Decoding Murphy’s Law

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: When you see, sense, hear or become aware of Murphy’s Law in your waking life, dreams or visions or clairaudient power/ability:  We all have our own beliefs, and we are all, each, responsible for adapting to truths that serve us. Murphy’s Law States, that if it can go wrong it will go wrong. So then, is it a reflection of our thoughts?

Not necessarily, as often you think of something positive and it doesn’t always equal to you receiving it. Murphy’s Law is incongruent to the Law of Attraction. Certainly, if you believe it with your whole being that something will go wrong or that you deserve it somehow, (for past actions) Then it will. This is how it applies. Seeing Murphy’s law is a reminder to shift your perspectives, as this is an avenue for manifesting.

Of course, all will not always go according to what we have planned. As we are not in control of the actions of others, nor, in control of their responsibilities and what they choose to think or act upon.

Murphy’s Law is based upon fear. And the acceptance of these fears. You are allowed the opportunity to change your vibrations always. When you see something coming in your direction, such as a train or car, you do what is best to swerve out of the way. Certainly, we have no control over how we may leave this world. Even, should we intake poisons to harm ourselves? It can go in either direction, whereas you aimed to go peacefully, you could choke up or gasp for your last breaths, etc.

If you are in situations or circumstances, you are allowed the opportunity to replace these circumstances through prayer and through action. Murphy’s Allow, applies to the actions we take, knowing that they do not benefit us, and knowing the consequences for these actions. Such as smoking, and hoping that our lungs stay healthy. Or compulsive drinking and praying that our liver(s), digest properly or Binge eating and hoping not to become constipated or uneasy internally.

Your actions and thoughts must follow or lead the course you wish to take. If you do not fuel your engine properly, keep the tank filled, of course, you will inevitably end up on the side of the road, in need of a boost.

Murphy’s Law is then a reminder to take responsibility for your life and actions, lead them in a positive manner and always use your common sense. Know that if we play with fire, we get burned if we continue to return to the same actions, over and over again. Make your own mistakes, but do not repeat the same ones’ twice.

If you do not feed and take care of your pets, eventually they will die of starvation and bring fleas and unwanted pests into your home. So then Murphy’s Law is about facing the inevitable. If you cannot change it, accept and surrender it.

If you go swimming or sailing in an area where you are guided not to go into, eventually you may drown or sink. If you fly in no-fly zones, eventually your plane will experience an attack. Listen to your instincts & follow common sense at this time.

If you do not caution, use wisdom, or Prepare for a presentation, eventually, it will not flow as you were intended. If you do not make secondary goals, just in case the first door or option does not open up to you yet, You may be disappointed. Murphy’s Law is a reminder of the Inevitable possibilities. Always do your own research, into whatever it is, area or field, that you want to get into. Discover the truth for yourself.

If you feel out of place in your thoughts, of course, your body will reflect these internal emotions.


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

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