Angel-Confirmation Number 700

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant 

700 Is a message from the angels, Divine and Ascended masters, that You are shining your light right now and following the lead and support of Divine and ascended masters. They are with you all the way in your present course of actions.

You will receive many blessings and commendations for the efforts you are making in light of your purpose. Pay attention to forthcoming good news about projects, efforts or business. You are free to accept all blessings, as they are well deserved.

You are, at present, working in alignment with your legacy and you are empowering those around you, as they are internally expressing gratitude for your presence in some way. Know that whatever you are good at, passionate about and are willing to spend time further developing will receive the recognition and the opportunities to get moving forward in a powerful and peaceful manner.

The feelings or instincts you are at present receiving, is confirmation that, indeed, your life is improving at this time. The sun is shining in your career sector at this time, as well as that, which is in relation to your spiritual purpose.

You will find the support needed to cope with everything that is the side effect for the blessings which are flooding into your life at this time.

You will feel blessed and that all is well. You are confirmed through the number 700 that, these feelings are valid. Your efforts are being rewarded and you should remain open and receptive to blessings, as there are more to come your way.

Know that all around good is coming your way, or it is further confirmation that it has arrived.

Prayer: Dear Angels of abundance and commendation and recognition, I am asking you for assistance and guidance. Teach me to be receptive to your abundant blessings, teach me to know why heaven values my existence. Teach me of your amazing grace, and generosity. IN the holiest of all names. Amen.

7+0+0= 7 Empowered See also the number 7 and the Number 0

700 is then a message that Divine and your ascended masters are walking with at this time and they are letting you know that all is alright or it is well. Know that all of your goals, each of them, have a purpose and Divine works behind the scenes, even when you do not see him working in your life. He is walking with you and co-creating events, to come together for the will he has written and you have agreed to fulfill. You are given the power to edit any vows made. So do seize the moment.


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect.

Psychic Consultant Quornesha S.  




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