Angel Number 20/ Confirmation Number 20

The number 20 appears when you are receiving assistance for the balance and harmony in your life. Show gratitude that the forces of the Universe are moving you forward. Success is sure to come ahead and you need to now make a shift in a direction of non-judgement in yourself, towards others, towards the world around you.

You are asked to rest, take healing and acknowledge the steps you may have taken so far. You are asked to acknowledge all that you are grateful for. As gratitude leads the way for more. Twenty is a number that is empowered. As when zero is carried with any number it shows the assistance of a powerful force to encourage the change you may now be experiencing.

Guides, Avatars or ascended masters and angels are assuring that this change goes according to plan and assure that it is to your highest benefit that it takes place. Your trust in the process and non-resistance towards change assists in it passing through quickly.

The path towards non-resistance or the least is to not worry or gain anxiety towards what you are required to face. Know that you are not alone in this change and that soon it will all be over quickly. And all will be in it’s Divine place in the alignment of your destiny.

Be in peace and harmony with yourself. Once you shift your thoughts inward and not cast off the negative of the world (not by ignoring it) but by acknowledging that in some way it’s a reflection of a change you have made. A change you are making or about to make. If it is not, you are asked to not judge whatever may be going on with others. Their journey should not be a priority in your mind or focus. As to why or what they are.

Release toxicity from your soul, mind, body, spirit and most of all your heart.

Also 20 Is symbolic for balance and equality, 20/20. See others or do to the outside world what you want on the inside. YOU must Start on the inside first.

This may be of Benefit

Look within yourself. That’s where true change begins.

I am so grateful and happy that forces of the Universe are moving me forward.

xoxo Quornesha Anauel Virgo

All rights reserved. ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly and with all due respect to the author.

4 Prophetic Sessions, Healing and Guidance 


5 thoughts on “Angel Number 20/ Confirmation Number 20

  1. I was monitoring my stock and i heard a word Angel and 20 as am asking that my stock will go up in order for me to sell it and suddenly my stock goes up but not enough to have profit. I have my instinct but am not sure if this is true or not.

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