Angel Number 17/Confirmation Number 17

When the number 17 appears it is confirmation that now your thoughts, prayers and desires are activated. Especially when it appears with the number 2. As what you have been affirming has come in agreement and alignment with your destiny. Continue your prayers as you are now manifesting your good.

Hold positive thoughts about your path and your journey as even thoughts will manifest. If you want a perfect mate you’d think of ways it would benefit you to have a relationship. You’d begin to speak and envision how your life will look when the time comes and this person enters your life.

If you need someone whose capable of helping you align your own thoughts to succeed. Think about him or her as if he or she exists. Chances are it is possible. If you need more positive people around you in your inner circle affirm your good. Each number aligned with the number 17 has a specific purpose. For example, 1 would bring new beginnings that you are praying for and so on.

Life unfolds as you wish. Everything you think about you’re bringing it closer to you. Everything you’re wishing for you’re attracting it to you. If you need more money, do things you’re passionate about. You’re easily and freely paid for what your heart genuinely cares about. You commit your all to whatever you put heart, and soul into.

You’re invoking what you want at every second. Life unfolds as you wish. 

Always focus on what is possible, not the opposite. You are capable of changing the course of your mind. Just do it. [I am open to the reprogramming of my mind if a thought or thought pattern no longer serves me] I am more passionate with my actions daily. My thoughts are in alignment with my purpose. I support myself. The power to manifest is in my hands. I believe in what I desire career wise. I deserve to succeed and to fulfill my destiny. I deserve to be exactly where I am destined to be. My life is unfolding as I wish. I am where my destiny lies. My life is as radiant as I hope for. I wish meaningfully. I take all actions required to live a joyous, prosperous and fulfilling life. Blessed be. And so it is.

xoxo Quornesha S.

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5 thoughts on “Angel Number 17/Confirmation Number 17

  1. For the past 4/5 years I’ve experienced seeing the # 217. It has went from that to any # with 17 following. Just recently I have been seeing triple repeating numbers as well as still occasionally seeing 217. What can this be? It’s driving me crazy wanting to know. Does this mean I have a gift, if so, what kind?

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    1. Hi Tonya, I do see that you have an ability, a purpose that is calling you specifically by name. but in order to go in depth with this, We’ll need to schedule something with some kind of payment, as spiritual exchange. You can visit my site to see if there is something that fits your needs and price range. We can continue from there if this is so. Love and Blessings, Quornesha S. In this reading we can clarify the ‘message’, being sent specifically to you. etc… Here’s one of the links to the site… – Rich In Power℠ -Quornesha


  2. Thank you for this clear depiction. I have come into sync and I am manifesting rapidly, exciting yet a bit frightening. I have to maintain positive thoughts, I usually do but I am still working on getting control over my thoughts. but thank you for your insight and wisdom you really helped me today, blessing to you from a sincere heart ! ❤


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