Red Winged Black Bird Agelaius phoeniceus Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Seeing the Red Winged Black bird in Your waking life, dreams and visions is symbolic for seeing the light in a dark situation. And gaining an understanding of the world around you. You are no longer suffering from victim mentality.

The Red Winged black Bird is a message that we are releasing past obstacles, and restrictions in our lives and within our beliefs.

We are beginning to emerge and awaken to the truth of matters. Whereas prior, we may have only seen how we were being treated in and from the world around us. You are realizing that, the gift is in the inadequacy.

Use your voice in ways that matter. It is now, the most auspicious time to direct your intentions in all areas of your life. Perfection is an illusion.

At this time, you are wrapping up past issues and concerns. Whatever these may be. Release the fears associated with others inhibiting your thoughts or past mistakes, as you can only be read for what you allow access toward.

Accept the upheavals taking place in your life at this time. As all are occurring for a very special reason. and Purpose. It is time to focus forward and center yourself, so that you are guided directly in alignment with your blueprint. (Divinely Guided).

You are paying close attention to all things right now, which is indicating that a part of your life or spirit has been awakened in some way. You have received epiphanies. You will begin to accept others, as you will begin to reflect your own mistakes out to others and forgive yourself through their mistakes. All will be well and work out, for your highest good.

Begin to see others as they truly are. With love and in Light, as they allow and as you allow. Distance yourself from anyone or anything who are not receptive to you, and those whom only see your mistakes. As these are personal obstacles for them to overcome and not you. Always permit before you send any energy or pray that the energy you emit, be transmuted back to you in a positive manner if it is not received.

It is time to use discernment and to listen to forewarning as you receive this information for a reason. It is time to determine your instincts from your fears. Remember that a life without any form of pain or difficulty, could signal that we are not working in alignment with our purpose in some way (Doing what is easier). Know that on any path, there will be struggles, angst or fear, the key is to not allow these emotions and vibrations to dictate your actions and emotions/vibrations.

Know that every situation or circumstance of pain or discomfort is your opportunity to see the bigger picture, transmute this energy and move on from it. Continue to move forward.

Everything that happens to us, within us and around us, has a Divine Specific purpose + Intention in alignment with the Plan and will for our lives.

The Red Symbolizing power and passion, and black representing renewal and release of energies, frequencies or vibrations.

The yellow is a sign of illumination and enlightenment. Bringing projects and ideas into fruition and into the physical realm and world. Know that your dreams will materialize at this time. You may even achieve a dream you have believed has been impossible. Commend yourself, as this way,  big dreams come!


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 





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