide if those friendships/relationships are stale and are of no further use to you. People change, but when? Will it be when your own peace and well being fails beneath you?  Or when your own relationship gets buried in the dirt?

It’s up to you to continue allowing self sabotaging habits, frequencies or to deny them in your presence or relationships. You can’t have it all if you’re unwilling to do all that you’re capable of doing to open the doors that bless you. It’s unnecessary to desire struggle for the sake of it.

Remember, when we receive the blessing, the challenge follows it. It’s a domino effect. Don’t create an unbearable reality for yourself. Dispel the need to attach to ideal and you’ll dispel the things that are usual and normal for a relationship to fail.

You don’t need disclaimers to serve your purpose or to live your best life. Disclaimers: It’s got to fail this way, it’s what always happens. etc.  That’s a habit. And you decide if you’re going to be free or cling to it.

Seeing the King Eider Duck is a symbolic message that if you’re willing to overlook the differences + accept them as a part of the person you’ve attracted or received. You’ll help your relationship to be happy and peaceful and more satisfying and loving. The passion will follow.

Prophecy: Hoping the male will be as patient as you are, is like asking him to understand the anatomy of your body (female) when it goes through it’s monthly transitions. Appreciate each other for the support that is available on both sides. Teamwork is necessary.

Intuitive Conclusion: Work through your differences. The intention isn’t to only accept the beauty of someone + never their flaws. As it would be the same as baking a cake without flour. It’s not going to work effectively and efficiently.

Work on the things that are weighing heavily upon each of your hearts. + Be open to what each of you is doing right.

Female: eider-tete-grise-f-iw1

xoxo Quornesha

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