Angel Number 12

When the number twelve appears it is asking you to go after your dreams to pursue your education or form of certification as what you seek is a divine path aligned with your life or soul purpose.

Perhaps you’d like to teach others of your work, skill or craft. YOU are not limited by age, race or background with how far you can achieve your dreams. When you are willing to learn you find that the Universe supports you in your desire to understand how things work.

Twelve can also be seen as a sign that things will not be as difficult for you as it may seem. Leap and take action with faith. You may find that what lies ahead will be the answer to your prayers even if the big result doesn’t come with relative ease. When you’re facing a transition and the number 12 appears you are asked to see this time or period as a lesson.

To see it in your dreams and waking life means that you are on a path that will ultimately lead to the betterment of your knowledge and understanding of the world around you. Do not fear taking risks to learn your lessons. Nothing in life comes easy and there is no perfect person or situation. What you desire is right within your grasp, your lesson may be in the understanding of yourself and others.

If you are a teacher it is important that you act on behalf of compassion. Entitle your practice in a way that will kindly attract all backgrounds of people without being less than authentic. Be cautious of making fun of particular groups of people or their way or pace of learning. What’s weird to you may bring a sense of emotional peace and sterility to those around you. Be grateful and kind to all people always.

Remember, we are all on the same planet. If you think or believe that others are crazy for the way they think or incorporate and interpret the Universe, so are you. How you think of others is a reflection of your own inner self that you are not revealing but will soon come to the light due to your judgement of it in others.

Speak and act with love and light always! You never know whose looking up to you! You are responsible for the energy you send out to others.

Namaste, Quornesha S.

All rights reserved.

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