Smiling Faces

Notice! Notice! Notice! How you spend your money is how you will receive service. This year is in resonance with 8 so if you are doing anything, remember that it’s going to roll back your way! (Karma) If where you’re being serviced (Dining or shopping) someone is not smiling, RUN in the other direction!

Wait if you must for the person whose smiling. Kind or pleasant. Even if it takes you more than thirty minutes to be serviced.

If you do not appreciate the environments or the way something looks, don’t buy it. As you’re creating an atmosphere of discomfort and nights of insomnia thinking of how your money isn’t being spent wisely or beneficial. It’s sort of like being in a relationship, you know you don’t want to be in. My belief is that people deserve love, regardless of what mood they’re in. Because we do not know what is going on at home or in their career or personal lives to judge them. If you want to judge anything, look at your life. Even for yourself have compassion. If you judge yourself you will judge others. If you do not love yourself you cannot hold the space in your heart for others.

Speak, act and think with love. Especially when you’re spending your abundance. It’s great Feng Shui to leave tips this year also. If you pinch pennies, pennies will pinch you.

If you know that a particular place has a habit of treating customers poorly, keep your distance and go elsewhere.

Happy New Year!

~Quornesha S. Lemon

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