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Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S.

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Purpose: Being more Psychic + Aware
Inner Knowings™ by Quornesha S.
Inner Knowings™ by Quornesha S.
Inner Knowing™ Abundant Thinking! 4/9/16 11:11 Am CT
Quornesha S. Inner Knowings™ 4/14/2016
Recorded: 4/15/2016 @11:07 CT

Daily Affirmation

I am seeing the world around me shift, and working to my favor and that of those around me.

People want to know about the future. Having a sense of power for their life, as opposed to being a victim in regards to all that goes on.

The angels are always testing 'systems' through us, as lightworkers.

Teachingis thegreatest actof optimism.

Education is the most powerful weaponwhich you can use to change the world. (2)


I refuse to believe that any being is ordinary. Or that any work that lacks tradition or conformity is solely for the purpose of one's entertainment.