Angel-Confirmation Number 331

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Assert yourself, the angels and ascended master surround you right now. As you bring forth your boundaries and other spiritual lessons to the forefront. Reminding you that as you say, ‘No’. You are allowing everyone to learn, that we do not always get what we WANT. But take caution in turning everything away. Set boundaries for things that you do not want and stay open to things that may be unique and different from views of your own. 

We must as equally step outside of our comfort zones, as well as draw the line to anything that is of no spiritual use to us. As your authenticity comes forward, know that the angels approve in all ways of you asserting your true self. You are accepted by God for all that you, exactly AS YOU ARE. Know that as you do, your authentic self offers several opportunities, one being, freedom of expression and the other, a test of character in others and yourself.

The number 331 is a message that, you are transitioning at this time. And is confirmation of present changes you are going through, letting you know that you are moving in the right direction. The number 331 encourages you to speak up. Especially when you can sense or feel something forthcoming in regards to spiritual aspects of your life.

331 Is a reminder that current situations are blessings in disguise at this time in your life. Your emotions are understood, and it is up to you to take time out to listen to the comfort of the angels. Knowing that, we do not fall down when it comes to emotions, as these are puzzle pieces or particles that make up all of who we are. You are encouraged to acknowledge that all happening right now is for your highest good.

Don’t be afraid of yourself. The ‘good’ the ‘bad’ which does not exist, but merely in our perception. Don’t make emotion based decisions. Sign no contracts until you are centered and in a stable frame of mind. Do not run from circumstances when they seem out of order. 331 Is  a message that you KNOW how to make it and that, you have the ability to overcome anything, You just must keep in mind during any intensities of who you truly are inside. Do not look to others to acknowledge any good in you.

Everything has a purpose, everything exists or happens for a reason. No matter what it is. Know that we are each activists in our own little, way. We are each intuitive beings, except, part of us uses our abilities more naturally, while others look to those who are more in tuned with these abilities. Know that no one is lesser than any human being. If we are each children of God, we are each capable of the very same thing the other is capable of. We are neither the same. Nothing will ever be perfect in your life. NOT now, nor ever.

The grass is not greener on the other side, in other words, what you may be going through right now, may be even more intense on the other side. You are where you are for a reason. which is why your frustrations are understood, as these are key parts of the lessons you are Meant to learn and also teach in your life. Do not be apologetic for them, and always remember that you are not being judged for the way you feel, ever.

It is important to note, that, whatever or however you feel, it is applauded more than criticized. As we are all on a learning journey. We each have our scars, we each have our sins, we each have our secrets, we each have our regrets. No one in our world is sinless. Be fair to yourself. Do not allow your ego to lead you in however you feel right now. Yes, sins are forgiven but this does not erase things we have done, although they are placed to rest.

You are to tap into your own spiritual beliefs as of right now. Take time out for yourself. 331 Is also a reminder, of moon cycles, and about taking one’s power back.

3+3+1= 7 There will be spiritual changes to come about, and during this phase you will be the conduit of how these changes are to occur. You must use your manifesting power/ability. Knowing that you are fully supported and knowing that you are not powerless. Step into your Divinity and fully honor all that you are capable of doing. Also see the number 7  Do not create self-sabotage.

You are being commended for bringing your truths into the light. You are telling your story through being ‘real’ and fierce. Others are becoming inspired by the actions you are taking and those that are yet to come. Use your abilities with wisdom. Contribute with intent in the world. You heal others by being real. Teaching them to powerfully use their voice in all circumstances.


Quornesha S. 

Media Consulting + Egyptian Healing

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 




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