The Symbolic Meaning of Lightning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant *Media + Egyptian Healing*: The Prophecy/message of lightning when seen in your dreams, waking life, synchronicity, visions or feelings of being struck with lightning, are signs that something has changed along your course and forthcoming happenings will be in alignment with the Will of God/Universal Energies over your life.

You are not to fear any forthcoming changes, as these changes are long over due. And Are directly from heaven on your behalf. At this time you are to receive a stream of prophetic messages. So pay attention to your dreams, visions, waking life for the signs to be interpreted. You are to surrender any feelings of overwhelm, As you are a powerful being. Do not feel deterred to express how you feel. As this is normal while having a human experience.

Lightning is a s sign that right now, you are making a difference in your lightwork. do not Settle for Middle-of-the-road. Find your happy ‘medium’. Yes, we all know exactly what we need to know, but we need others. If we need not others, we would not exist here on earth. You are to be selective in what you participate in while you are here. And to choose with wisdom the direction along your life path.

Lightning is a message of symbology that something radical and assigned in your blue-print or fate is about to happen/occur. You have reached the completion of something and this is to be commended. As you deserve to move forward.  You are more in control than you think. Yes, God/Universal energies are our mediator. We are given all power through him. Honor your divinity.

You are not to deter others from their fears at this time. As this is their own spiritual karma to work through. DO not try and force belief of what you do here on earth. As you were once formed by the creator before your descent to earth. Allow others to find their own strength in what you are doing. Although, there are many who support you already, you are not to convert anyone, allow them to willingly come unto you.

Lightning is a Divine message that God is at work right now. Creating platforms and opening doors, that no one has the power to close. Your prayers are being answered and you can look forward to sweeping changes and help to bring you to the fruition of his will for you in your life.

You are to be assured that you are being made over. So if you feel that you are wrapping up an emotional phase in your life or concluding any circumstances, New has come. The Universal energies are in control. Working together for your highest good, but more so for your purpose. Never forget that you are a conduit, and your human experience will always be abundantly supplied as you fulfill your missions in this world.

No two souls are alike. So do not hope to receive the same results as anyone else. Every story, unfolds as it is destined to. Lightning is also a reminder that, you are doing things in the vibration of the Christ-Mind. You have reached a new level of Divinity and you will make most use of it with forthcoming changes.

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Quornesha S. Power Questions™

While it may feel like all things are falling apart, this is a vital part of the puzzle piece to complete your destiny. Know that good or bad does not exist, we can do what is wrong with that which has been given to us for good, we can do good with that which has been given for us to wrong. Allow things to come to closure and be receptive to new beginnings. Just as he formed the beautiful parts of you, he also formed the ego and it is your own personal challenge to overcome. Do not try to operate outside of your purpose. Expect the supernatural and the odds to work in your favor, when lightning displays in your life.

Lightning symbolizes, sudden change, illumination, power, vibration, higher love, higher purpose, fate, destiny.


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved©

Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

Psychic Consultant *Media + Egyptian Healing*


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