Angel-Confirmation Number 378

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Instead of worrying about being perfect, follow and listen to your core values. Instead of focusing upon who needs to forgive you or who owes you an apology. Forgive yourself.

Know that we each have our own pasts + Future. We are not less than anyone by the measure of mistakes we have made. Self encouragement and self empowerment is necessary and is very powerful right now.

We each have the opportunity and same favor right now, which is life and time. Remember to be confident in your blessings. Know that you do not have to pretend your emotions, if you have need to grieve, do so, if you have need to smile, do so. If you have need to cry, whether sad or joyful tears, do so.

Do not compare your life to others, and always listen to the guidance from within yourself, as the advice others give is also a reflection of the lessons they need to learn themselves. If there is anyone in your presence at this time, making you feel lesser than, surrender and give up the mentality that you owe to anyone, anything.

Surrender your past(s). Yesterday is not today, and tomorrow is not yesterday. Nor is the future your present. Everything has a different aspect. Know that the pure essence is Divine alone. We all Must go to Divine to be forgiven, for at every moment we make our mistakes, no matter how small or grand.

378 is a reminder that it is now time to move on from past mistakes. That you have been absolved and you have learned from them. The only guilt you may feel, if any, is the guilt you hold to yourself.

Love is not a perfect path. Which is why it is patient and kind. Love is not wrapped in a bow with rainbows bursting through the seems. Separate your mind from illusions to reality. Present to yourself, new ways to smile again and learn to pick up the pieces again. No matter how hard you have fallen.

The angels aid and assist with your requests at this time. Know that a karmic phase at this time, is wrapping and concluding. And you can surrender the old. Know that your purpose is greater at this time than the reflections of your pasts.

Always intend positive energy for yourself and on your behalf. And know that you are forgiven and apply the same measure of forgiveness to all of who you are. Right now is the most perfect time to sit in silence, in your own thoughts. And clear yourself of situations or memories, through serenity.

3+7+8= 18 & 1+8=9 Your spiritual purpose is very important and you still must complete it, no matter what your past looks like. You cannot change it or go back to do it over, or undo your actions. You must move forward, as that is the direction your future is going at present. Ground your energy if needed by sitting with your back towards the sun, or walking in the grass without socks or shoes. Or whatever it is you do to relieve and release tensions of the soul, mind, body and spirit/heart.

Repeating number 378 is a reminder that you are not stuck in any capacity, surrender outdated constraints or wrath-filled thoughts about Divine and the Purpose and plan he has for you. Be content with forgiveness you have foreseen, received or know of, at this moment.

Pour your energy into positive efforts, instead of giving energy unto your past. Do not concern yourself with Living ‘By the book’ or those that do, Ask yourself would if Divine Did the same?….

Also See the Number 9


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved©

Thanks 4 Sharing with All due respect. 

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