Ladder Symbolism

Ladder is symbolic for climbing your way to your desired destination. Creating and aligning your thoughts and actions in resonance with your Divine purpose.

It is confirmation that everything happens for a reason. It is also confirmation that everything is happening in Divine right time in the most perfect ways. Don’t deny your blessings. Thank the Higher Powers for your favor. It’s entering your life right now for a specific purpose that serves your highest good.

What seems as awful luck will turn out to be a blessing to you. Just see what it means. Look at it from another perspective. The angels will speak to you through circumstances and situations. Often it may not come as you were prepared to receive the answer.

When you have made a decision, stick with it as your choice to move in a different direction is in alignment with the next steps to take along YOUR JOURNEY. Choose to see your path for what it truly is. Your own. Forgive judgement and misunderstandings as in time. We will all understand and see the light. We just don’t all perceive and receive the same.

Change your thoughts that you are unlucky. Choose to believe that your angels and guides are steering you into a different direction for a reason. (Everything happens for a reason). You’ll find as you let things go, everything will make sense with hindsight. You could be forgiving someone or something for the hurt it has caused you and find that you come across the very person you are forgiving. Know that this has happened for a Divine purpose.

To drink from clarity ask lovingly for a Divinely guided sign. Cast away thoughts that make you feel someone is harming your path in some way. Get on a spiritual diet and commit to losing focus and time or energy with negative words. New beginnings are on the Horizon. Speak of the change you seek when you wake up in the morning and your feet touch the floor. Learn to be thankful that you can even use them to get out of bed. Be very grateful. More joy is on the Horizon!

xoxo Quornesha Anauel Virgo 

All rights reserved. ©

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